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stop blowing me stop like me I'm day 47

if I shouldn't

if you think I'm crazy like sis I think

so too okay I'm not mad

Melissa very very few things and I'm

good at posture is not on the list the

reason that this video is going to be

different from the other two that I've

posted is because normally I am a very

jokey-joke person like everything is a

joke to me on the very few list of

things that I'm serious about this is

something that I'm seriously serious

about and I want to put it out there

that I I do like my mom said I have a

vivid imagination but I couldn't even

make this stuff up since people are so

interested in my Angie story I just

thought I would share all my paranormal

experiences that have happened recently

it would be literally impossible to

cover every paranormal thing I've ever

experienced because we would literally

be sitting here for the next four years

oh I actually kind of have more than one

goes so Angie's like my main girl she

and she's my best friend we go shopping

together we go to the mall together we

hang out together like I actually have

another ghost friend her name is

Annabella butta Angie's like my friend

and Annabelle is like my queen she's

quiet she stays to herself she watches

from a distance so I'm not even gonna

talk about her yet that's a whole

different story for a whole different

time don't really want to repeat the

whole story about Angie because if

you're watching this chances are you got

here because you watched Shane's video

about me talking about Angie so there is

this mountain where I live called

Lookout Mountain and it's actually like

a super super pretty everybody goes

there anyone who has lived in this if

code in their life has gone there and

what I didn't know is that there has

actually been an abundance of murders

there and it's like a super super

popular place for people to dump bodies

apparently and that's like a whole

different story

so basically me and my best friend

Trinity went there I believe it was

November December of 2015 and I took

this picture

next to the stop sign in in the picture

you can kind of see all of something's

hair all over me her figure I really

looked at the picture and lined it up I

didn't really think anything of it until

things started happening to me

so to start how do I know when Angie is

here I know when Angie is here because I

just get this like sensation in my whole

body we're like I just have chills every

hair on my arm just stands up it's such

like a crazy feeling and everything just

gets like kind of like crisp and cold

and flowy say you can feel when

someone's watching you that's exactly

what it feels her and she's not always

here she comes and goes it's kind of

like a restaurant like you come in get

what you want go main things that happen

in my house is I will all the time hear

like tapping and scratching on my walls

like all all the time and that's kind of

another thing that I think Angie does

when she comes she kind of does like

this little tap and it just kind of is

consistent through the night and it just

doesn't stop it goes all night the thing

that freaks me out the most is when I

hear whispers and known really believes

me about this but I do just genuinely

hear whispering all the time and it's

kind of like soft things like it'll just

be like my name or something most of

time to be honest it's not even like

real word breathing like like they're

trying to say something but I don't know

if they can really get the words out

listening to myself talk I actually do

some freaking crazy but so another thing

that happens super super often is I will

see like in my snapchat videos I take a

lot of videos like with the flash on

when I kind of I do when I hear

something or I hear whispering and I

just kind of want to see what's around

so will be orbs flying around or faces

that pop up in my snapchat

mom do you basic cover something

seriously chill Angie stick your tongue

out if I'm gonna be alone forever


all night there is knocking on my walls

and footprints in my room and you can

hear people literally running around

downstairs literally my mom always says

it house settling noises but then a

couple weeks ago she admits that our

house was built on some sort of railroad

burial grounds another thing that

happens a lot is when I'm driving

especially at night I'll see some like

I'm just driving down the road doing my

thing and there will be like I'll see

like figures of people walking on the

sidewalk and when I look over nobody's

there so it come just out of the corner

of my eye I don't know if that's just

like me having bad vision and seeing

trees or something one thing a couple

days ago that's really freaked me out

yeah I got us all the Sonicare electric

toothbrushes and you know what you eat

for 2 minutes add a regular turn this

buzzing and beeping and this is actually

the second time this is the second time

ok there's a frickin spider it's moving

it's moving his toothbrush was just

going wild


read some of these tweets that really

stood out to me and kind of like respond

to how I feel about them so for this

first one said if your soul enjoys

bathrooms or dark and cold places you

are not with good company please you saw

it white smoke in prayers to try to

bring some calmness calmness to your

environment also she hangs around a lot

and that makes her attached to the

sisters body that's actually not good I

don't know how to reach you but I think

you need to stop mentioning her name or

giving the sole attention because she

can follow you if she felt connected to

you that soul is distracting itself and

using Morgan I think to do so that it's

not a healthy attachment please see and

I don't know if the rest said but I did

this because I like to do it but I

always always always shower in the dark

okay I'm actually really freaked out I

always take showers in the dark my

roommates at college thought I was crazy

I just find it more like peaceful to

shower in the dark I don't know why a

lot of people think it's crazy because

it's not even like I have a light on

like I will literally turn off the light

shut the door and it's pitch black and

kind of like your eyes are just so you

can see a little bit but I've just done


I just love darkness I light up there

doesn't even have light bulbs in it ever

I don't turn on lights like the most

light that I'll ever turn off these

little ones back here I will never have

my rooms fully lit and I thought that

was just kind of like a personality

thing that I just really liked the dark

so that sweet really freaked me out

because I am just like weirdly obsessed

with darkness and the second part of

their tweet just really talked about her

very nonchalantly and people all be like

oh yeah Angie did this last night like

she opened my door or something and

people were like [ __ ] what Italy just

talked about her like she's like a

person in my life and which probably

isn't good okay this one was an email

that I received um that it doesn't have

a name it just says dear Morgan I am The

Watcher I've been involved in ghosts

since I have been really small and the


you did with Shane was interesting all

the signs such as weird noises weird

sightings reoccurring dreams sleep

paralysis and most importantly your

dog's behavior or sign of a demonic

presence I would suggest a greater

caution and I will show you the dog the

dog is freaky there's a bathroom

downstairs that the dog absolutely will

not go into the most haunted place in

the entire house

I don't go down there because if that

you want to play a game watch this okay

so you get him a nice little treat he

loves them Ollie do you want to cheat Oh

see he loves them oh look at him dance

ah spin oh yeah I'll follow you

oh yeah jump on that couch come on come

on come on oh shoot hold on again come

on okay come on he's starting to get a

little closer I get to the bathroom the

more scared he gets he doesn't even want

to look at it huh and even my room

sometimes like I feel like the animals

are skeptical to come in


stop literally cut it out right now stop


I'm gonna freak out if you don't stop oh

my god oh my god oh the dreams I have

had the same like sleep paralysis dream

since I've been to this mountain and it

doesn't happen as often anymore but like

I said in Shane's video it's kind of

it's always me in a cave like a super

dark cave I was just like this girl and

with the black hair that was kinda it's

kind of a very similar figure to the

figure that was in my picture I actually

had one a few weeks ago where she was I

don't remember what she was telling me

telling me not to do something so I

don't know and she's like an over what

you're telling me not to do but I hope I

didn't do it a girl named Lisa and she

says I would like to point out that the

demons like to trick people into

thinking that there's someone they

aren't and try to earn their trust I

wouldn't be so okay with Angie sticking

around stay safe I think that I also got

a lot of comments about hi I'm very like

calm about the situation and I'm not

very like like I don't talk about it as

if I'm scared and I'm very nonchalant

about it and that is because I don't

really think of Angie sometimes I get

freaked out a nicer name - yeah I think

that if Angie was an actual demon she

has been this picture was taken like two

and a half years ago so I think that it

doesn't freak me out because it is it is

so normal to me now to just hear things

and see things used to really really

really scare me and now I'm only like

half scared and now I'm only like half

scared and now I'm only like half scared

and now I'm only like half scared okay

I'm getting a little freaked out I feel

like when I talk about her stood here

freaked out so I'm just saying that I

think if she was trying to really hurt

me she would

she would have already done it you know

like that that's my experiences where I

feel a little like I don't want to say

overtaken by a presence but over whelmed

- by a presence where I start to really

like say crazy things or do crazy things

a time but I got so mad that I like

picked up this chair that I wasn't

sitting on literally chucked it at the

wall and that's like I don't know it's

very like out of character for me I feel

like I'm not like a very angry person

like that happened I'm kind of like oh

like what what made me do that you know

and it doesn't like it doesn't feel like

it's me like when those things happen it

doesn't feel like it's me too dark for

comfort the times when I would I felt

like I was in the room watching me like

if I was at the gym or something

sometimes I would feel like I was like

standing on the other side of the room

watching me work out I don't know maybe

I just have issues like I don't know hey

Angie was hanging out over here which

sometimes I can figure out where these

ghosts hang out because the cat will go

like actually ballistic and just start

running around I was sitting in the

kitchen and she ran from the kitchen she

started freaking out to the front door

and then I found Andy's face over here


oh my god you scared me told us what the

road actually move that property

like 200 years from now and it was on

the top of the Arapaho a names very old

ring do you think our house is haunted

but I think that wasn't the question no

hazardous activities no annoying light

sounds or odors yeah mom I gotta go

other day you sent me a text message

asking me if I was song right which I

was and I had left literally hours ago

we heard running around my room and

tapping on my walls and what do you have

to say about that awful even goes so

there's no way there's going to be a

logical answer so what's your logical

answer tell us the dog is it happened

two days in a row and I actually heard

things falling on your ceramic tile on

your floor your tile and then I heard

like settling noises which I bet is just

suddenly noises that's it house settling

noises oh here for 18 years I think it's

settled Oh big news

whoa that's enough for a ghost and it

doesn't seem to bother you that I don't

sleep because I wake up every night at

3:00 a.m. I I did hear noises when you

and Shane and writing rings around I did

hear noises

I like kids you're gonna just think kids

are you ridiculous it's kind of more

like that that you hear coming from my

room when I'm not home well yeah well

Morgan it's house settling noises I'm

not settled so where do you think the

paper went

mom it's not my song I was born with an

unnatural pageant for the supernatural

balls Shh