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welcome to seven trumpets prepper and in

this video I'm going to share with you

two secrets about Optima gel batteries

that you may not know that will

regenerate them and bring them back to

life even after they've been deeply

discharged and people think that they

are no longer good or need to be

warranty - or just need to flat-out be

traded in and get a new battery you know

to begin with I'll give you an example

here that is on the charger right now

now this battery when I first got it

earlier this week it was five point six

volts I believe is what it read he was

deeply discharged now right now it's

resting right at eleven point nine and

it's just not had that many days on the

solar charger to charge back up because

it's just been cloudy so much but about

one more day maybe two on a good solar

charge this thing should be back up to

health and it is only a year old well a

year and a month this thing has 55

vampires worked alive in it okay this is

like a two hundred dollar battery I know

where it come from the military that I'm

sorting out the military but the

government organization turn this into

my place of employment for a Corps and I

traded an old battery in into my work in

exchange for now you can go to your

local automotive store you know riley's

autozone advanced autoparts and talk

with them and they may trade with you on

an old battery for you know swap one for

one because a lot of people will take an

Optima battery turn it in and think it's

dead and it's not now the problem is is

a lot of people will hook them to the

battery charger like this this will not

work this automatically pushes voltage

into a battery

you know automatically that won't fly

now what that'll do is possibly burn up

the jail battery because it needs a

special charger Optima makes a special

charger for it well what you'll run into

also is an automatic battery charger

unlike this one will not read resistance

on the battery per se so what will

happen is it'll be like you know

to check and recharge or whatever it

just won't read it and start charging at

all so then you're left concluding that

your battery is bad and you turn it in

well that's not the case what you need

to do you've got two options is if you

don't have an optimum battery charger

you know and somebody's made the mistake

of tossing one of these batteries and

still good here's the two steps you can

take first off you can use a solar

charger with a charge controller just

like normal and hook to it and let it

slowly charge this thing back up to life

off of your solar panels and what I've

done is just my very simple little solar

charger I got at Harbor Freight tools it

reads that there's low voltage and it

begins the process of regenerating this

battery so that's one one step you can


now the other step is you can take like

a regular lead acid battery and you can

hook that to a regular battery charger

or to a automatic battery charger now

what will happen then is you take and

you run this battery in parallel so

you'd hook the heart on that regular

lead acid battery to this gel battery's

hot and the ground to the regular lead

acid battery and now what you'll have in

that situation now is this battery

should buffer the charge and it will

help trickle into this one and bring

this one back up into life and now not

only that but if you call in for

customer support even Optima batteries

ask you to please try that method before

you even try to warranty it so that

tells you that you know it's endorsed

that's not just me saying that so that's

two tricks that you can use to bring

your batteries back to life and

regenerate something that's been gone so

I hope that's a help to you and until we

see in here seven trumpets proportional

I hope you have a most blessed day in

yahushua name