Start a Food Business from home in the UK with these secrets ft. Terry Igharoro

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uh i'm terry aguero and i'm the

the current owner of i go chop um

so really brief background on myself so

i've been doing business for over 20

years i started my first company at 16

as a car rental company since then i've

been involved in

many different ventures some of them

have failed some of them have succeeded

but we keep going um i also have a hair


and i bought i go chop

from the previous owner told me fibo

chop is a is a nigerian

is a nigerian food business right and

the idea behind it was to

was to commercialize nigeria and food

and when we say commercialize make it


i mean if you look at the other if you

look at the other ethnic groups

right their food is being accessed on a

wider scale from not just their own


but from other communities and we looked

at okay what was the challenge

you know and this was the thinking

behind i got chopped and toby was

setting up was

what is the challenge why is it that

nigerian food

as popular as it is and as tasty as it

is it's not making it to the mainstream

right um and it was all to do with the

packaging and the branding so

you know put a lot of effort into making

sure that okay well we're gonna make


accessible so that when you come to this

place you say okay look

this looks like the food shop down the

road that i go to

let me try it out and then try out our

food so ivor chop was really about

making sure that we could bring nigerian

food to the mainstream and

thankfully we've been successful in

doing that so far

right fantastic in traditionally it was


opening up a shop opening up a

restaurant yes that was the traditional


now if we look at everything traditional

it's being disrupted by technology

yes and what you're seeing in the actual

food industry as a whole is this shift

towards ghost kitchens now ghost

kitchens mean that you'll be operating

from a professional kitchen

but you won't actually have a shop front


you will now sell your food via online

platforms such as ubereats or delivery

you can go through instagram if you've

got you know a decent following

um or you can create your own platform

but the bottom line is that you don't

necessarily have to have

a shop front no more now the benefit of

not having a shop front is you don't

have such a huge

cost for getting started i think the

reason why most people's businesses

don't look that the way it's supposed to

look is because it costs money

right it's not a small fee to actually

open up something

and deliver it at the standard that you


would like to see when you go to

restaurants and they and they and they

say a certain way you feel good you love


but then when you're now going to do

your own it's like well this is the

money i've got

so i'm going to make it like this

because my food is good good food

is not enough right if you're really

trying to do this thing in the long term

and really trying to break into the

mainstream so now the way to bypass that

is to go through

like i said setting up a ghost kitchen

getting yourself an

ubereats or delivery or building at your

own delivery platform

and using the online because people are

moving towards having food delivered


having food delivered to them here's the


there's been a lot of people i mean

during especially probably

during covid and before coving there

were a lot of people

who started selling the the boiler bags

and lots of different people

doing doing food from home and stuff

like that so when they started doing

that they just get their home


boiler bags at the seafood yeah it's

like mainly seafood you get the seafood

the lobster and all the rest of it

they're selling like 40 pounds 50 pounds

of time and people were buying it and

they weren't using any platforms they

were just using their social media

and i imagine that the stock cost for

that was really low yeah because a lot

of them were starting from the wrong


and to start from your own kitchen what

you're going to do is you're going to

get the council to come in and certify

your kitchen as a food delivery place

once you've got that then now you've got

the license almost tomorrow let's just


so what you're saying is uh if you want

to start

saying doing something from your own

kitchen from home there are no

like red taping and stuff from the

council so yeah the red so the council's

red tape is that your

your food preparation area is up to

standard so they are going to stop you

from cooking you know from your own

residential kitchen

no no you can actually cook from the

residential kitchens now i mean i

i haven't done it myself this is what

i've known so this is not i it's not an

area of expertise that i have

right but from my from what i've

gathered of what i've seen out there

you can get them but then at the same

time you have to make sure that your


is up to standards right right

yeah so you can't just say okay look if

your kitchen's not

hygienically set yeah then it's not

going to work because hygiene is a major

part of the whole thing

and it's a they'll come and inspect yeah

and it's not just and it's not just

about because you see the thing is you

can have a clean kitchen but then do you

know what you're doing

do you understand food temperatures so

there's a lot of stuff so you're gonna

have to take online course healthy

safety and all that yes to get your food


um take your food hygiene course right


so if somebody wanted to start i get

that i mean that's a very important


and i'm sure people can go and look that

up themselves and

and stuff so to stop the uh

that sort of ghost uh kitchen you were

talking about also is that

a case of where people have to rent

those prices right yes now the ghost

kitchen allows you to bypass what i just

said ah right the ghost kitchen already

has the standards already has everything

built in it's there it's as is it comes

it's ready to go

um and you just go there and you cook

you might go there and you might just

cook once a week you might cook it twice

depending on how you're gonna run your

business and what your business model is

some people need it all the time some

people might need it two days a week

but the bottom line is you can hire from

them and then

you know uh that's about deliverance

so it all depends on the business school

that you want to do there's no set

business model

there is no one way to do this thing

it's like what works best for you i mean

for instance

for us during the pandemic i made a

conscious decision to actually close the


to focus on building other skills

because you're never going to get a time

where you've got three months for the

whole world comes to a standstill


or you can work on something so i i did


but whilst we did that we still kept our

delivery platform

open so now people were able to order

meal prep food from us and bulk food

from us

and we deliver it to them within 48

hours and we've got we actually have our

own app

it's called agua chop express and we

deliver anywhere within the m25

um so now during the pandemic the shop

was closed but we were still delivering

to edgeware

we were delivering to hounslow

deliverance auburn we were in essex we


across um across london

and just within the m25 delivering to

people who

wouldn't normally come to the shop

because it's too far from them and

technology enables you to reach the

unreachable yes

it makes it possible now as long as they

can see you

you know as long as and i suppose it

comes with a bit of recommendation it

comes with your branding it comes to

building that's a full reputation

but at the same time people are still

willing to try it right if your prices

are right if

it makes sense they'll try it and if

it's good they'll come back again

don't get into food business to make

money get into food business because

you love food business like of any


if you go into the business purely for

the fact of making money

you might enjoy it for a little bit and

hate it for a long time

because it's what you do it's not like a

nine to five

yeah a nine to five you go there you do

the job you go home business isn't nine

to five

business is 24 7 because when you go

home you now need to start working on

your next strategy

you need to be working there are so many

different things that you're doing when

you're running your own business

a lot of people think that it's easy

it's not easy

running the business but it's worth it

if you're running a business that you

care about and you're passionate about

if someone like the idea of the ghost

kitchens i i'd imagine there's a there's

overheads involved in terms of

renting the space and stuff so say c for

example for argument some someone has

got like maybe

a grand tour grant can this no forgot

this kitchen you can look into

those kitchens with the ground you can't

you can't get into a ghost kitchen with

a grant

ghost kitchens generally if you look

around and they're really good ones they

cost about 2 500 they cost about 2

500 right a month to rent to rent

right okay you know now what you could


is you could team up with a few other

people who also want

a ghost kitchen and share the cost and

share the cost share your days

right that's something that could forget

this is what i'm saying there's no set

way to do it it's about thinking and

being innovative and like i came up i've

only got this

can i get other people to come in with

me or can i get people to invest into me

right now they're going to invest into

you based on their belief into whether

or not you're going to take this

seriously whether or not

can you cook i mean what's your recipe


if but that's how it's as simple as that

if people believe that you can do it

then they could possibly give you

the money that you need to get started

it doesn't always have to come all from


then there's also government schemes

such as the startup lawn scheme

now with that you can get up to 15 000

pounds it's

not it's a lot more relaxed than the

regular um going to the bank and getting

loans this is actually designed

to help people start their businesses so

even people that are just about to start

fresh people who are just about to start


as long as you know you can go there you

have to write your business plan and

stuff like that

but the bottom line is they can turn it

around quite quickly and if your

business makes sense

they'll give you but they'll give you

the money but if you ask for 15 000 you

only need five they're gonna give you


right okay so these are people who

understand what it is and what you need

to get started but

if you wanted to start a food business

let's just say let's go with the ghost

kitchen idea yeah you've got to now say

okay right well i'm going to need to pay

for my kitchen

maybe you might want to have two months

rent here's the thing because the first


you don't know how it's going to go we

all want to open the door in the first


boom bad man you know but that all

depends on your network it depends on so

many different things how are you going

to go about making sure

people know that it's there how are you

going to ensure that people can order

through so

there's a number of things that can that

can um play a part in whether or not you


really well when you first open up but

that's why

platforms like ubereats and delivery can

help you leverage that because they've

got the audience

you know they've got the audience and if

you do sell offers you've got your

prices right people might try you

and then they try to try some more the

good thing about these platforms as well

when you actually first join the


i think they boost you for the first

week or two to help you get more


well what platforms ubereats delivery

all right

okay but that still doesn't guarantee

that you're gonna get it because people

have to want

what you're selling yeah it's gonna look

good this is because they can't taste it

they can't walk into any so

it's all about the presentation so you

also do you want to talk about the

importance of branding as well along the

lines of that

yeah brandon is um branding and it's not

just in the food business

it's in all businesses that we do i mean

we've got this this whole movement now

about by black

and i get it you know i've been doing


like i said over 20 years but i'm not

going to buy black just because you

told me to buy black i'm going to buy it

because it looks good

it does what it says on the tin

fantastic right it can't you can't

tell me i should buy it from you just

because you're black

no you know what we don't buy blindly

buy anything else from anyone else

absolutely nobody else does that neither

yeah yes we would like to support but

give me something to support you know so

so brandon is important now here's the

thing about brandon

it doesn't cost as much as it used to

cost you can go onto sites like fiverr

yes and get your packaging done

you know you might not have the eye for

things fine but you can also find

somebody who can help you

and and you can help you use our sources

you can outsource you can even outsource

the person that's going to design it for

you or he's going to put the idea and

the concepts together

you can outsource every part of it but

here's the thing as you start to

outsource these are also costs

right it might not be a lot but they add


so brandon you've got to set aside some

sort of budget for branding

a budget for marketing a budget for your

actual kitchen

and you know what you also need a budget

for actually buying

your supplies you need a budget for your


you need a budget for all that so

there's there's lots of things that you

need to go through

before you start not just the food

business but any business every business

has startup costs what

are your startup costs those are the

things you need to ask yourself what do

you need to get the things that you can

think of

that is going to be things that you

didn't think of so you might have to put

aside some extra money for that

the other size it also depends on how

big you want to start

there is nothing wrong in starting small

absolutely nothing

my guy told me you started i got chopped

i've known him for years he started off

with a pancake stand

illusion from a pancake stand he opened


a restaurant um called mammalia's and

from that

he opened up i would shop it's a process

it's a gradual process

everybody wants to be a superstar at the

end i'm making 10 000 pounds a month

on my first day it doesn't go that way


your time start sworn that's why i said

you have to love what you're doing and

don't do it

just for the sake of money because the

money won't come the way that you want

it to come

straight away but then when it does come

it comes

and you've got to also be able to

maintain and manage um

the actual business your customer

services there's so many things that


with it it's not just about we've got a

business that runs

and the other side you know as we're

talking down i'm thinking about things

that people have said to me i'm going to

start a business someone else is going

to run it no they're not going to run

your business

they're going to run your business into

the ground if you want to start a


you personally have to be invested

into the business if you want it to be

self-sufficient and run

you have to build the processes that

takes time you can't ask somebody else

to build the processes for your business

because it's no longer your business

it's their business because it's their


their standards their everything so you

have to be

involved in your business in the


for it to get to where you want it to go

whereby you've now got processes

you employ people who are now following

the processes that you've set in place

the other thing about processes is they

break when they break you have to tweak

them you have to change them

kovin is taught every single business

there's no business that was exempt

from coving and now everyone's had to


how they do businesses how they do

business already some of them didn't


some of them couldn't photograph it some

of them said you know what

actually we're going to change the model

we're going to close our shop and just

go online

because online works but you have to be

and this is this can only come from you

constantly working on the business

evaluating the processes knowing and


what needs to be done fantastic you

don't need thousands of pounds to get

started you need lots of energy

yeah you need time and time


um and commitment it's

what gets the job going and i think and

and i know we're speaking about food but

i'm an

out on that business person and this

thing goes across

all things your time is the

is your most valuable currency anything

that you can not pay for because you can

do it yourself

do because that's a resource it's


right people time is invaluable when

it's spent you can't get it back

yes it doesn't it doesn't top up you

don't get more time

yes when your bank account goes from ten

thousand pounds to zero it can go back

to ten thousand pounds again

yeah your time is counting down it's not

counting up

yeah yeah although we're getting older

actually it's counting down

yeah every year is it's a countdown it's

not you know it's a year it's been going

for this year but it's

like it's still you know so time is not

like money

right so if you you have to have the


you have to be able to invest the time

and the more time you can invest you can

kind of reduce your capital

investment but there's some things you

can't avoid doing

can you talk about these uh products

okay yeah so i'll just be handed these

yeah okay so this is uh

we're getting ready to launch some um

whole food products right so with

fireball chopped um where we're going

now is we're getting ready for

diversification once again it's not


look at your business and say what else

can we do

what else can we do that doesn't affect

what we

the primary thing that we do so what

we're doing in the viagra chop now

is um we've got these things here called

ginger bites we're going to be bringing


whole foods and superfoods so ginger

bites is a superfood

and essentially what this is these are

dried ginger

with laced in in sugarcane vegan

friendly and they're a snack

you just open it up and you can snack it

as you go on your daily chores

you can put into your smoothies you can

put it into your yogurt and put it into

your cereal

um and we're just getting ready to

launch these now so we're going to first


bringing them into our shop as snacks

that people can take along with their

meals and actually just take it by


and we're also getting ready to launch

our online store where you can buy them


um as well as the ginger bites we're

going to be launching things like baobab


moringa powder all of the superfoods

yeah they all look all organic

all healthy vegan friendly plant-based

that's it hit the like button hit the

subscribe button

and i'll definitely catch you in the

next one peace out bye