How Do I Bring A Family Member to the US?

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my name is Karen Lee Pollak and I'm

often asked by clients how do I bring a

family member to live and work in the

United States how do I sponsor them for

a green card when they living overseas

well the first question that needs to be

asked is are you a citizen or a

permanent resident if you are a US

citizen there are different family

members that you can sponsor that a

permanent resident can't for example as

a US citizen you can bring your siblings

to live and work in the United States

and sponsor them for a green card

whereas a permanent resident cannot also

the wait times for a permanent resident

to sponsor a family member are far

longer than for a US citizen in certain

circumstances there is virtually no

weight for a US citizen to bring over a

parent spouse or minor child whereas

they is a wait for a legal permanent

resident to bring over a spouse child or

child a permanent resident cannot

sponsor a parent so there are advantages

of becoming a US citizen if you are

eligible and you want to bring over

family members regardless of whether

you're a permanent resident or a citizen

the first step is to file a form i-130

petition for alien relative with the

United States Citizenship and

Immigration Service in the United States

that application establishes the family

relationship between you and your family

member you would provide marriage

certificates birth certificates

passports photographs to establish a

relationship that takes approximately

five months to be adjudicated once the

USCIS approves the petition or family

relationship they will then notify the

US consulate where your family member

lives and the Kentucky consular center

in the United States will notify

you or your agent to file certain forms

for your family member those forms are

filed in the United States with the

Kentucky consular center and involve

applications for immigrant visas on

behalf of your family member and

possibly their derivative beneficiaries

such as children they will have to

provide supporting evidence again

original documents or certified

documents are required and any document

in a foreign language must be translated

they will have to also go for a medical

exam in their home country the type of

documents that are submitted to the

Kentucky consular center include birth

certificates marriage certificates if

there are any criminal records any

charges and disposition sheets and

police clearance reports to show

hopefully a clean record once the

Kentucky consular center receives those

documents and there is a visa available

your family member will be scheduled for

an interview in their home country

provided all the documents are in order

they will be issued a stamp in their

passport to enter the United States it

is only once they into the United States

that they will be issued a green card at

a later stage and that's how you will

bring your family member who lives in

another country to the United States if

you have questions regarding this

process feel free to call me I look

forward to talking to you