HOW TO TRAVEL WITH YOUR DRONE - Going through airport security

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hi guys welcome to Downey live I'm

Michael and today on drum tips Tuesdays

I'm gonna tell you how to travel with

your drone the first thing you know is

it does not well I can go and check him


I'm currently flying from Mexico to


but I've flown through the state's

numerous times with the drone in my bag

so all of the information I'm giving you

is good for anywhere in North America


anyway this is my Mavic pro if you have

a Mavic err if you have a spark it'll

work really easily in a backpack if you

have a phantom three there are backpacks

that you can take that I always carry it

with me on the plane it's sort of too

expensive for me to trust for them to

check it down below but if you do check

it down below that's fine as long as the

battery is in your drone any spare

batteries extra batteries cannot get


they must be carried on so I carry them

here I also keep my drone can you

reiterate that one more time

to reiterate airline policy states that

lithium-ion batteries cannot be checked

down below

they must be carried on if the battery

is in the device if it's in their drone

or any electronic device it can get

checked but any extra batteries must be

carried on what bag isn't the this is a

wonderful tool II camera bags and a side

access we're gonna get if I want it in

the link down below there's a fantastic

bag if you're looking for a bag to carry

your drone and camera gear and clothing

up top

anyway I'll link it did you agonize over

what bag to choose I did an eyes over

what bag to choose but I'm really happy

with the result thank you for taking on

like this you're welcome



every time I go through security with

the drone

they either swap it for bomb-making

materials on it or they make me turn it

on so that's very standard it's like any

electronic we're gonna pull it aside

it's never been an issue and you don't

have anything to worry about


my you totally all guys that's pretty

much everything you need to know about

transporting your drone on an airplane

so thank you for watching travel safe

fly safe

I'm Michael you can subscribe by

clicking on my face right here until

next time