bringing a dog to mexico and what you need to know!

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Laska, Laska, how were you supposed to ROH.

We're goin for a walk, yeah! Oh Laska Laska tell me if you wanna go.

Do you wanna go for a walk?

Good afternoon, Tangerine Tagalongs! What's up Tangerinies! Laska says "Hi" too. Today we're

actually making a video all about Laska because we had someone on Facebook send

us a message about this, and then also someone commenting on one of our videos

asking "What is it like to travel with the dog in Mexico?" And we have learned so

so much about this exact topic so we figured it's about time we share with

you the good, bad, and the ugly. We are answering your questions about traveling

with a dog. So just as a reminder, in general, if you have any questions that

you'd like answered that perhaps our experience could help you out with,

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New video. But, without further ado, let us go for a walk with Laska. This question, did we fly

or drive, and what are the requirements for crossing the border with a dog? First

of all, we're not experts on this topic. but we're gonna share our

knowledge. We drove here and we hear the requirements are driving are much less

than the requirements for flying. There's not nearly as much paperwork to fill

out. Basically, I went to our vet, and we're in Phoenix, so pretty close to the

border. He deals with this all the time. He gave us a health certificate and you

need proof of rabies vaccinations. We were told that if you're driving across the border

they never check. But they did check our paperwork. They asked for a health

certificate and looked at it for about 15 seconds, asked us a few questions, before and then just let us

go. But our vet said the problem isn't going into Mexico, the problem is coming

back. And if you know the answer to this please let us know because we're not

exactly sure how long our health certificate is valid for. What exactly

the requirements are for bringing her back into the U.S. So please share down below in

the comments for us and anyone else who might be curious about this if you know

what it's like taking a dog back into Mexico (meant US). Whether that be driving or flying.

The next thing on our list is talking about accommodations and Airbnb. How easy

has it been for us to find a place with having Laska? And the answer to that is

with Airbnb it's pretty dang easy because you just click off the boxes of

everything that you need. And in just about every city we've been in there has

been a place that allows pets, however sometimes that means we have to

compromise on other things that we consider necessities like having parking

or whether it's in our budget. That's something you have to keep in mind.

Sometimes it can make it a little bit more expensive to have an animal. If you

are new to Airbnb, we have a link down below in the description for you to get

$40 off your first trip. That also gives us $20 off a trip for us, so that we can

continue to bring Laska. The last tip we have regarding Airbnb is that if you're

ever unsure about what combinations one might have, we recommend just reaching

out to the host because there have been so many times when there wasn't the

availability that we needed, or weren't sure if they were going to allow Laska,

or if there's parking. We found that whenever we didn't think there was

availability, or whatever it might have been, we asked the person and it turns

out there is parking or they don't mind if Laska comes. So when in doubt just

message them it never hurts.

Next question is have we had any concerns

with feeding Laska while we're here or have we run into any unexpected health

issues with her? And the first part of this, it really doesn't matter where you

are in the world, the best practices say not to switch up a dog's food very often

in their life because it's just not good for their body, it's not good for their

health. So one of the things that we've had to do while we were here is do

exactly that. We've had to switch up her food many times because we can't carry a

bulk amount of food with us. We just don't have enough room in the car, so

unfortunately, that means we have to buy new food for her in the various cities

that we've been traveling, and they don't always have high-quality food in every

small city or town that we've been to. So if you're worried about that we would

Probably just recommend, if you can, buy the food that your dog has been eating

and bring a lot of that with you. We haven't really tried buying anything

online, just because haven't been in a place for long enough

to have it shipped to wherever we are. So that's sort of been an issue with our

unique situation. If you're in any big city in Mexico though, like Guadalajara for

instance, you should have no problem finding higher-quality food or maybe

even the exact brand that you've been feeding your dog. As for health

issues, we haven't really had any. Laska has gotten stressed because she's just

not used to traveling, not used to switching homes like crazy like we've

been doing. She's been stressed and had a lot of anxiety. So the only main health concern that we've had

for her health issue that she's had, is as someone commented on one of our

videos, "VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT" that's what she's been doing because we've been

switching her food. [Laughter] What a jerk. So mean.

Next question. What is it like walking Laska? Is a leash

required? Do we have problems with stray dogs? And what our dog parks like?

So what's it like walking dog? Is a leash required? No, a leash is not required except

in very few circumstances. Before walking her in a new neighborhood, we like to

scope out the neighborhood, see how many stray dogs are around, see what it's like.

Are there a bunch of chickens? What types of obstacles should we look out for? Most

of the places we've been we're comfortable walking her, but we prefer

to have both of us in case we run into an aggressive stray dog. In which case we

have a tactic that has worked every single time. We clap as loud as possible.

Raise our hands above our head, getting into an aggressive position, like where

we might hurt the dog. Obviously, we're not going to unless we absolutely had to.

And the last strategy is to start yelling saying "HEY! HEY! HEY!" Generally the dog doesn't want to get

into anything with you, so it runs away. There haven't really been any issues

Also, we're not experts on dog parks. We have been to just a few. We did a video

on one of those we'll put that link above and in the description, in case

you're curious what to expect about a dog park here in Guadalajara. One of the

questions is "What is it like driving with a dog?" Laska put your seat belt on!

Sit down! Down! Exactly like this, actually. The first

couple days were kind of a disaster. She had so much anxiety, she was so nervous

She was rah rah rah rah rah rah.

For hours and hours the first couple days, which had a lot of driving. We tried to give her her own spot so that she would

have her own space in the car. But some things that I still had to deal with

were her getting up behind, blocking mirrors, her accidentally inadvertently

rolling the window down and trying to jump out of the car, and driving in

Mexico is is it's a little bit tricky especially if you're used to driving in

the U.S. or somewhere else in Mexico is just different. Well aren't you the

coolest dog around! [Laughter] Oh my gosh, she looks so happy right now and super super cool.

so the next thing on the list is what is it like taking a dog to restaurants and

is that allowed? Not this dog. Not ours, to give you an example, in Phoenix we had

the worst experience that you could possibly think up for going to a

restaurant. It was our favorite taco spot in Phoenix, we took Laska, well in the

very short time we were there she spilled water, she puked, drug a table

all the way across the patio, and she licked a toddler. So if your dog doesn't

act like this, it should be perfectly fine to take him or her to a restaurant.

Most allow dogs, they usually have a sign posted to tell you either way, and

if you're not sure, you can just ask. Last but not least, what is the best part

about traveling with a dog? And what is the worst? The worst part about traveling

with a dog. Bum bum buummm! No, that was too happy. Dun Dun Dun. She makes everything more difficult whether

it's driving, whether we're trying to go get mango and she's jumping up trying to

eat the mango cart. Yeah, whether we're loading things into the car, or we're in

a rush, she somehow finds a way to make every situation 10 times

more difficult, stressful, or tedious. To make our already stressed out lives

while traveling sometimes even more difficult. It's all the little things

that add up. What's your favorite part? They're always excited to see you, no matter what. You'll come home

to them they lick you, they shake their butt for you. More specifically to Mexico. More specifically to

traveling. We have everything we own with us at each Airbnb we stay at, so it's nice

to have a dog there protecting it, and knowing that she's going to keep your

stuff safe. My favorite part is that I am like the worst conversation starter ever.

I barely know how to do it in English let alone in Spanish, so having Laska

makes it really nice to be able to meet people, have conversations, and become

friends with people as we're traveling. I think that's a really cool thing, and of

course, I mean you guys can attest to this, she's your favorite, right? Superstar of the

family. So these are the things that we've learned about having a dog while

traveling through Mexico. We've been on the road now for three months. Hopefully,

we answered all of your questions, if you have any more, feel free to leave them

down below in the comments, and we will do our best to answer from our

experience that we have traveling from Arizona to here in Guadalajara and

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