How do you bring your dog to Canada?

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hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I kind of like wanted to discuss a

very important topic with a very special

guest my dog my Lara I wanted to kind of

like talk a little bit more about my

journey and how was I able to kind of

like fly him from Singapore to Toronto

so I hope that this information could

help like future pet owners but parents

that are kind of like looking through

flying their dark somewhere else to

another country so let's get started so


I came up with a couple of topics that I

think is gonna be helpful for you guys

on how you can travel with your pet any

tips I have have us kind of like my

journey cuz when I was like researching

on how to kind of fly my pet from

Singapore to Toronto of their work

really a lot of helpful resources that

it looked through however I feel that

I've haven't really kind of like watch

any videos where people share their

experience on how they flew their

thoughts so I hope this information

could help you picture so I have all my

notes in my iPad so I'm probably just

gonna read them up and go through like

two different topics and how is it soar

the first thing I could think about is

you need to think about the requirements

from both countries so for my love

itself I flew him from Singapore soar I

had to go through a PA so a PA is

basically the government body that takes

care of exporting animals importing

animals and stuff like that so if you

are flying your pet from Singapore you

can go through the ABA website you can

just go through the tab I'll link all

the links below you can go through the

exporting your pet tab and they

have like a whole list of steps and

documents that you have to prepare

before you kind of like export your dog

somewhere else or that's the first step

that I would do the second step would be

to check the requirements to the country

that you're bringing your job to so from

my list case um I checked the Canadian

something something I'll link I'll put

the website here as well so I checked

the requirements on their side I called

the people themselves as well on just to

double-check the requirements and

documents that needed for that so for

Singapore basically you would need

export license um you can get this from

a VA you can definitely apply on that

online you need to get the vaccination

record so you need to get this from the

vet your dog is and and health service

or this is just kind of like certified

that your dog is too thick to fly he has

no conditions that would be kind of like

dangerous for him when he flies and

stuff like that so in Canada surprises

me it was very easy they just required a

health certificate um and the

vaccination records or I wouldn't say

that it was difficult to prepare

documents it would just be kind of like

time consuming I would I would say like

in Singapore sparked so that's why so

you need to check the first is you need

to check the requirements from the

country that you're bringing him from

and country you're bringing him cheer

that's one second step it's you have to

think about I think this is the most

important as well as think about how

you're going to be flying with your dog

so at first I wanted

to fly him in in cabin with us what

inside the plane itself however Milo is

a small dog he is around 11 pounds give

or take he's probably around 67 kg right

now so he's around that range but a lot

of the airlines um requires a certain

dimension which is smaller than his size

it's off so I couldn't fly him in cabin

but there were a lot of airlines that

allows that like for example Air Canada

I think British Airways Delta Airlines

and other airlines like that they do

allow and cabin for dogs so I chose to

flew my load through cargo now this is

something specifically that you have to

think on your own your preference and

what you think will be better for dogs

so Milo if he is considered a snubnose

dogs meaning you know in the air or

whatever it might be difficult for them

to kind of like breathe so for some

airlines I know that they kind of like

bad dogs from flying at all or for some

airlines they have a specific

requirement in terms of the different

weather so the cargo that I've chosen

for Milo was very nice

I flew in through viola thumbs up and

they were really good and there were one

of the best I would say in terms of like

flying your pet just because first um

the staff was really friendly to help us

through the documentation and everything

like that

second Lufthansa has a pet lounge so I

flew him in in Singapore and he had a

layover in Frankfurt Germany

so layover is where the pet lounge is or

basically what did you is to bathe your

pet they feed them they let your dog pee

and everything

that and they take pictures and also

sent that to you so that's one thing I

really liked about Lufthansa so that's

one thing you have to personally think

about is how are you gonna be flying

your dog is it gonna be cargo or in

cabinet so that's it

so my tips in terms of like flying your

dog what to do and stuff like that

firstly I would say on the day that

you're gonna be flying your dog make

sure that you have all the documents in

hand so I had all the documents in a

nice folder I scanned all the documents

I saved it in my computer I saved it in

my USB and I made sure that I had coffee

whenever I need it

even without internet so I've saved that

through my phone and my back book just

in case I need to proof I can definitely

just take out take it out and show it to

the officer anyone who require it second

thing is that you need to get a proper

crate so I'm gonna be showing you a

picture of what crate I got from my lord

I definitely got him a great that's

bigger almost like three times just

twice his size

just because I want him to feel

comfortable and at the same time not too

big but comfy and he wouldn't feel very

nervous and stuff and left like that so

yeah so my next tip would be to kind of

like treat or test not treat practice

your dog to be in is great so for my

last case one week before he flew in

which i think was not enough I kind of

like trained him to be in the crate left

him there for five hours four to five

hours feed him treats in the crate just

to make sure that this is a safe haven

so on the fly day itself your dog will

not feel like he is nervous or anything

like that so that's my number one tip on

terms of that next is would be to relax

and get prepared everything will be

alright that's what I was telling myself

but if worth it really depends on your

experience one thing I would say is to

research thoroughly research what

airline you're gonna be flying in also

you need to be flying or you need to be

arriving before your dog does just

because you don't know or when your duck

arrives and no one picks up the dog

that's gonna be a problem so what we did

is we made sure that we flew in I mean

or we arrived I think it was around four

hours before Milo arrived so when he

arrived we already were there to pick

him up and stuff like that so yeah my

experience was basically when we flew in

there when we flew in there we kind of

just went to the left Anza cargo area

and then we were able to fill in the

documents and that's it we were able to

pay the fees that was needed and we got

him it was very difficult process it was

nerve-racking I'm not going to be you

know lying on that part it was very

difficult because I was constantly

thinking about Milo all the time in the

flight our thinking if it's gonna be all

right in the cargo area or how is it

I've heard a lot of stories about dog

that had problem in the cargo and stuff

like that

I'm just very lucky that Lufthansa you

know did a great job they even sent me a

picture when he arrived in Germany sore

pretty happy with that

so it's really helpful that you find you

know a car gar provider or airline that

would work with you and constantly

communicate through the entire tips or

yeah that's basically my tips and my

experience and how was I able to bring

my job if you have any questions or

anything like that I'll be happy to kind

of like answer all your questions on a

comment below feel free to sent Joseph

your dog or share any experience he had

with any airlines or anything like that

so I hope I was able to kind of like

help future pet parents or moving their

dog I know it was very difficult for me

when I was doing that because I didn't

really had anyone to had friends who had

the same experiences however I wasn't

really able to watch

alright thanks for watching guys and I

hope that this was very informational

and see you next time bye