Taking your pet abroad to and from the UK

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hello now how long is it since i sat

here and did an information video ages

but I've been asked a lot about taking

your pet to and from the UK so that's

what this video is about today


so what we're going to talk about today

is taking your pet so your dog cat

ferret or bird or other kind of pet to

and from the UK and Ireland and we're

really really going to talk about

European Union member states so the

popular holiday destinations France

Belgium Germany Spain and also travel

between the UK and Ireland now obviously

I'm going to start off with a disclaimer

and that is that all the information I

give you is my understanding it's all

given in good faith but it is down to

the individual to the person traveling

with the animal to check that the rules

that we're talking about are still

current because obviously I'm recording

this March 2018 things could change

before you travel so I'm going to put

links in the description below to the

various authorities in the UK and

Ireland so check those out make sure

that what I'm talking about is still

up-to-date when you're traveling because

the owners will be on you to make sure

that you comply with all the regulations

of the day of travel and as I said I am

some izing the rules as I understand

them at the moment so what we're going

to cover in this video first of all

we're going to talk about the conditions

you need to meet and the requirements

you need from your pet before you can

travel we'll talk about some of the

carrier's some of the ferry operators

they have different pros and cons to

each ferry operators so we'll talk about

some of the ferry operators then we'll

talk about the procedures of actually

traveling so I'll take you through when

we're traveling from France back to the

UK of what to expect and encompassed in

all that I'll pass on a few tips that

I've learned over years of traveling

between France and the UK with Duggal so

we'll kick off with the easy one and

that is if you're traveling with your

pet bird pet rats any other rodents or

rabbit or invertebrate and that is you

don't need any special paperwork there

might be restrictions on the amount of

pets you have but generally if it's

fewer than five animals per person you

don't need any special paperwork all I

would recommend

is that you go to one of those

government websites that I link below

print off the relevant documentation

that says you don't need anything

special for your pet rat or your pet

budgerigar and just have it with you

because my experience has shown that

when I was traveling with rats some of

the check-in staff and other operator

staff were not fully conversant with the

rules at the time so print knows off and

you would have no problem and that's all

you need to do now as far as the popular

ones go which is obviously dog and also

cats and ferrets it's still incredibly

simple now dogs cats and ferrets need a

pet passport and to get a pet passport

the most important thing is that the dog

cat or ferret needs to be chipped so you

have to have a microchip in the animal

and that chip has to be working if your

dog cat or ferret is not chipped they

will need to be microchips the next

requirement is that your microchipped

pet needs to have its rabies vaccination

at least 21 days before you travel and

that's when you get your pet passport

that's all there is to it that really

all there is to it the only other

requirement is with a dog and that is

when you want to re-enter the UK the dog

has to have tapeworm treatment

administered by a registered vet between

24 and 120 hours before entry to the UK

so when you're coming back to the UK

with your dog doesn't apply to capsule

ferrets you need to visit a vet have

tapeworm treatment and that must be at

least 24 hours before you travel and no

more than five days before you travel

that vet will then stamp your pet

passport in the relevant place and that

will be checked at your port of entry

into the UK won't it to go now as far as

traveling with your pet which operators

to choose now there are certain airlines

that will actually allow you to take

your small dog under 8 kilos or cat in a

box into the cabin as long as they fit

under the seat in front of you so check

with the airline if

that's acceptable however most airlines

would insist that the dog travels as

cargo I for one especially for a journey

that I could drive I really wouldn't

want to fly my dog as cargo because

there are risks involved in that and I

can't think it's very comforting for the

dog so unleash have a tiny dog or cat

that fits in the correct box that goes

under the seat in front of you

with an airline that will allow it

because not a lot of them do then that

is an option but I would rather take my

dog on a ferry we talked about the ferry

options now now most ferry operators

between the UK and Ireland Ireland and

France and the UK and France and Belgium

and the Netherlands they will insist

that the dog travels either in a kennel

on longer crossings or in the car on

shorter crossings but there are some

honorable exceptions and we talk about

them now because on a short sea route

like Dover to Calais maybe even New

Haven Dieppe which is four hours that's

not such a bad option but I prefer to

keep the dog with me

on the Irish Sea routes only Stena line

will let you keep the dog with you but

the dog must be in a box and that box

has to be under 80 centimetres by 50 by

50 so it's fairly small box but Duggal

would fit in a box that size his box is

smaller so I could take Dougal with me

into the accommodation but they has to

stay in that crate for the entire

crossing cannot come out that as far as

Irish ferries piano go the dog either

has to stay in the car or in a kennel

stand a line on every route I believe

except Liverpool will allow you to carry

the dog in a crate

if the crate is small enough on the

North Sea routes out of Newcastle DFDS

do have cabins that are available for

people with dogs so you can have the dog

in the cabin with you

similarly Brittany Ferries operating

some of the longer crossings to Frances

pain out of Portsmouth and Plymouth some

of their ferries have pet friendly


however it's incredibly hard to find

what ferry has what policy and what

ferry is a

route at what time you can spend a long

time under Brittany Ferries website

checking which route you want which

ferry goes and then for example on one

of their ferries the bathe is sin and I

believe that cap finistère again I'm not

sure it's so confusing but on say for

example the Bader sin they have

dog-friendly cabins but you can't travel

in one if you're in a campervan

motorhome or with a caravan so it's

really quite a minor field but DFDS out

of Newcastle and Brittany Ferries out of

Portsmouth Plymouth some of their

ferries will allow you to take a dog

into the cabin the best thing to do

rather than spend hours on the internet

trying to work it all out is sick quite

simply give them a ring and tell them

what you require and they'll let you

know whether or not it's doable

so that's just the easy option as I say

Dover to Calais the dog will stay in the

car with DFDS and P&O Ferries which is

only an hour and a half it's not too bad

but my preferred option and the number

one option for most pet owners in the UK

is of course good old Eurotunnel

and the reason that so many people

travel with Eurotunnel with their pets

is simply because the pet stays in the

car with you you don't need to leave

your dog or your cat or any other kind

of pet on their own stressed and worried

you are there with the animal and

certain shefte Tran will even let you

travel in the caravan if you leave the

door open and you will see can't use the

gas in the caravan but as far as the

most pet friendly means of traveling to

and from the UK go it has to be


every time so you've sorted your pet

passport and you've sorted your ferry

operator out so you've gone on holiday

what about coming back to the UK so if

you have a cat or a ferret no issue just

turn up at the port show the pet


and off you go with the dog slightly

different because between 24 and 120

hours before you travel you must get the

dog wormed by a registered vet

and the pet passport stamped with proof

it's actually really simple to do just

make sure that you do do it at least 24

hours before you travel and no more than

five days so that five day window is

really good a huge tip here is that the

further you get this done from the

Channel ports the cheaper it generally

is because when you get near to the

Channel ports obviously the vets are

very savvy to a lot of people needing to

get the dogs done before they travel and

the price will go up so check some of

the forums see if you can get any vet

recommendations now we were ripped off

terribly in Belgium in Ghent I was

charged 60 euro to have Dougal worm and

the mistake I made was not checking the

price before I asked the vet worm him

we had an unscrupulous vet who

absolutely ripped us off so always ask

how much is going to be and I found the

in the Netherlands and in Germany I've

always found the vets to be spot-on and

generally we've paid between 16 and 20

euro in Netherlands and Germany so

whenever we come back now if we're in

one of those two countries I'll get

Duggal done before we come down to

Calais and get the train back to the UK

so finally just talk a little bit about

the procedure of when you're travelling

back to the UK obviously my experiences

with Euro tunnel because because we've

only travelled with the ER a tunnel so

far we may try the ferry this year and

that is when you drive to the check-in

you'll see on the right-hand side in

Calais that there is a lane you pull off

into for the pet check-in so with Euro

tunnel you check-in the pet before you

check-in yourself in the vehicle other

operators you may check in first and

then check the pet in so do check with

your operator Eurotunnel go to the pet

check-in and obviously the pet needs to

come with you and their passport because

you need to scan the pet to see that

it's the correct one that's in the

passport so take them with you scan the

dog or the cat or the ferret the

operative will check the scan they'll

check your passport see it's all been

correctly filled in and then give you

the boarding

pass or sticker for the pet that is it

that really is it the other thing to

think about is when you're checking in

both from the UK and from Calais even if

you have the kind of pet that doesn't

need paperwork so say for example if

you're traveling with your pet rats

still tell the people on check-in that

you are traveling with animals in the

car the reason for that is I once

traveled with my pet rats on a sailing

from Dunkirk the we didn't tell the

loading officer and the ferry turned

around the Sun came beating in through

the windscreen and by the time we got to

Dover those poor rats was suffering from

heat exhaustion because the loading

officer didn't know we had animals in

the car and I didn't know that the ferry

was going to turn around and the Sun was

going to be beating through the

windscreen all the way to Dover

so always let people know that you're

traveling with animals in the car so

there you go that really is it so just

to summarize we'll go with the doc

because the dog is the most complicated

and that is the dog needs to be

microchipped and at least 21 days before

you travel you need to make sure you've

got their pet passport and to get that

you need their rabies jab and then

between 24 120 hours before traveling

back you need to take the dog to a vet

to get them wormed and it's really

simple just ask your campsite operator

or your hotel if you're staying in a

hotel just ask people where wherever

we've gone we've just asked low local

companies if they could recommend a vet

there are a lot of people out there who

are very happy to share their details of

their of their friendly vet so don't be

frightened of taking your animal abroad

it's really really simple for those of

you watching outside the European Union

it's also fairly straightforward if you

want to come into the UK with your

animal from certain registered countries

again check out the country websites

that I'm going to link in the

description below so I hope you found

that useful if you do you know what to

do give us a thumbs up and subscribe if

you don't already so just leads me to

say from a very excited and animated


and for me thanks for tuning it how do

you think that went

Google you excited about your holiday

you excited about

he's absolutely riveted about it you

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