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good day everyone this is Marisa again

and welcome back to my channel in this

video I will talk about the papers you

need to death if you want to bring your

pet here in America so here is my baby

she is 6 years old and going to be 7 so

what do you need to know and what are

the papers you need to get that's time

so the first one is the card once you

can see the card has a picture of my

hands so this card is given to you by

the office of the city veterinarian so

this is the first thing the card in the

card it shows the name of the dog Age

breed sad color or markings if there are

any owner of course and the address so

what is inside this card inside this is

the record of vaccination and

immunization of course with the

signatures of the city veterinarian to

prove that all these records are correct

in legend after this is the veterinary

health certificate remember you cannot

get this without the card in other words

you cannot be given the certificate

without the record of vaccination and

immunization because this health

certificate would prove that your health

has undergone the vaccination and of

course the immunization we have the two

the third one is the certification again

from a private doctor the city

veterinarian will not give you the

certificate of the screwworm infestation

which is very important in America and

even in Europe screwworm infestation and

any dangerous communicable animal

diseases according to the city

veterinarian this one would prove that

the dog is clean but when you go to

Manila this is very important another

certificate from a private veterinarian

so do not forget that you will have two

certificates this one from the

government and the other one from a

private veteran

so what does it say this is to certify

that my dog is free from screwworm

infestation America is very particularly

with a schoolroom and as well as Europe

according to the my veterinarian here

screw worm infestation at the same time

my dog is free from the evidence of any

dangerous communicable animal diseases

and this is very important signed by a

private veterinarian so we have two

certificates and have one card then if

you have all these now you are ready to

go to the airport so my flight back then

was 10 o clock in the evening so we were

at the airport very early we arrived at

6 o clock in the evening so that we can

accomplish all the paperwork before the

scheduled flight so then we went to the

Bureau of animal industry at the Davao

International Airport to get the

shipping permit so as you can see this

is the shipping permit what are the

things that you need to submit if you go

to the airport of course you will submit

your certificates and your card so they

will check if your dog is really

complete with vaccinations so then you

will be given the shipping permit if

your documents are all ready then

remember this shipping firm it will just

be good for Manila this will not be

accepted internationally this is just

the shipping permit that you can bring

your dog to Manila so from Davao to

Manila so again our flight was ten o

clock why turn o'clock because that was

the only aircraft bye pal which had the

air conditioned for our dog because Ali

our dog was separated from us when we

went to Manila she wasn't with us in the

cabin please take note that the cargo

should be well ventilated so that was

the time that was the only flight where

in the the room where we can place Ali

was ventilated that was the only

aircraft on that day July 3 2019 so that

that's the reason why we took that fly

going to Manila even if it was late

because of Ali we arrived in Manila at

one o'clock so we took a rest for a

little while then at 2:00 a.m. again I

went to the office of the Bureau of

animal industry in the International

Airport in Manila so there I brought all

my paperwork my card

the shipping permit from Davao as well

as the certificates it was so fast to

get the certificate from the Bureau of

the animal industry in Manila because I

had all the paperwork so when the

paperwork is clear so you will be given

right away the veterinary health

certificate this certificate indicates

the export certificate so this is the

certificate that allows you to bring

your pet to America or anywhere in the

world okay so in here if they certify

that my dog is free from any diseases or

that screwworm infestation of as I've

said earlier now based on my experience

we took the Asia Airlines because that

was the only flight back then that would

allow us to be with our path in in the

cabin provided that the wage should be

below seven kilograms luckily when our

dog was weighed in Manila

she just weighed four point five

kilograms so she was with us all the way

from Manila to Chicago Airport she was

with us in the cabin she was just in a

bag a soft bag

she was underneath the seat now how much

did I pay or no I did not pay my husband

paid for it because I didn't have money

you know my husband paid $200 or ten

thousand in pesos now these are the

documents that you need to get if you

want to bring your pet here in America

if you want to know more about bringing

your pets in anywhere in the world from

the Philippines logon to Petra Volcom to

find out more about the guidelines

that's all for now thank you so much for



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