How to ship your pets to Australia & New Zealand

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welcome to get me down under TV now if

you're looking to relocate to Australia

or New Zealand you've certainly come to

the right place

and in terms of advice about property

about jobs and the relocation we're

aiming to bring you everything on this

channel to give you all the informed

information that you need to get that

move down under now I'm joined by Nick

Fodor Nellis of air pets it's great to

have you here in the studio nice to have

your company now in terms of your

company tell us about air pets and what

pets can be taken away well essentially

we export animals all over the world and

virtually any animal that you care to

mention but for guys going down under

the restrictions are far tighter so for

thrilling New Zealand essentially you're

looking at dogs and cats only they've

got more than enough exotic animals down

there they don't need any more okay so

for New Zealand just dogs and cats yeah

okay and also are there any particular

makes of dogs as a makes breeds that you

can't or can take effectively you can

take any any breed there are certain

restrictions for example the airlines

most airlines now won't fly any of the

slum nosebleeds

so your Bulldogs that time you know

nobody understands it but those animals

do have more problems than other breeds

so you can still get there Air Canada

for example still fly them and they go

they fly into Sydney so you can still

take those breeds with you okay so it is

possible it is certain fighting breeds

shall we say have certain restrictions

as well and obviously that depends where

you where you're coming from that UK

have a very specific restrictions on 14

weeks now obviously people want to take

their pets with them do you think it's

fair on pets to come out absolutely that

way absolutely why wouldn't you I lived

in Australia for a year I've got my

Australian Cattle Dog I've been through

this this system why wouldn't you take

they're a valued member of the family

and it's it's probably more traumatic

for the human element of the family than

it is for the

if you think that the the animals gonna

travel in the hole it's nice and warm

because it's on the same recirculation

system as the passenger and cabin but

it's dimmed down there it's not a dark

nice and warm they've got more leg room

than you're gonna have upstairs

they're lying in a nice bed why wouldn't

you tell so ultimately it's really it's

really comfortable it's a good

environment for them because I know a

lot of people would think okay it's

quite scary

having them in a hole with where the

owner doesn't see them or know what's

going on with them yeah and again you

know more scary for the owner I think

then you know dogs for example like

dense so they're more than happy in a

box lots of people tell my folks never

been in a box will it be a problem no

this is natural instinct is to get into

a box and have a little den what we do

as well is we tend to get all the

animals in the day before then we can

control what they eat you can control

any medication if they're on any


we've got a five-acre site right next to

Heathrow Airport so absolutely fantastic

so you know second turn on the

facilities I've got a over an acre that

is securely wired in so we take the dogs

for example they get taken out they get

run ragged in the paddock for for

however long it takes to tire them out

so they're nicely exercised they're

tired anyway we we make the boxes as

well and we treat the wood with a sort

of homeopathic pheromone so it's like a

relaxant if you like so they've been

exercised they've not eaten they've got

this relaxing atmosphere around them and

they get into a nice warm dark hold they

sleep from here - sounds sounds

incredible in terms of making it happen

because you know for somebody who hasn't

made the move me personally it sounds

incredible and very very easy and it's a

caring environment from what you're

telling me because you thought your kind

of thing it's gonna be very sterile but

it sounds amazing it's great and as a

business yeah we ship probably just over

2,000 animals a year to Australia alone

so yeah it's an everyday occurrence for

us so obviously we're far more used to

it than and you know our clients may be

but yeah it's not traumatic at all for

the animals the pilot has to sign that

he's got live animals onboard his

aircraft so he has to go down and do a

visual check checks that they've got


checks that yeah they're safe and secure

and if you're stopping over say for

example in Singapore Hong Kong or

wherever you're trans

through new crew come onboard new pilot

has to do exactly the same again so you

know they are checked although there's

nobody in the hold with them during the

flight they checked whenever that

aircraft on the ground they're checked

and the pets themselves if they're on

medication you can deal with that

absolutely you know depends on we ship

an awful lot of diabetic animals for

example and the only consideration there

is that they can't have insulin on the

day that they fly so if we've got them

in beforehand we can control when the

insulin is given so that we give it as

late as possible the day before so if so

but in standing in the system to make

sure that they're okay during the flight

and obviously it's all labeled up that

they're on medication and okay and in

terms of the size of the kennels how big

are they

varies obviously the size of the dog and

the price all relates to the size of the

box it's based on the volume of the box

the regulators stipulate that your

animal has to be able to stand up sit

down so the dog's head gets higher when

it sits down turn around and lie down

unhindered so we can build a box

specifically to fit your dog if you've

got a long sausage dog for example you

don't want a really high box because

you're paying for fresh yet and the

airlines will charge you for that fresh

air so we can build a nice long low box

so you're only paying for what your

animal needs we always err on the side

of comfort and security for the animal

I will never penny pinched I'm not

interested in being the cheapest in the

market to see this one standard gold

standard for every customer

and and every pet and it's the pets

welfare that is absolutely central to

what we do it's imperative so how long

have you been in the industry then as

company we've been going for 46 years

UK's oldest pet relocation company

started off as a farm I think we were

there actually before Heathrow Airport

was and eventually somebody asked the

owner if they could look after a dog in

the farm did that then we started

boarding kennels then as animal started

arriving to Heathrow we started doing


and it was a very small step then for

somebody to say well can you put my dog

on a plane and the first one was shipped

46 years ago Wow I'm talking of

quarantine what happens when they

actually arrive and how long are they in

quarantine for what Australia currently

it's 30 days okay

New Zealand is 10 days and the

restrictions over there the court got

tighter the 1st of January this year

because we made our restrictions coming

into the UK a little bit easier so we

came in line with the EU so it's now

easier to get animals into the UK so our

guaranteed rabies free status was

lowered the Aussies in the Kiwis looked

at that and said right now more risk

they introduced weather was pontine

Australia anyway but they made it a

little bit tighter so it's 30 days in

Australia but they're talking about

bringing it down in line with New

Zealand to 10 days but they haven't

given us a time frame on that at the

moment in Australia they're off only 3

pollen teen stations and they're all

government-run so you've got one in

Perth one in Melbourne and want to

Sydney yeah

and now in the future they've said that

they are going to centralize it all into

Melbourne there'll be a huge 144 acre

site in Melbourne however it's a

continental sized island and if you're

going to Darwin yeah or Brisbane or

Perth you've got a five-hour flight yes

to get your animal so and the only

airline that flies direct into Melbourne

of course is Qantas so all the airlines

are up in arms about this customers are

foreign arms all the pet shippers are so

we've got a meeting with them at the

2012 International pet Association

conference in Madrid which is at the end

of October we've got a meeting there to

discuss all of these changes and when

they're going to come into place but all

the new details are on my website and

I've put a news feature on there when

anything changes

Oh excellent so your website is just

reminders your websites it's WWF calm

excellent so we air pence calm so we can

come to you for all that information and

it's great to hear how easy it is

it's incredibly easy and we can we can

do everything or we can just do a part

it it's down to the customer if they

want us to do one with veterinary work

we can if they don't have the time to

wait because it's a six-month

preparation before you go so it's a

rabies vaccination wait for a month have

a blood test and then from the date of

the successful blood test it's a further

hundred and fifty days before that

animal can enter Wow

so five months so it's six months in

total to prepare if you don't have time

to do that if it's a short notice a

company relocation we can board the

animal I've got animals with me that

have been with us for just over six

months that are going next next week so

we can do all of that we can collect

from your door I've got a partner agent

in Australia that can arrange the

quarantine that can collect it from

quarantine and deliver it to Brisbane if

you want it so we can do absolutely

everything or we could just arrange the

flight up to you

excellent thank you very much Lori and

information thank you okay