Q&A Dog Breeding and Care, bringing your dog into heat

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hey James with love my pups my breeder

supply so haven't done a video in little

bit so I thought one thing we do we get

a lot of questions people ask a lot of

questions on our YouTube videos and I

try to respond to those especially the

ones that can be responded to within a

simple answer but I I thought what the

heck I will just respond to some of

these now so I'm just going to go over a

few of these so they're not in any

particular order it's a bit jumbled up

alright so here's one from the other day

very informational I almost got scammed

selling seven to some jerk in Nevada

almost out eight hundred fifty dollars

for a fake cashier's check so hey good

for you honey for a Nevada that you

didn't get taken

be careful folks because I promise you

there's here's the deal there's so much

money in in puppies specifically what we

do with French bulldogs that you know

some of these dogs costs know five ten

fifteen twenty thousand dollars that

means that there's going to be people

out there who've been trying to separate

you yourself your money so if you're

about to do a deal on a puppy go back

and review our video on how not to get

scammed and that's also if you're

selling your dog you can get scanned at

either direction you can get scammed

selling a dog you can get scammed buying

a dog you can get killed you can show up

somewhere somebody thinks you're gonna

show up with fifteen thousand dollars in

your pocket

some people would decide that it's worth

killing you fifteen thousand dollars be

careful all right

okay so correct me if I'm wrong my pup

is a blue brittle and they write down

this and they say that their dog is a

why a T D D Big B little B okay

oh okay why so are they right yes they

are right so what does this tell us this

little B little B is a blue dog so that

we know for a fact this is a dog that

has one copy of chocolate so it does not

show the chocolate and if that actually

came back from a test that is what is

called testable chocolate this dog has

one copy of brindle there it is right


Pringles dominant so that will show up

as a blue brindle dog has a copy of ten

points but it's probably not going to

show because of the brindle so yes

you're right Lulu brindle dog very good

we are by the way going to do another

video on coat color DNA because I've had

lots of people have asked other

questions and then come back and says

hey give us some more it was really

useful so we're going to try and make up

those useful again and we will do

another video all right

would a reading of 17 be 17.1 be two

legs to mate talk about progesterone

levels here so the rule of thumb is and

I'm going to do another video right

after this Pacific Leone when is the

right time to mate but progesterone

levels start day one they are less than

one and typically by day thirteen the

dog is ready to be bred typically we

breed dogs somewhere in this range here

11 to 13 not it's not definitive but

it's an approximation the professional

level would be 15 at that point about

day 9 the dog is ovulating population

and that typically is that'll be that is

a reading of 5 so it goes up you can see

here it goes up for the first 5 days the

number is something between less than 1

and one then on day 6 7 8 9 it's 2 3 and

4 this is not an exact thing that every

dog can change a little bit but

approximation so you can see the

get to ovulating day five then it starts

to go up really quickly the next day

after ovulation is an eighth than the

offense of 15 her dogs are the 17 what

does that mean it means it's really

close to the Sun because 15 to 17 almost

the same numbers it goes up so quickly

that might be just a few hours from

going from 15 to 17 so absolutely freida

dog on 17 do right now probably get the

dog pregnant all right

oh it's a bad one here my dog we're

talking about I did a video on CH v1

that came and herpes virus for dogs they

said my dog is dying I'm giving her the

best days she's having very she can't

poo and she can't eat so yeah so if you

yeah I got a video on k9 herpes virus if

you in this situation then what you

should be doing is putting that dog in

an incubator and keeping it at a

temperature of 104 degrees or more and

the reason for that is the canine herpes

virus is not a very robust virus and it

is it does not survive at those kind of

temperatures so if you could raise the

dog's temperature up to one hundred four

hundred five you've got a good chance

that you'll keep the virus under control

and the dog will then be able to its own

immune system will overcome the problem

and the dog will be fine

that's really all I know of that you can

do in a situation like that certainly if

you think that there is a possibility

that canine herpes virus might be gonna

be happened to you then get an incubator

as we sell get an incubator my Brutus of

life have one on hand lifesaver and then

if your dog does to come to it you

should probably do what's called a

necropsy where you basically look at the

internal organs of the dog pacifically

is kidneys and find out whether or not

this hemorrhaging in there and that will

tell you whether it potentially you've

got canine herpes virus so you can

decide what you're gonna do next time by

the way can I hope his virus is not a

death nail to your dog the dogs fine and

actually the dog can have other litters

successfully but this way there may be

severely compromised all right no no

question yes what if you have more so

you got five word I'm always this Ross

by the way bra so my work together yeah

Russ go ahead so how do I protect my

other dogs if I got one dog that has it

and the other is done

well so the problem of the cannot herpes

virus is typically they get it as they

pass through the vaginal tract and so

they're all the dogs in that litter

productivity guesses but the secret to

it is is is put all the dogs in that

litter in an environment of 104 degrees

or more and see whether they can survive

that as things develop should I be

worried about let's say that I have

previous litters for other dogs or my

old ones I almost got a dog that has

canine herpes virus it's like herpes in

humans it's contagious at certain times

so you've got to be careful about the

rest of your population so I need to

keep it away from all my other animals

well possibly so again I think the thing

to do here is review that particular

video that I have on that so review that

video so it wasn't too much depth okay

Chris Greer please make another video

showing some of the more advanced DNA

stuff Chris you got it is coming up

raquel is there a way to get fevers back

and heat if we miss the breeding window

right good one so dogs typically go into

heat every six months regardless of

whether they move bred or not a dog that

has been bred will have puppies in about

two months will wean those puppies in

another two months we'll come back to

the heat two more months six month total

time it varies some dogs don't come in

but once a year some dogs might not come

in might come in once every four months

but a typical dog comes in once in six

months can you do things to bring a dog

back in well if you've missed it you've

missed it so you can't just wind the

clock back five days and get the dog

back into heat that's not gonna happen

but there are things that you can do to

bring a dog into heat that's not you

know you think has been way too long

this one is a pig hormone called PG 600

I know a lot of people in the French

east side of things and use it I haven't

used it myself I've had customers have

used it and there's another product out

that another time who told me about as

well that you give to a dog that maybe

will increase liver size here's the deal

on these things I think they're suspect

so what goes through my head is look if

we could time and litter and the size of

Elissa we'll all be having litters for

puppies that are around Christmas time

and since that's not happening

I suspect that these things are hit and

miss so I think that anytime you start

to muck around with nature you'd run a

risk of potentially messing up the

litter or maybe even messing up your

Dame so my advice would be tread

carefully on this I'm not the definitive

answer on whether you should or

shouldn't be doing this certainly but I

personally have never done this and

always but I've had dogs that I've

worried that they haven't come into heat

they come into heat it might be might

take a year and a half but they come

into heat and so my advice is generally

be careful stop mucking around with

drugs all right okay another question

yes after a dog does have a litter how

long do you suggest before having a

pregnant endemic so I've got another

whole video on this I'm just going to

touch on this really briefly but

basically my rule is and this is my rule

not you don't have to go by my rules

this is what I do when we have a

Frenchie we have a c-section when we

have a c-section the dog is opened up

when the dogs open up we get to look at

the inside so the first question of that

is how does her insides look does she

have a lot of scarring adhesion if she

does then maybe it's time for a rest if

it's really bad maybe it's time just

call it quits and by the way if that

case is it that she's done don't do a

spay while you do the c-section that's

way too much of a load on the dog and

you're asking for trouble

so that's don't do that so the next

thing is she looks good on the inside

what's the liver successful but she good

to her babies did she have a nice litter

and then fundamentally that probably the

most important thing did she bounce back

after she weaned the puppies to a happy

healthy normal sized active dog and if

the answer to all of that is yes go

ahead and breeder if the answer any of

that is No then you may want to rethink

breeding her or giving her a break okay

how long do you wait to a either female

at what age are so this is question is

how old's the dog before you stop

reading your dog so again different

people will tell you different things

for us I wouldn't be the dog that's less

than a year old I wouldn't read a dog

that's that's only around a year old was

very small

I would breed a dog that is getting

close to its full weight so it's

typically a dog there's over it's

definitely over a year old might be more

like a year and a half old and is acting

not as a complete juvenile teenager jerk

but more as an adult dog that's mature

enough to handle litter okay

Santiago says Oh what age is appropriate

to breed a female I have a two month old

Frenchie French Bulldog I want to breed

her what's a good age so this goes back

to the other one

no okay at least a year old do you have

an email to ask questions that's a good

one yeah I do

so the email is James which is me at I T

L net dot net people get confused

because there's two next to them James

at by TL net net yeah got questions

absolutely email okay Samantha says hi

there we have a little three blue line

of French's we're having a tough time

with one gaining weight we tube feed and

have started puppy moves to see if it


he is still 250 grams by the way that's

about 10 ounces with less than that at

three weeks the brothers and sisters are

two pounds are they're 32 ounces he's

mature the fastest with opening his eyes

and walking we just can't get in to grow

and also pooping has been an issue with

all of them

please help first-time litter mummy and


okay so yeah so you've got a puppy

that's very small compared to the rest

and so you've got two pound puppies

these puppies are now out so what do you


oh well anyway we've got dog to the two

pounds so we've got to be into this for

quite some time so these peaks of these

are probably five we call the puppies

because they've got their eyes heavenly

walking around so they do that of three

weeks walking around so these are

probably five because us so yeah if

you've got a dog that's very very very

small which this one is very very very

small you've probably got a problem on

your hands so you have to think about

things like internal problems the thing

that comes to my mind immediately is

what's called a liver shunt the lipid

shunt is where you have a line in the

liver that goes back onto itself so the

liver is not doing what it should what

should supposed to be doing and so live

accounts can be fixed but you can't do

those kind of surgeries on a puppy that

is literally you know 10 ounces you've

got to wait till the puppy's five pounds

it's got to wait till puppy is six

months old maybe more than five pounds

so yeah there's something going on but

here's the first thing I would do if

possible I try to take you to a vet and

see if they can draw some blood if

that's possible and do a blood panel on

that dog to see what's going on because

that's going to tell a lot more about

there's something going on here it's not

normal to have a dog that is literally

one call for the weight of the other

dogs unfortunately it may not end well

but all you can do is go to the vet and

get some professional advice okay make a

video about insemination this is you

collects says make a video about

inseminations versal versus natural

bleeding's pros and cons so I'm just

going to touch on that one really

quickly so for us we never do net for

breeding with French's and we don't do

that for these adventures for a number

of reasons the first one is is the

French bulldogs are not very good at

getting this down they have a hard time

hooking up and it's to do with short

legs and their stature physically the

actual mechanism beginning hooked up is

difficult it's not say that a Frenchie

won't hook up but what typically happens

is is they they stub dog tries and tries

and tries and tries and he will exhaust

himself and then the other problem is he

may end up a jack lady on the ground

just when you needed that ejective to

put into the dog so you've now lost your

opportunity to AI that dog that day and

then the other thing is is that

brucellosis and canines herpes virus

these are things that are sexually

transmitted diseases that will be

transmitted from one thought to another

by nose the nose nose to genital contact

and so if you do an artificial

insemination of those situations

basically go out of the way you don't

have those problems so so for two

reasons we don't do a natural AI now big

dogs naturally eyes German shepherds

Labradors absolutely I mean again you

got this you should have the dogs check

for brucellosis to make sure you don't

have any $50 test blood tests you should

make sure that neither the dogs has

brucellosis because that will wipe it

that'll wipe a dog out potentially what

hold all of your dogs out as far as

breathing won't kill them they don't

make them barren but yeah big dogs hey

there's an advantage of doing naturally

the first one is this hard to a I

collect from big dogs if you're in a

situation where you've got an aggressive

dog you might get bit

I actually got bit the other day by a

dog for the first time ever my friend

she believe it or not so you know you

taking some little bit of risks went

into a net for when you do an AI versus

if you let the dogs just get on with it

and I mean I'm a firm believer that

nature is a good way to let the theme

nature do its own course so if you've

got dogs that are gonna be together for

some time hey you coming together and

see what happens but if they're small

dogs monitor it make sure nobody gets

hurt I think that was all the questions

one one more question about that last

question yes the other side of the coin

is natural birth some people about why

we don't do natural birth instead of we

do c-sections yes right so there are

certain dogs that you know almost most

people most of the time do c-sections

French bulldogs to be one of them 85% of

all French bulldogs are born by

c-section not naturally not naturally

well what's the reason for that the

reason is as the French bulldogs have

big heads and small tips and that is not

a good recipe for a natural well dogs

get stuck you'll lose puppies and you

can even lose the mum over this so my

advice to anybody would be who's has a

French Bulldog - absolutely not mock

around we're trying to do an after-work

now there'll be people disagree with me

if you are going to do a natural well

then the the precursor of this is to

have a x-ray down or radiograph down

three or four days prior to well so you

can see how many puppies you're dealing

with and whether or not there's a puppy

with a big head in there because if

there's a puppy the big head don't even

try this but if you've got like you know

eight small puppies then you might be

vibing a decent sized girl eight small

puppies maybe this will work if you're

going to go through that route have a

vet on standby so if you get into

trouble you can run to the vet and go

get the c-section done other dogs like

German Shepherds Labradors these things

have pretty much always done just

natural whelps and that's absolutely

fine so that small dogs small dogs with

big heads these are the ones where

c-sections are quite often done French

English bulldogs a lot I think that I

had a Chihuahua once we had a c-section

on her because she had so many puppies

and she just ran out of steam so but I

think the answer is you need specific to

your breed if people in your breed are

doing c-sections pay attention to it if

people in your breed are doing natural

whelps then do natural works can we get

on one more question maybe at this time

I have a question how do we choose a vet

that's right for us jolly rush you give

me always hard questions today

well so in this town there's five vets

and there's another vet in the town

close by another that so two more vets

within 40 miles than one that's in Texas

who's about a hundred miles away and we

use all those guys so how do we choose

that why do we use all those vets one of

the reasons is is they go on vacation

another one is is that we want to have a

c-section down then and and if you think

about it this way one-third of all your

c-sections are going to take place on

the weekend and so you've gotta have a

vet who's available so to have a number

of vets on hand is a good thing you know

some of this is dictated by how you get

along with a vet some of its dictated

how accessible they are somethings

dictated by how much they charge I'll

give you an example on costs to have a

c-section done locally around here

typically cost somewhere between 600 and

a thousand bucks depending on whether

it's regular hours or emergency but if I

go to Texas I get two vets a

husband-and-wife team and it's 250 bucks

so guess what I take one of our

incubators that Russ is leaning on right

now I take one of her incubators with us

and that's fabulous they want to bring

cake there's anything better right there

take one of our incubators with us and

they are all in the in the operating

room and put straight into an incubator

and brought home and it's completely

safe trip home so how do you choose you

bet I mean talk to other people see who

they like go visit the vet see with you

like them get a feel for whether they

specialize in your particular kind of

breed now for instance for French cheese

for c-sections you want to choose

somebody who's done many c-sections not

you don't want your dog to be the first

one that ever done or the second one

third of the fourth you want somebody

who's done 50 of these things then

there's other things like do they have

in-house progesterone testing that can

be useful there's other things when you

want to have a relationship with the vet

and so we have a relation with a lot of

vets because we do a lot of this and

we've done it for many many years but I

think for most people they're going to

have one vet that they really like and

to get a relationship with that vet and

try to try to develop them okay so

questions yeah send it to me make

comments on youtube if you like what

we're doing if you want to see other

stuff then there's no we're here to help

we all love my pups so we have a lot of

French bulldogs dogs that's what we do a

lot so if you have a Frenchie that

you're looking to get pregnant I

absolutely guarantee that we can help

you this and everything comes with a

money-back guarantee we have done a huge

amount of this I mean when I say a huge

number we've done at least a thousand

breathing's we've done that many of

these so we've developed a product

specifically for this part of the of the

process we have a shipmate product so

you don't have one here but that's fine

should have this in front of it but

shipmate is used to ship semen all over

the world it's the only way in my

opinion to get seamanship somewhere

reliably so we have products like our

whelping system our whelping heaters we

have incubators we have puppy whelping

kits my breathers supply comm is a

source for all those things at any time

that we can be of help even if you're

not buying a product from us even if

you're not using one of our dogs we are

absolutely here to help you in any way

that we can is our information accurate

and correct not always I'm sure we get

things wrong

we're not vets so don't come back and

complain to us so we gave you the

answer but we will honestly work very

hard to try to find the right answer for

what your question is every time thanks

for watching bye bye