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good morning world we are on our way to

the vet

we have an appointment to sort out Eden

he emailed me last night and told me

that they've had the paperwork for a

week but Etan's exploitation and they

did not tell us so I don't know why that

would be but we're gonna go down there

now and find out what the deal is with

exporting Eden to the UK from Thailand

hopefully it will be simple and

straightforward and not too expensive

we'll find out just about to turn on the

car I saw this I saw this fairytale

hey lucky are you getting under there's

dangerous it's nice to sleep under there


we're also biscuits tweet bloody hell

there's lots of biscuits in their hand

our pet hospital alright we're now gonna

find out a couple of dogs following me

what the deal was with Eden's export so

cific checking back same things that we

fly on yes okay alright I thought you

had to be a different plane yeah we want

to do a direct flight just leaving the

turned out Pet Hospital had a chat with

the vets about what we need to do about

Eden so he suggests that tight Airways

is the best airline to go with with

their company yeah they were the easiest

on the way here but they also have the

most expensive flights and also the most

expensive excess baggage fee but he says

that Eden will be going cargo and she'll

be coming real same flight with us which

is strange because I thought that she'd

be on a different flight so we have to

book our flight and then we have to send

him the details and then we have to get

our price based on the size of brock's

so that's the plan we need to find a

good place Nick I didn't have to be

afraid my barkis right now eden has a

very big box we bought her two bigger

box when we came out here and all the

pricing is down to the size of the box

so we built her their large box which

was for like golden retrievers what

vilas because wanted her to have lots of

space but it adds about 10,000 bar on to

her price with that sized box because

cargo it's done by dimensions my weights

weight so we're gonna buy her a smaller

box we'd use about two thousand bar mmm

and then it

we'll take off about 10,000 buy off of

her costs yeah oh then we have to add on

the price of the box but anyway we're

working for now it's still gonna be

cheaper if we get even a smaller box so

that is the plan for now book flight get

box impedance fly at home we're just

gonna pick up some breadsticks some

crispy bread sticks because we want to

make our own hummus and have them with

something to dip in any Britax bits into

heavenly day today they seem to have

baked any breadsticks

so we're gonna leave that bad

we're going to resume the Eden research

later but now we've just come to do some

maternity shopping Sasha you're gonna

try and see get some maternity wear

aren't you

it's difficult to do maternity shopping

in Thailand so let's see what's

available hopefully they'll be something

we have left them all it was not

successful and I don't think it would be

really so I'm just gonna have to make do

with what I've got for another three or

four weeks but we've come to the copy

club again to lunch because we really

enjoyed it the other day and again

my cycle

but we have left the coffee club once

again it was delicious so I could quite

happily eat breakfast lunch and another

really good they've got such a good menu

it's very very tasty bill was 770 bars

and we got si coffee that afterwards

yeah that we didn't show you and

unfortunately now we have to get a macro

and do macro shop my worth task of the


it also looks a little bit like rain so

maybe that will happen today hopefully

if it does we don't have to wash the car

I stand outside in the rain late so if

it's still raining wash it

been fighting for a while here I didn't

know what the vote is

that means Eden's probably dug up a

house she doesn't like the rain but we

have already kind of storm

the hogs time or in a bun slide we're

not going to be wishing for a

unfortunately we were wrong about the

rain it made the car look a hundred

times worse there's just too much dust

of it sorry I'm gonna have to wash this

I will show you what we bought

please join us again for a loop walk I'm

gonna try and do the full loop again see

these and once the go all the way around

give us some exercise because she's been

in the house for a few hours this evens

healing she never heals

maybe he'll visit the bump mm-hmm

protecting the bump you think okay you

can see it now for you baby hey it's

okay nobody here even they're gonna do a

little bit of online searching to see if

there's any maternity clothes to buy

online out here in Thailand they don't

really use Amazon and they don't use

eBay you can't really get anything on

them and they don't exist in Thailand

they're gonna have a Thai version of it

out here they used an app and a website

called lazada code uptight it's

basically like the Amazon of Thailand

it's pretty good but some of the

products that come from abroad to take

ages to ship so we search for maternity

while we were in the coffee club couple

of stuff came up but it's a bit small

looking at it on the phone you don't

that's true but what about bands like

barely support bands and stuff they

don't really need to be tried on today

they're adjustable so you don't right

well at least you learned something

they're not many online shopping options

in Thailand and we're gonna have to look

into your flights aren't we eating

no Becky's gonna go and get the goats

and she goes like e leave them back he

tasted load of sheep out into the road

and they ran power Setia and flex a load

of mud into the back of her legs the

close call with this s she came running

right past it I just missed filming it

but back he doesn't like sheep or goats

it seems and cats on the whole walk

she's been looking at them and trying to

chase them herding them there you go he

done the full loop and Becky came with

her for watermelon whole pumpkin two

heads of broccoli six pirate six

cucumbers three whole garlic two large

sweet potato the whole packet of granny

smith apples four oranges or bananas

light cheese which are my favorite at

the moment half a liter of natural

yogurt some pesto some cannellini beans

some joy chickpeas but you're gonna need

soaking some crackers 500 grams of

chriskiss 500 grams of whole wheat

spaghetti this dal curry mix again that

was really tasty and we've got the

actual dal lentils

and kilogram of oats and then we will

say bought some turrets Oh some chicken

breasts and some chicken mince as well

as some laundry detergent some

washing-up liquid 620 rolls and the

entire bill for all of that was exactly

2,000 art

standing outside here in the rainy

environment washing this car realized

this may be the last time I ever wash

this car now that it's got a new owner

we haven't exchanged any money yet

person who's gonna buy it

death King who knows what the journey of

this vehicle will be who knows what

condition it will be in but running the

sponge over the side and everything

feeling connected a few more times is a

good time to remember all the journeys

we've had in this old banger I can't say

it's been easy driving around Thailand

in such an old car but in some ways

forced us to interact with the country

in ways that we perhaps wouldn't have

done whenever it broke down and we had

to go to a mechanic we didn't speak any

English those were the times where I

learnt the most Thai pushed myself past

and outside of my comfort zone because

of this old car so in some ways I'm

grateful for that

the final wash back in the house as do

some late nights car maintenance we're

about to start dinner but we're also

just checking out some flights what's

coming up straight for London Heathrow

okay so somehow believe it or not Thai

Airways is actually the cheapest flight

back to London direct I thought it was

gonna be one of the more pricey ones

sometimes in the year is some reason

this time of year get good deals on it

we just noticed one major difference on

the site though already when we brought

Eden into the country we flew with Thai

Airways and we had to pay in excess

baggage fee because she flew as checked

baggage and it was 40 pounds per kilo

and now they've changed the rules so

that you have to pay double the excess

baggage fee so 80 pounds per kilo for a

pet if you're bringing them as excess

baggage so I think we paid about 880

pounds for Eden's fee on the plane last


we'd have to pay over sixteen hundred

quid if we did the same thing now very

pricey you hear that Eden New York ricey

pub very expensive sasha has made her

own dips to use the candy beans you know

this is the kind of lady hummus and this

is a Moroccan carrot dip that we learn

how to make from a Moroccan cookbook

right it's very tasty and there's also

some chicken pieces here so it's a piggy

bits dinner one of Sasha's favorite kind

of dinners no way

all right listen the block here so we

can eat in the East it thumbs up button

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you next time bye look at that puppy

over there

you had your tuna reading you don't have

our carrot dip he's ours

right you will do no separate from our


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