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hi guys this is dr ahmed ergin i am an

endocrinologist and a diabetes


i have a lot of passion to treat



again today we are talking about

how to correct your blood sugars

when they are high very quickly

now of course you know i get a lot of

calls you know sometimes they'll say oh

you know my blood sugars were running

normal okay whatever and now suddenly i

have a 300 blood sugar

now most of the time it is due to a

mistake you may have

forgotten your medication or you may

have eaten something that

actually has a lot of carbs that you

don't realize or you just decide to

indulge whatever that's okay you're a

human being but it happens or

sometimes they put you on steroids you

know whatever it may be

then you suddenly your blood sugars are

off the roof

and of course you panic you don't know

what to do you try to call the doctor

if the doctor replies to you but then

you don't know what to do

now couple things that i can tell you

definitely if your blood sugars are too

high don't panic

unless you're having like nausea

vomiting abdominal pain

rapid breathing these are the signs that

you need to go to hospital for

you you don't want to wait for a

doctor's call for that you you're having

these problems like nausea vomiting

breathing problems

then you should go to hospital if your

blood sugars are more than 300 400

but uh if your blood sugars are high but

you're not really symptomatic you're

just worried about your blood sugar a

couple things you can do

now number one the easiest way is take a


take a breath walk that that allow your

muscles to absorb the sugars

and it's going to come down if you go

take a sprint that can actually

increase your blood sugars because of

the adrenaline response so you don't

want to do an intense

exercise like you don't want to go crazy

and go on the treadmill and start

running 10 miles an hour

you don't want to do that you want to

get on the treadmill

and just go like maybe four or five

miles an hour for like 30 minutes

and then you're gonna realize that your

blood sugars are coming down nicely

now if you cannot do that or if you're

not in a situation to do that let's say

you're in a friend's house or something

that you don't want to leave just to

take a walk or whatever

and well in that case if you have a

fast-acting insulin such as novolog or

hemolog or a pedra

and if you have a sliding scale

definitely go for it if you know if your

doctor has given you a sliding scale

that says if your blood sugar is that

high take that much insulin

then apply that and of course monitoring

your blood sugar a little bit more often

uh say you take an extra shot of insulin

to bring the blood sugar down

then you should check it again in two to

three hours to make sure it's coming


if it is if it keeps rising and you're

giving insulin that means that you have

a problem and you really

need to talk to your doctor at that

point or if you're getting symptoms

sometimes checking your ketones and if

you have

like moderate to large ketones in your

urine that's another bad sign

that that you may you may be too late to

correct yourself

but otherwise using sliding scale can

bring your blood sugars down

fairly quickly as long as you have that

handy now what you should not be doing

is taking extra long-acting insulin such

as lontis lavemere trusiva

tuja these are long-acting insulins or

even novolen and himalayan and

some people will say oh i'll just take

more no long-acting insulin but think


this no long-acting insulins are like

18-wheeler trucks

it's like trying to say oh well i have

to go

from say florida to

california and i'll go get an 18 wheeler

that's not a great idea right so you

have a long way to go

and you don't want to go with a slow

truck you

want to bring the blood sugar down fast

so you have to use a fast acting insulin

you need a ferrari to go

fast so in this case you need to use

fast acting insulin such as novel log

hemolog otherwise

those long eating insulins will bring

your blood sugar down but it's going to

take forever

when i say forever it's like it's going

to take 8 to 10 hours and then

those long-acting insulins do not really

stop working after eight or ten hours

they actually lost 24 or more hours

then you are actually risking yourself

to go low later down the road

so do not do that and also if your blood

sugars are high

sometimes people use glucoside glybrite

glutamateride glycoside whatever

those drugs are not my favorite because

when you take them yeah it boosts your

insulin production but

you really don't know how much your

insulin you're getting from it

you can take an extra dose of that


but you have to carefully monitor your

blood sugar a little bit more often

at least every three to five hours and

then if your blood sugars are growing

too low

then you need to do something about that

which we have a video

about that as well how to correct blood


when they're low correctly so i hope

that video was helpful

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