What to Put on a Skin Rising to Make It Come to a Head? : Skin Care Advice

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hi my name is Misha rocks and I'm a

makeup artist today I'm going to talk

with you about how to bring it under the

surface pimple to a head for this you're

going to need a few things number one a

hot compress number two

tea tree oil and number three a spot

treatment you can use a mask or any acne

spot control so do you ever get those

under the surface pimples the ones that

you can't see maybe no one else can see

it but you can feel it they're

incredibly painful and they usually

emerge to be the most huge and insane

pimples do you ever get those do you

have any right now I'm going to show you

how to deal with that okay first you

take a hot compress this is going to be

warm and you lay it on it and you leave

that there for minutes this is going to

draw all the impurity to the surface and

also make the skin soft and easier to

work with okay when you have softened

the area with the hot compress next

you're going to go in with tea tree oil

which has very antiseptic properties and

also draws impurities out and that is

what you need third and you do this

right before bedtime you take a mask or

acne spot control and you generously put

it all over the area and all around it

because who really knows where the head

of it is so make sure you cover the

whole area leave it like that while you

go to sleep the pimple should be in

ahead by the time you wake up my name is

Rishi Rox

and I've just explained to you how to

bring it under the surface pimple to a