How to Bring a dead rechargeable battery back to life

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hey gang making this video because I

couldn't find an answer to what I was

trying to do on YouTube myself figured

it out myself

and thought I would share it with you

went to play with my little

remote-controlled car that I haven't

played with and I don't know a couple

years and found out that the battery was

completely dead it wouldn't even take a

charge from the charger that came with

it which is got fresh batteries in it

you just plug it in so I used to work in

the cell phone field and back in the day

with the nickel metal hydride batteries

and the nickel cadmium batteries I

learned that by giving a battery a

little bit of a overcharged you can

sometimes jumpstart it and get it to

take a charge again

so that's exactly what I set out to do

I found this AC adapter or AC to DC

adapter that has a selectable voltage on

it and that actually had multiple tips

but what I used here was the 9-volt

battery tip and what I've done here is

just I've taken a couple of wire leads

and I've kind of half asked them with

these clamps because I'm always looking

for shortcuts and I knew this was going

to be fast and easy so what I did with

those wire leads was stick them right

into each one of the contacts on the

battery this is the battery lead and

then I plugged in my DC adapter and just

gave it a couple of 12-volt jolts and


back up again and then back down again

lo and behold it jump-started my battery

I was able to charge it just fine I'll

continue to try and condition it see if

I can get a longer battery life

conditioning means you're just draining

the battery all the way down and then

charging it all the way back up the to

its fullest before using it again hope

this helps you guys if you have any

questions I'll try and answer them but

again hope this helps