How To Revive Your Dying Plants

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hey what's up everybody my name is merle

i'm known as good falls resident crazy

plant lady

and so today i'm gonna be telling you

all about how you can help revive your

dying plants if you have plans

you've probably killed plants they just

died I've been there becoming a green


just takes a lot of practice and a lot

of research some of the most common

signs of an unhealthy plant are droopy

or wilting leaves dry brown leaf edges

yellow leaves or leaves falling off

plants that are stretching slow growth

fungus on soil or funky smelling soil

yeah that one's got something going on

okay now you know the signs let's try to

figure out what they mean before we move

on to diagnose it it's gonna be really

important that you look up your plant

and find out what its desired soil water

and light conditions are that way you

know if you're meeting your plants basic

needs there are some pretty clear ways

to know that something is up with your

plant but they can all mean a multitude

of different things to check to see if

your plant is either suffering from

being over watered or under watered the

first thing you want to do is test the

soil you're gonna take your index finger

and you're gonna stick it one to two

inches directly into the plant soil the

soil is kind of hard and spongy it's

almost impossible to push my finger into

it if you were to run it under water and

the sink the water would probably go

directly through the plant either that

or it wouldn't even be able to get into

the plant and into the soil and it would

kind of just pull up at the top you're

gonna want to take the entire plant and

its container and submerge it in a

larger bucket filled with water and once

it takes on a bit more of the water you

can use a pencil or chopstick and make

little holes in the soil so that way the

water can get to all different parts of

the root system normally a worms would

do this if it were in the wild but we

don't have any worms in here so you get

to be the worm this plant is a

classically overwatered plant all of its

foliage is kind of turning pale and

drooping and dying and the soil has a

really repugnant strong odor and if you

reach your finger into the soil it's

very very very damp and I just figured

out why it's so waterlogged it doesn't

have any drainage on the bottom of it no

drainage is no good see

that's a drainage hole that's good you

want that that way when you water the

plant you water it all the way through

and you know you did a good job if the

water comes through the bottom be sure

to check the roots healthy roots should

be fibrous with white tips if your plan

is suffering from being over watered

stop watering it I know you think you're

giving it love when you're giving it

water but they can't handle all that

water sometimes you got to let it dry

out depending on the plant some plants

like to dry out completely between

waterings other like to stay a little

moist between waterings all depends on

the need of your plants but if your

plant is already wet it does not need

more water if you don't have good light

you can use something like this arrow

garden which I actually at home put my

succulents under because I just don't

have enough light to sustain succulents

but you have an artificial light which

this does built into the top you can

have any plant you want basically

because it'll create the ideal living

conditions for your plants if you have

soft water filter your water from your

tap or by distilled water but to be more

eco-friendly you probably want to just

filter the water that you have from tap

safe plastic if you have salt buildup

run your plants three to four times

through with water let it come through

the drainage holes and you can rinse

that salt right out of there some plants

will get a chemical burn if you give

them too much fertilizer so be sure that

you're diluting the fertilizer enough

with water and you're not overdoing it

again check your plants needs and see

how often it needs to be fertilized some

people don't use fertilizer at all it's

it's up to you Oh

pests oh man I've had some nightmare

situations with pests with mealy bugs or

light infestations of aphids you can

usually just take them off with a cotton

swab soaked in rubbing alcohol or if

you're very careful you can use some

tape and get them off that way if you

take away anything today always check

your plants soil before you give it more

water also make sure there's drainage in

your pot and research your plant three

of the best things you can do for

yourself anybody who knows a lot about

plants has killed their fair share they

just might not tell you that in most

cases you will be able to revive your

plant so good luck

don't give up you're doing great I'm

wishing your planet a speedy recovery

you got this