How To Bring A Dying Palm Tree Back To Life

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if you are wondering why your palm tree

is dying and want to know what you can

do to bring it back to life this video

from Phoenix trim a tree should help

here we will show you how to properly

care for palm trees so that they always

stay in good health and look their best

if you think your palm tree is dead

there are some things you can do to

bring it back to life proper watering

pruning and fertilizing your dying palm

tree will is the best way to bring it

back to life follow the next steps to

properly care for your dying palm tree

uttering your palm tree too much will

cause the fronds of your palm tree to

start turning brown or yellow and fall

off before dying furthermore not

watering your palm tree enough will dry

the leaves out and starting turning

brown adding 30 percent sand to your

soil will provide great drainage to

prevent over-watering and using a soil

meter will help you avoid not watering


if your palm tree is not receiving

enough nutrients it will be more

susceptible to diseases giving the palm

tree the nutrients it needs will ensure

healthy development and growth of the

palm tree avoid cheap fertilizer

products because they will not work if

you add fertilizer too close to the

roots you could actually burn them you

should always keep fertilizer at least

two feet away from roots to avoid the

tree becoming susceptible to insects

fungi and diseases copper fungicide

offers great protection from bacteria

and fungi

this step is for new palm tree owners

only using the correct soil with a new

palm tree should provide the right

moisture and soil drainage the tree

needs to grow happy and healthy do not

mix fertilizer with soil as it can burn

roots as we mentioned previously

do not cut palm tree leaves right away

after noticing tips turning brown

cutting the leaves too soon will result

in nutrient loss pruning too soon will

prevent new growth only cut brown palm

tree leaves once they are completely

dead or brown colored

some arborists will say you should prune

palm trees before a hurricane or monsoon

season to get rid of extra weight this

is false and you could be putting your

palm tree under more stress by removing

its fronds the fronds actually provide

protection from the wind

this step is for planting a new palm

tree or replacing an existing palm tree

when planting a new palm tree it is wise

to plant the palm tree only deep enough

to cover the root ball of the tree the

circular ball of roots at the bottom of

the tree however Mexican fan palm trees

can be buried four to five feet deeper

than the root ball this offers a great

advantage to landscapers who want to

match tree Heights

make sure your palm trees have enough

potassium calcium magnesium and iron

without these nutrients a palm tree can

become deficient and experience a whole

list of problems leaves will gain spots

in the event of a potassium deficiency

leaves will appear deformed and stunted

in the event of a calcium deficiency in

the event of a magnesium deficiency

leaves will have yellow bands running

along the border of the fronds and in

the case of an iron deficiency leaves

will have broken ends green spotting and

thin green veins

new palm trees can become sunburned if

left in direct sunlight on the other

hand when not enough sunlight is present

the leaves will start turning brown

however if your palm tree has been

established in the shade for a long time

it has most likely acclimated to that

amount of light

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