How to bring dead lawn tractor riding mower 12 volt batteries back to life working again.

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good morning guys fearless djw here aka

duck just coming to make a brief video

for those of us who work on small

powered equipment and to help save you

some money alright so if what the video

is on is batteries dead batteries what

we got here is a 8 year old 8 well it's

actually 8 years a 2 month old battery

this battery was dead it came out of

that Honda in the back of my truck that

was sitting at least a year okay outside

now this one happens to have caps but

this also works for the ones that don't

have the removable caps anyway this

battery when I took it out of that

tractor and checked its voltage was at

one point to five volts okay now I put

the charger on and I can tell you right

now this this cell right here was stone


see how it's percolating nice now these

two over here we're also not very strong

they're also percolating well okay what

I do first of all you make sure you fill

the cells all the way back up with

distilled water

when I say distilled water I mean

bottled water that's distilled water I'm

not talking about the fancy stuff just

regular old-fashioned distilled water

you can buy it by the gallon at ShopRite

for 99 cents you make sure you fill your

cells all the way back up right

then you take Epsom salt take it I use a

spoon and I add Epsom salt to each cell

this cell after I added the Epsom salt

was still not going okay

so I added two more teaspoons of Epsom

salt to that cell

then you take yourself a regular not a

smart charge or just a regular charter

an old-school charger this one happens

to be a deep cycle charger but a regular

charger will work as long as it's not a

stupid smart charger because you have to

be able to overcharge the battery anyway

after four hours I came out here and all

the cells were percolating including the

one that was stone dead okay I checked

it it was whole it was at thirteen point

oh one when I checked it

I took the charger off I let it sit to

see where it would drop to exactly and

it was holding at twelve point four

three volts which is a good battery now

that was only four hours started to rain

last night for a little while I brought

the charger back in now today I'm gonna

charge it a full 12 hours

this way it's fully charged okay I've

already done this successfully to four


alright saving me a minimum of $100 this

is your typical twenty five dollar

battery I have another twenty five

dollar battery I saved and two more

expensive ones one that was a right

around 300 cranking amp battery and one

that was a very expensive battery like a

sixty dollar battery that was like a

three 400 cold cranking amp and I think

it was like 375 cranking it I saved that

one too

now if it has that cover that's like

sealed on there you can get it off all

you gotta do is take a flathead

screwdriver and a hammer and start

splitting it off okay cuz one of them I

had had that cover that's supposedly not

removable they call those non

serviceable batteries it's they

are okay I split that one off and that

battery was actually good it was holding

in the 12-volt range like twelve point

six volts

the problem with that one was one of the

cells was exposed the battery will not

work if the lead cells are exposed so I

popped that cover off I filled up the

cell so the cell was not exposed and I

also added the Epsom salt for good

measure and now that battery is holding

in the 13 volt range okay so this is

this works I told a couple people about

it they're like ah I've heard that

before and it doesn't work it works I've

already bought four batteries back from

the dead including the ones that are

supposedly not serviceable you can get

them open and service them all's you

gotta do is after you've got them going

again put the cover back on add a little

bit of silicone and then seal the cover

back on on the sealed ones and you're

good to go

I've already brought back four I've got

a I've got a whole bunch of older cores

in the back that I thought were dead

completely that I would never bring back

now that I know this little trick I got

a couple others I'm pretty sure I could

bring back now this trick works the best

on batteries that are just starting to

die that are a little weak and just

starting to die like I had a couple that

were holding in the 11 volt range they

came back no problem ones that are like

really stoned dead you might not have as

good a success bringing it back but

again this here is an eight year old

battery when I checked it it was only at

one point two five volts this cell was

completely stoned dead and I even

brought this one back and as you can see

each and every one of those cells is

popping nice and good you know none of

them are a week they're all percolating

nice and strong every cell if you watch

that one just went mate that one just

went that one just went that one just

went that one just went that one just


that one just went gonna wait for it

wait for it yep there cos it they're all

doing what they gotta do so there you go

that's four batteries I do not have to

go out and buy so give this a try and

save yourself some money and please if

this helps you subscribe comment and

like it helps me

alright guys later