Tutorial: How to revive your dead laptop battery

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hey guys garage max out here today I'm

going to show you a trick if you've got

a dead battery sometimes it'll just show

0% some sometimes it'll actually have a

pop-out in Windows there we go actually

battery has failed due to normal wear

battery cannot be charged for places of

battery I'm gonna show you a trick that

sometimes works for me here might work

for you essentially what we're gonna do

is we're going to freeze the battery and

then we're gonna use a slow charger to

see if we can get it to take a charge

again so this doesn't always work but I

figure it's worth it if you guys are

kind of if you have a battery that's on

flash legs you can see if you get some

more life out of it so first thing we're

gonna do we're going to shut down the

laptop and we're gonna remove it and as

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and we'll shut this off we'll go ahead

and move back

okay Wow the battery is cooling down I'm

gonna set this up now a lot of times you

can actually just cool your battery down

you'll have to freeze it but you can

cool it down put it back in the laptop

and then just plug it in don't turn it

on and just plug it in a lot of times

that won't work I'm gonna go a little

bit more extreme here and I'm gonna use

this inner core charger here essentially

what we're gonna do is we're gonna set

this up so that I can just get some

leads on the battery this is just a dead

battery you can use like a wooden dowel

or basically anything that will fit in

here I'm gonna tape it off I just needed

something that was the right size to

hold these leads where they need to be

this is actually a cell that was pulled

out of a different Lenovo battery we're

gonna use it here as a spacer so there's

our spacer or wire

okay I just pulled the battery out of

the freezer it does not need to be

frozen this was in there for maybe just

20 minutes or so just to kind of cool it

down a little bit what I'm going to do

next is I'm going to take my wires here

and I'm just going to put them into

battery charger just like this holds it

kind of like that now I've got

essentially these two wires which are

going to be used on the battery now if

your battery does not have a positive

and negative sign on it you will have to

look up the schematic mine does so I

know that it's the left the leftmost and

the rightmost which is nice and

essentially you're not going to try and

charge the battery like this you're

really just trying to get a very small a

very small amount of electricity into

the battery and it will just act as kind

of like a jumpstart to get the battery

going again so you don't need to worry

about like holding it in place forever

really you just need to make sure it

takes some charge just to start it up

this one is looking pretty dead

generally this will light up as soon as

any kind of charge goes into the battery

and not lighting up at all she's not a

good sign either means one of my

connections is not holding water battery

is really really dead

oops let's go ahead and see here

I'm going to do is I'm going to try it

with a battery inside see there we go


let's see essentially forcing a small

charge into this and you don't want to

hold it here and charge it too much

because essentially what's going to

happen is the surge protection inside

the battery well isn't compatible with

your charger most likely

okay so once you kind of let it charge

overnight here should be able to have it

happen to charge

okay so it looks like the battery is

holding a charge so obviously if your

battery has dead cells it's not going to

probably bring back their cells but what

what it will do is if your laptop is sat

for a long time the battery all the way

drain and the laptops circuit board has

stopped the initiating a charge this

process with the cooling as well as

putting it on a slow charger should kind

of give it that jumpstart to allow it to

charge again

so most batteries nowadays are

relatively cheap you know twenty thirty

bucks something like that but this is a

good procedure to try if you've got the

materials laying around and then you

want to give it kind of one one last go

before you buy that battery if you don't

have a variable charger like this one

quick note is sometimes you can use like

a camera battery charger like this

that's got the very clear positive the

negatives this one does it at nine volts

which is relatively safe most of us

lifetime Parkers are a higher voltage so

that should include your battery the

success rate that I've had with this

process is much higher on older laptops

some of the new orleans and a lot of

circuit protection built in there this

process doesn't work but if you've got

an older laptop looks like this this has

been pretty lucky at working for me so

you can go ahead and give it a try it

I hope this helped somebody if there

does please like comment subscribe and

I'll see you guys next time thanks for