Remove Cyst in Two Days. Gross yes, but it worked!!!

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all right so I want to talk about assist

with no head

so I normally don't get pimples or cysts

or anything like that so I'm not an

expert on this stuff because it's I just

I'm just one of those lucky people that

don't get it maybe you're one too a few

days ago I was working outside I was

sweating and I started getting chafing

in between my legs and you know I took

showers whatever just not the next day I

start you know it's still hurting

I'm putting the baby powder but then I

never started noticing I'm talking about

this is like way high I start noticing a

bump and I'm like what's going on here

so about a day later

this thing was getting so big I haven't

looked at it yet but I could feel it so

it was Sunday afternoon I'm sitting on

the couch take my pants off and you know

I'm like lifting and trying because it's

in a weird spot and I looked down and it

was basically like one of those horror

movie things I've never seen anything

like it like like one of those sound

effects and it basically looked like

when Will Smith in men and black shot

that dudes head off and it started to

grow back about halfway through the

growth is what I had on the inside of my

thigh way up high and I'm like what am I

gonna do I don't know what to do and

this thing has no head okay so there's

nothing what are you supposed to do I'm

thinking maybe take a needle to it I

don't know but I'm in pain I can barely

walk by this point I start looking on

the internet and there's a thing that

says baking soda and water I don't know

what to do so I'm like I'll try the

baking soda in water so I got a shot

glass and put you know a little bit of

baking soda in it but a very little

water mix it around in tools like

toothpaste and then I applied it to that

air on top of the thing on top of the

cyst and then I put a band-aid over top

of it

as a sidenote okay if your dude in this

address too and you have hair you might

want to shave because the next day when

I went to take off the band-aid the see

what was going on I couldn't get the

band-aid off okay it was like one of

those scenes from you know or it was

like one of those videos where the guy

gets waxed and the lady or we're ladies

ripping off the wax and the guys

screaming well my wife was ripping off

the band-aid and she rips and I think

it's off but it only went up maybe a

quarter of an inch and I screamed she

doesn't again doesn't come all the way

up me finally get up she had a great

time not so much for me so you might

want to shave if you're gonna put a

band-aid over it but I put a band-aid

over it so this thing was about

one-third the size so pretty awesome so

I put it on again I shaved for the

band-aid back on I rely don't know if I

had to shave because there was really no

more hair there after the band-aid was

ripped off but I did it anyway just in

case so now we come to today it is

almost all the way gone and I have no

pain so I'm gonna say that if it's worth

a try I know it worked for me and it

might work for you

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