Poor Sad Couch- An Upcycle Tutorial

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this is our family's couch

it's lumpy bumpy saggy and Huff and


it's messy and frayed don't get me wrong

this is a well-loved couch


maybe a little too well loved let's give

this thing a prettier ending unzip

unstuff and launder anything you can

scrub everything else play anything

you've unstuffed on top of a foam

mattress pad and trace around it you

might have to remove a squatter or two

before you cut the couch cushion can be

used as a cutting guide lay a foam

mattress topper on top of the couch

without cushions on it then cut it to

size the mattress topper should fall

just inside of the front lip

place the cut foam mattress pad on top

of the cushion with the smooth side up

then cover it again insert the cut foam

into anything that was stuffed


and add stuffing to the backside


remember our poor sad couch isn't that

better not so lumpy not so bumpy


add it throw in some pillows

don't get me wrong it's still a

well-loved couch only now hopefully it's

not as obvious what will you make today