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what's up good morning to you how's it

going technically not morning it's one

o'clock it's okay though it's okay

we have crisp Street here that is not

lit up because we were inspecting and

earlier today and we noticed that it was

a little dry which is a little

concerning and we thought about it

support and thought okay so how can a

Christmas tree be dried out and all that

stuff pretty sure it's because it's not

sucking up the water that we put in the

face we've been putting water in the

base yes it is normal for a cut see your

tree to driver

however it is very dry some of the

things are falling off ah let me just

touch it not good so since we have

lights on this and since we're very

afraid of fire and our house is

flammable we've decided to keep the

lights off and we're going to do a

little tree surgery today we've decided

that we're going to lay the trismus

Christmas Christmas tree down and then

we are going to cut cut cut part of it

so that hopefully the unbeliever know

we're doing some about clogged pores not

pores roots not roots tree vascular

systems and we're gonna have some help

but first we gotta meet up with him and

his family and we figured what better

place to do that then chipotle that's

right what's up mark thank you

hungry as a bear as a player mine

I've told you a little bit about this

situation you're supposed to like yeah

that's what I've heard

I don't have a saw I'm not a manly man

yeah a year a manly man you have a song

right all right you have a saw my god

it's broad it's all we're gonna actually

now that we've done we're gonna chop the

tree about seven feet and that should

give water this is a really complicated

process but I think we got so we are

going to sauce all the mess out of this

tree just right down the middle right

Micah yeah yeah how you do it well a

little higher up look like right here

yep cool just go for it should we lay

down the plastic is that what you want

to do plastic we've taken the breakable

things off of them and we're going to

just lay it over and then we're gonna

just saw saw it like about three feet

now yeah okay like that maybe drill some

holes as well

you're scumpii okay Christmas tree we

got you we think like there are there

are things falling off and stuff which

is not good but it's okay we we will

we'll fix you

we're gonna try we're gonna try yeah

there's a hole I'm gonna steal Christmas

you're not the Grinch it's still sappy

it's still sappy that's a good thing if

there's sappy stuff

he's been watching to me home our

Christmas friends


man there isn't you devil log putting

some holes in the bottom cuz I felt bad


did we lose the bow or is that just you

take the bow off did you take the bow

off or did we lose it

ah the powers down are you gonna be okay

buddy I don't know like it what have we

done Christmas


it was Lisa we came in it took my

Christmas I'll be the tree Hey roll away

are you working rolling this mystery are

you alive Christmas tree Christmas tree

oh how lovely

oh yeah look at Randy thanks he's so

cool he's not that cool like a big idiot

look at where just fall over everything

are you a camera whisperer Michael Mike

was my karate Mecca and check out the

damage yeah the plastic was very

necessary dear that's a really good call

it's a really good call okay all right

we're just gonna try and clean up this

stuff now wow what a collection of

weirdness that is kind of on my hand in

it it doesn't feel nice it's really

pokey if I just like threw it in the air

it is much darker now and it's time to

see if we killed this tree or not look

at it look at it I mean it looks okay

let's light it up and you I think it

looks pretty good you know what it looks

okay I will admit that when we put it

back together there was some definite

wonkiness like yeah branches prevent

things removed around balls that were up

higher moved down lower and it was not

as pretty and it's still probably not as

pretty as when we first got it but it

looks pretty good still I think I'm just

afraid to leave it turned on like that

you know but I do you think it still

looks okay I don't like I think it's

safe to hope that we've maybe prevented

any more dryness but as far as it where

it is right now here enough it'll

improve I don't think it's gonna

proof but hopefully it won't get worse


okay well we'll find out we'll find out

let's look in the water level yeah that

water level is about the same I think I

don't know if it's any different how

long does it take for a tree to drink

drink up




we're back check the tree level the

water level for the tree and I don't

think it has changed and don't know what

we're gonna do

I really hope that our tree is not dead

don't think it is when we were with our

family someone I don't remember who

maybe Matt told us about tree fertilizer

that you can get it like Lowe's or Home

Depot or something and it's something

you put in there and it like helps the

tree blossom and grow and yeah who told

us that that was Matt okay I was right

look if you're back in the flannel I

know really likes it

rollin does too apparently okay so we're

gonna get the fertilizer tomorrow and

try that and see if it works but I don't

know we'll see I just don't want to tree

to die I don't want to treated dies are

you gonna die that experience already


but it doesn't need to dry completely

because look when you burn me up yeah

like that's what we're worried about we

don't care about the tree being dead or

alive this is the fact that what you

want to burn our house down no I'm not

necessarily a tree hugger I love trees

but you know love nature but I love

Christmas more no I don't want to get

dried out and cause a fire and so that

it's a concern it's concerning a lot of

you polite it's fine but I think it

would have been robro he just wants to

be held for as much I think it would

have been really okay if we just don't

know what we should have done like we

kinda stomping but we didn't have a saw

and I figured it'd be fine you know next

time we nose you got to have us all on

the next year we might just do a fake

tree again because it's a little easier

it is supposed to clean up it was like a

quit deed we did the memo I just want to

be head of do not want to be shaken I'm

getting ready to send out Christmas


yeah can we show them yet no no we can't

show them just yet

I know they're really adorable Nate we

do my most favoritest once

have well we need to show them soon

because you know you've got 15 days of

Christmas oh all right well speaking of

that I'm going to get to editing so it's

been fun chatting with you guys did you

everything you are there know just how

cute he is

hope you guys have enjoyed this vlog and

your ride there's talk to you guys soon

love you guys god that's rollin purring

and night nasal passages clean