HOW TO MAKE THE CHEER TEAM no experience needed

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what's up guys welcome back to my

channel you see garage janae and in

today's video I'll be sharing with you

guys some tips tricks in my personal

advice on how to make the cheer team any

cheer team if you cheered in high school

I'm let you know now that it's pretty

similar into college so yeah so if you

guys have never turd before I'm going to

just let you guys know basically what

cheer consist of

first things first you have to have

clean motions time for up celebration

with weights a tiger you say mention fun

they're looking for pretty jumps and

when we say pretty we don't mean like

ears on behind your ears like if you

have that that's wonderful they'd love

to see that but they're just looking for

like straight legs pointed toes and you

know just pretty jumps five six seven

eight one two three four five six

obviously they're looking for if you

could execute cheers well there will be

stunting involved and when it comes to

dancing they want to see if you can keep

up they want to see rhythm and yeah you

want to be a children you have to be a

pretty decent like people person you

have to be willing to talk to people you

know engage with the crowd without being

like looking for a great facial so more

than just a smile I know there are some

people who can only smile just facials

can be in cheers and dances I know for

cheering it's kind of hard to just like

do more than smile but like you know

like do a little wink for dancing is

pretty easy dude you can do more like a

like a wink in volume what we want

people who voices carry I know like

people just don't have loud voices

because they don't yell from their

diaphragm the other from their throat

and that's how you lose your voice


so before you decide whether or not you

want to cheer or not I'm gonna let you

guys know this from the top grades are

definitely important you need to have a

good record before you try out you need

to maintain a good GPA while you're on

the cheer team or you will get kicked

off or put on probation and you probably

won't be able to cheer next year if

school is a struggle and you feel like

you won't be able to balance the good

grades and be and be a really good

athlete it probably won't work out the

best for you make sure that cheer is

what you really want to do I always say

don't take that opportunity away from

somebody else because there may be other

girls who don't have the cleanest

technique there are always a beat behind

but you can tell that they really want

to be there they really want to get

better but they don't get that

opportunity because usually we are

trying to go for a team they have a

certain amount of numbers that they want

and I know from my school movie do is we

kind of put in an order from highest

scorer to lowest score so that like she

has 12 girls this year so the top 12

scores make varsity and then everybody

xj4 your freshman so yeah so don't take

that opportunity away from somebody if

you know that cheer is it that you

really want to do that give your mom

just making you do it if you're in high

school your mom should not be making you

do something also the coaches are

looking for someone who is workable and

has great potential to be better make

sure you're getting it to cheer for the

right reasons

cheers not all about popularity I know

some schools do have it where popularity

is fate to me I don't I don't care like

yeah you can be well-known but nobody's

gonna be like like you know how do they

people training on movies I even seen

that in some schools they hate


my school I'll consider it as popular

that administrative staff

they love us but so if you think that

joining cheer is just gonna get you

popularity you're gonna get into gangs

for free you're gonna yeah like don't do

it because we don't need that kind of

energy on on the team look up the team's

requirements to make each team but don't

limit yourself because like I said

before they base it off the highest

scores and for my school I'm going off

my own experience for the school that I

just graduated from tumbling isn't

required but tumbling definitely helps

so what we do is tell me this on the

score sheet tell me it's not required

but it's on the score sheet and he goes

up by skill so if you have a cartwheel

that's like two points if you have a

back handspring that's four points you

have a tuck or higher that's six points

so yeah tumbling definitely helps your

score and you want a higher score but

don't limit yourself don't say oh I'm

not gonna make these teams I don't have

this but um I got my own experience cuz

I do know that I have a cousin who

cheers for a different school in my city

and JV has a back handspring varsity has

a tuck so that's why I said to look up

your team's requirements because every

school is different every school has

their own requirements and you just have

to know what you're getting yourself


I suggest you know you need to know that

you want to cheer months in advance

so let's say you went to all the pep

rallies he went to some of the games and

you liked how your team performs you

like this style of cheer and you decide

hey I want to cheer with them prepare

yourself months in advance I always

suggest to take tumbling classes or go

to tryout prep classes because it gives

you a slight upper hand on a competition

and it just sharpens you up let's say

you're having cheer done by five years

and you want to try it again this will

get you back in shape and ready to cheer

you know this is completely optional I

know that everybody can't afford to go

and do all these fan

classes like I definitely can't afford

it but I can't now I'm trying now to

prepare me for it

College cheer if you want it bad enough

you'll go after it and get it so if you

guys can't afford all those fancy

classes the next best thing is always

YouTube I don't say next best thing

because even if you do go to these

classes you can always just go on

YouTube watch back hands from tutorials

watch back walkover tutorials I'm

actually going to make those videos

pretty soon so don't let me forget I

think I'm gonna record the back walkover

tutorial this week so don't let me

forget those watch um jump technique

watch basic motions I'm think that

motions are the most important part of


you can argue if you want if you have

sloppy motions you know the truth I'm a

caring basic motions are the foundation

of cheer so if I teach you anything

I'm kiss you now hi be very important

Right punch left punch these are

opposite arms but it's really close to

your ear and the TT is basically

everything you do team we can do it

sucks ass you do t when you work on your

kicks you do a T when you stretch like

those are just stuff like basic motions

and touchdowns make sure your wrists are

like this okay you do this Inger jumps

when you do your right her loose your

arms come up here though they're like

basic motions that you need to know and

of course you'll learn the wrist when

you go to clinics and stuff like that

but just make sure you know like the

terminology and everything one more

thing to look up on YouTube is the

proper stretching because there have

been a lot of girls that I see that are

stretching and like their ankles hit the

ground and I like they can barely touch

like they think that they're touching

their toes until you fix them and they

really can't touch their toes that's

what I'm saying make sure that you get

the proper stretching technique because

this will help you in with your jumps

and everything like just stretch

properly another good way to prep

yourself for cheerleading is to talk to

previous or current members

on the team this way you can get like a

little inside scoop on what the team is

all about I always say talk to more than

one person because everybody has

different opinions about the coach and

whatnot see what it's like and even ask

them tips on what they think that you

could do better to be on the team this

one is little off the wall but I just

thought you guys should know this your

hair is going to be pulled up a lot so

if you are my skin tone and you like to

get your weaves and stuff done make sure

that they can go up in a ponytail if

your school is ponytails I do know that

some schools do have their hair like

this like haven't passed down when

they're performing so this one this

style is pretty easy to do when you have

like a closure or anything like that so

just make sure that whatever hairstyle

you get it can go into a ponytail

because nobody wants to see your tracks

honey I'm recently I got my school we

did have to all wear eyelashes because

we did had certain girls who I

just could not live without their lashes

so we did have to wear lashes so we all

looked uniform and together so be

prepared to wear some kind of makeup to

make yourself look presentable

not that you don't look presentable like

I don't have any makeup on right now and

I have no problem going out in the field

what is my bow in my hair looking cute

my natural face but I do have to wear

lashes and sometimes I even did my

eyebrows if I felt like my lashes were

thick and it made my face look fault

make sure you get a good habit of

stretching and toning up your body I

know not okay so for high school your

body type does not matter but in college

they do want to see what your body looks

like and see if you can fit into a

uniform and just add in the third you

can be a big girl and cheering cars I'm

not saying you can't do that so wait

yeah so we're preparing for tryouts make

sure that you're working out doing them

situps doing them push-ups you know

toning your legs up and stretching

really well because those are all very

important the cheerleading isn't just

not about being flexible it's about

being strong too so go ahead and wrestle

understand that cheer will definitely

take up a lot of your schedule between

three or four practices a week in a game

once a week and if you do decide to take

extra classes cheer will take up a lot

of your time understand that everything

you do and cheer will not be easy there

may be some days bro you're just

stretching stretch one day do doing

jumps a couple stunts a couple cheers

and you go home but there might also be

days where you're working out all day

you can't breathe

that gets hard but don't quit okay just

know that everything you're doing is to

make yourself better

so Flyers are usually fly is usually

away from 90 pounds to like 120 125 so

if you're in that weight range you might

be a flyer flyer it's also a range from

height like 411 to like five five

depending on how tall your team is so

you never know you might be a flyer so I

always suggest you work on balance and

flexibility and if you know that you're

not that tall and you're pretty strong

then you're probably gonna be a base and

they usually use taller girls for back

spots hey guys so we're almost done a

lot of it was just mostly preparing you

to be a part of the cheer team so now

let's talk about the whole tryout

process so make sure you have all your

documents signed make sure you get

another coach oh so I can introduce

yourself tell her about yourself if you

have experience tell her about your

experience if you don't have experience

let her know how excited you are about

trying out just to get on her radar let

her know that you're here and she want

to be on the team it's not it's not

kissing up okay it's just letting

yourself be known letting your presence

know like I'm here I wanna be on this

team notice me so yeah make sure you're

attending all clinics and meetings this

is where like the coach talks to you or

your parent about what she expects

everything's gonna go clinics teach you

like basic motion I know that I sold you

to look up YouTube and stuff but to help

you stand out if they're teaching you

all the stuff and you like oh I remember

that I can do that like that's not hard

I could do that and this just like shows

like if you're an inexperienced and you

come in there knowing all the motions

cuz like okay she's a fast learner even

if you're not a fast learner she don't

have to know that okay she'll find out

after you make the team got a fast

learner so usually for tryouts they

teach everyone the same routine and they

base it off that who does this routine

better who fits well as a group trying

to usually not individual they're

usually like three at a time

four at a time unless you're doing

virtual tryouts but it's still kind of

the same you learn the exact same

routine and you show her and they pick

they pick who fits best with this team

who who did the motion is the best okay

it's a competition it's a competition so

while you're learning the material all

that extra coach questions if you don't

understand it as a teammate just don't

be afraid to ask questions because if

you didn't ask that question then you'd

be lost and then you're taking time away

from moving on and progressing by

worrying about that one thing that

you're unsure about so ask questions

it's okay we all understand everything

when I hit perfect if I saw somebody

mess up I would ask questions for them

because I saw like okay they're not

getting it then they're not confident

enough to ask for help I'm going to ask

coach now was that a Right punch or

right half happy because I'm not sure

even though if I didn't know what the

motion was and I didn't just I didn't

really want to single out the girl

I let the coach tell everybody what it

is so that wouldn't be confusion on that


Oh like I said before everything isn't

gonna be easy some things might be hard

but please do not give up I was so

heartbroken when I actually taught the

routine for the incoming for tryouts

this year

and this one girl quiz said it was too

hard and I felt so bad cuz it really

wasn't that hard because I didn't want

her to give up because if she would have

just worked a little bit harder she

would have understood it and got it so

don't give up just go home practice in

the mirror

nothing is ever too hard it just takes

time also take criticism well this is

this is very important I know girls who

don't take criticism will like you tell

them that's not the right motion and

they Brody eyes look away oh okay

like just take it well if it's if it's

wrong it's wrong if it's right it's

right I just take criticism well take

corrections well criticism and

correction and there's one thing that we

try to do it didn't really work I always

tried to compliment someone before I

tell them what they did wrong so it

won't feel like I'm singling them out

the coaches love to see leaders so if

they see you reaching out like hey it's

like this is not like that let's work

together do you need help like this

reaching out the coaches love to see

leadership so take that leadership role

if coach else who wants to call this

cheer be the first one to raise your


even if feeling no to cheer is because

it just shows like hey I'm ready I'm

ready you are doing your tryouts

don't let your mistakes show when you're

doing a virtue will try out it's a

little easier because if you mess up you

can just stop the video okay yeah so I

was interrupted so I had the lighting

that's different

and it's kind of annoying me but I'm

going I'm just gonna go ahead and finish

the video I'm almost done y'all I

promise said don't show your mistakes

keep the smile on your face they can't

stay looking confident even if you're

not confident look the part for sure for

virtual trial is pretty easy because you

can just stop the video and start over

but if you are trying out in person it's

very important that you keep that same

composure like feeling somebody's

negative energy is real like it's real

so try to stay positive keep that same


and if you just practice really well you

should be able to pull off the routine

being vocal and energetic so be loud

yell from your diaphragm not your throat

and like pop those motions look like you

want to be they look exciting look like

you're just oh great I just look excited

like you want to be there and shut the

judges and the coach that you are just

you're ready I just want to take the

time to talk about how like an in-person

tryout would usually go because for

virtual tryouts they the coach usually

tells you exactly what they want to see

and Heidi wants me since so I can't

really like tell you I can tell you from

my experience so for virtual trials from

my personal experience they wanted to

see that sheer chance jump a cheer chant

and dance and in that order and I just

did it and that was it see the video and

they want little to no editing so just

like do it all for your in-person

tryouts you're gonna walk in at certain

time practice we're going your tumbling

your jumps and all that stretch real

good work on every little routine and

then they're gonna give you a number and

you're gonna go in with your group your

set group you're gonna go in spiriting

then you're tumbling in all of that and

then do your jumps two three jump we did

two best jump so we did a toe touch and

your favorite jump clean then do your

chant by yourself and then after that

doing for other girls and other girls

come in and you guys do the dance and

the cheer together and yeah our next

person goes in yes that's pretty much it

then you wait at the end for the results

and that is the fun part

so yeah my biggest issue with like girls

trying out for cheer is when they first

come in they're so excited they loved

here I don't know what happens after

summer break but it seemed like all the

girls just like lose their passion and

joy for serious like this is weird

but yeah I hope all of you guys enjoy

cheer I hope you guys

make the cheer team I hope this video

helps in any way I already tried I feel

like my first video was better even

those a little more chaotic but I'm

gonna leave that link in the description

box it pretty much is the same thing but

if you want to watch that video you guys

can I made that video like a whole year

ago but yeah I hope you guys all make

the cheer team even if you don't make

the cheer team that is perfectly fine

because you can learn from your mistakes

everything that you did wrong you could

you have a whole year to improve that

you actually might end up better than

the girls who make the team before you

so I'm just saying it's true it's true I

couldn't even get there girls who are

better than me and yeah like that that

is how cheer goes yeah I really hope you

guys enjoyed it if you did you know what

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