How I Brought My Cat From Korea to the USA

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hey guys so this video is going to be

how I got my Korean cat

durian Earl Grey from South Korea to the

United States and like how I went about

it advice that I have for you guys and

also at the end of the video I will be

revealing the pet name that I chose for

my betta fish you guys gave me so many

awesome suggestions I'm like stunned

feeble in the backstory I'm gray I

adopted him probably my second year into

my four-year stint in Korea and I got

him from a shelter

he has been my little shadow ever since

if you listen carefully you might hear

the soft jingling of his bell color in

the background he's over there when I

decided that it was time for me to leave

it wasn't a question of if I was gonna

bring him back with me it was a matter

of how and when I was gonna bring it

back so the first thing I needed to do

obviously was research so I went online

I googled it you know how do you get a

cat from Korea to America because the

other way around it's actually a

completely different procedure and you

need other things it seemed really

really simple it seemed like the

documents that I needed were just you

know a couple copies of a rabies vaccine

and then a health check ten days before

I left so I was like okay this is like

not that bad right and I was gonna be

leaving in March like March 2nd was kind

of my plan cuz my contract ended on

February 28th so I thought that's plenty

of time like I'll be able to figure this

out I started looking around probably

November the next step for me was to

figure out how I was gonna get him home

so one thing I was actually considering

was having him mailed essentially though

there are actually mailing services for

pets you can really your cat you can

mail your dog and they'll pick them up

for you they'll ship them

keep them safe and get them where you

want them to be so I actually emailed a

company called pet airline and I gave

them you know his specifics his weight

his height and all that stuff

and they got back to me with a quote of

about $1,200

and I was like stunned because like oh

my god

I could fly home like in business class

on Korean air for that like direct

flight to Georgia or something you know

so I was kind of stunned there's a lot

of money because I was doing it for the

hopes of saving money so that I could

like go to New Zealand or something or

Japan and kind of fly around Asia before

I left Korea for good and so as soon as

I realized that I was like okay this is

not worth it like I'm just gonna fly

with him and to come back to Egypt some

other time when I went to visit friends

and then do my travels then the next

part was that meant that he was gonna be

flying with me so did I want to put him

in the cabin or did I want to put him in

cargo and I started looking into you

know what that would take and what you

need to do and then I realized that in

March there is a weather restriction

it's you cold so a lot of times they're

concerned not so much the pet being in

the cargo itself because that's

temperature control when they're waiting

to go onto the plane a lot of times that

are left out in the cold and just that

mental image of gray freezing cuz it'll

took us off outside it just broke my


and I just couldn't even bear the idea

of it so that was out so I was like ok

clearly the right answer is in cabin and

then I realized that gray is a big kitty

and he weighs a lot a lot of the

airline's have a weight restriction on

pets that gray did not so basically I

was looking online and I was close to

tears like I was so frustrated I found

out that Canadian Air didn't have weight

restrictions so I called them I was on

hold for literally an hour

and no response I couldn't buy the

ticket online and it was just such a

mess and I eventually asked a friend of

mine who does a lot of work with getting

pets to the United States and she does a

lot of work with the animal shelters and

stuff and she suggested that I joined a

Facebook group Park you years write it


it's called airborne animals and it was

the key to me getting great home

these people are amazing they're really

really helpful it's all like people with

just really really big hearts who love

animals and just want to help animals

find you know forever homes and so I

joined that group and I immediately

posted and I was like guys I'm like

about to cry like I'm so upset I don't

know what to do how to get my cat home

can somebody help me and a lot of people

gave me really great responses advice

you know what you need and one guy

specifically messaged me and he said his

name was John Lim and that he was a

travel agent and that his specialty was

helping people get home with their pets

and John turned out to be my personal

angel sent from whatever magical being

or mystical being exists John was sent

to help me get my cat home like that's

how I felt about him at the end he

actually was like look I know you're

stressed here let me go online let me

use my magic skills and help you so I

took a deep breath and I was like I'm

putting my cat's life in your hands dude

like help me out here so he went online

and he suggested first that I went with

United because United actually like air

canada doesn't have weight restrictions

for in-cabin pets it has height and

length restrictions so Gregg could

actually fit in like a medium size

carrier so he could fit in the cabin

that wasn't the problem

and I also didn't have to worry about

the weather restrictions because he

would be in the cabin with me so John

came back to me and he was like look

I've got a flight for you and the cat

it's going to be

$1,375 and i kind of was like oh my god

because I could fly home by myself for

probably about $700 at that time so I

was like oh my god that's like literally

double but thinking about how much it

would cost to ship him I was like okay I

guess I can see that and the peace of

mind of having gray in the cabin with me

knowing that I could keep track of him

and take care of him and make sure that

he wasn't he was okay was worth the

extra money for that ticket I decided I

went ahead and agreed John bought the

ticket for me and I wired him the money

I actually called the airline to make

sure that the ticket was booked and then

I called to make sure that they had a

space for gray they did I like confirmed

it with them and everything so

everything was good to go so all I had

to do was basically wait and I actually

put while I was waiting I put grey on a

little diet because when I brought him

to get his health check they said that

he was like really big so so he was on a

he was on a diet preparing for his

flight and I like bought my Sherpa soft

bag and medium sized it was like $42 I

think off of Amazon and they had a ship

to me and I got it with plenty of time I

made sure to get him used to it so what

I started to do was I got it a month

before I left and I would put his food

dish inside the bag and that's where he

would eat so that way he got a lot more

comfortable with being in the carrier

and eating in the carrier and you know

the size dimensions of the carrier this

was probably in December I think that I

officially bought the ticket with John

and he did a great job of checking up

with me so he probably a month before

was like did you get the rabies shots do

you know of a place to get his health

check you need to have this this and

this deep does your pet carrier have

these restrictions he made sure that I

knew to buy puppy pads because I think

my longest flight was 11 hours and 35

minutes and I wouldn't be able to take

him out at all during that time in case

somebody in the plane had allergies to

cats or something

he suggested I get the puppy pads so

that great could use the bathroom and

not like make a mess so I did that and

an overall he just made sure that I felt

comfortable and I was ready and all that

stuff so the day came and John met me at

the airport he showed me where to go to

get grey checked in I had to take take

gray out of the carrier show him to the

representative at the airline he checked

and make sure that he looked healthy no

problems I had to give him the two

papers for the vaccine the rabies

vaccine and for his health check and

then I had to get them a hundred and

twenty-five dollars for Grey's ticket so

all that was done and then I just had to

wait so I went through security and

every time you go through security you

have to take your cat out so I actually

had gray in a harness for the entire

trip with a leash that I could attach so

every time I took him out I would

actually attach the leash just in case

he were to get away and like you know

freak out and run which he never did

because he's a sweetheart but I wanted

to make sure because he's not

microchipped and that wasn't a

requirement for me to take him to the

u.s. it's a requirement if I wanted to

take him back so so I would take him out

and they would like look at him and put

the bag through the security and then as

soon as that would go I would walk with

him through like the metal detector and

then put him back in the bag and zip him


so that was like the first part so I

went from Seoul to Tokyo and in Tokyo I

did the same thing and to take him out

and you know go through security

everybody was really really sweet and

usually the people around me too were

like oh my god you have a cat because

when I would walk with him it was it was

kind of scary so he would meow when we

were walking but any time I would put

him down he would quiet down but

everybody around me was like I'm going

to have a cat he's so cute like I only

met really nice people the whole time

that I had gray with me from Tokyo to

Chicago was the long flight that was the

11 and a half hour one and John above

and beyond he went ahead and got me

upgraded to business class so actually

it's crazy just thinking about it

because for that flight there was nobody

else in my row like I was in the middle

row and there was literally no one

sitting there so I like put up all of

the arm rests and slept the whole time

that was easily the best long flight

that I've had to do that was like

between the two continents and gray was

like under the seat and he was fine for

the most part I was not allowed to take

him out I was not allowed to take him to

the bathroom there was one time when I

did change the puppy pad just with him

like underneath the seat I picked him up

put him on the seat next to me change

the puppy bad but then I had to put him

back under the seats and the United

hostesses were very clear about that

like they were like hey you know you

really can't take him out so he was in

the carrier the whole time I just opened

it up to like scratch his head every

once in a while I make sure he was okay

but he was super quiet and he handled it

like a champ the long flight was over

get to Chicago and it was like really

nasty weather there was an area where I

could walk gray or you could walk a dog

or something but it was outside and it

was snowing so that did not happen so

why did it I ended up doing and I did

this I think in Tokyo as well I would go

to the family bathrooms because they're

bigger than regular bathrooms and

secluded and I would let him out and let

him walk around and I actually gave him

a miniature back at one point because

after the long fight he did like pee a

lot and it was kind of like on his fur

so I gave him like a meeting at your

bath where you can like kind of rinse

off the babies I like use it to rinse

off my car and what's funny is actually

once again I had to go through security

and I did go through customs in Chicago

and I have never really had a good

experience with American customs and

American TSA specifically so standing in

line and there was a guy and a girl and

both of them were rather aggressively

yelling at everybody and saying like why

do you guys have water like I told you

already that you shouldn't have water

why do I keep having to repeat myself

like they were being very rude and

obviously hated their jobs and is that's

kind of considered because Here I am

with this cat and I'm like are they

gonna give me trouble like I just want

to get you know home with grey so I

walked up to the main lady who was like

being really really aggressive and

clearly you're not having a good day and

I looked at her and I was like ma'am

I hate to interrupt you but I have this


what do you need me to do to make your

life easier and to make this go smoothly

and she immediately went from like

resting D face to like oh my god you

have a cat he's so cute like I forget

sitting there like Emma is this is a

trick like are you gonna like is

somebody gonna tackle me something like

it's cool and she was like super

friendly all of a sudden she's like oh

my god lady

Sam you have to take him out like you

just gotta put him over there and

and let him out and hold him and go

through the thing and it'll be fine and

I was like okay like just so relieved

that she's obviously a cat person so I

took out Gracie so yeah Darley is

scratching his head and so I'm like you

know brought great through through the

metal detector and put it back in and

and suddenly like all the TSA people

around me were they super friendly

they're like how old is your cat weird

where were you coming from mystic zoo

weirdest thing ever I was almost like

dang I need to bring a cat with me every

time I like flies this is amazing quick

who knew too that TSA people were weird

animal people I guess it's like a little

bit of brightness in their day because

I'm sure they don't have an easy job or

a fun job oh so the last flight I did

the same thing he went under the seats

and the whole time great actually didn't

really drink any water or anything he

did have like a couple little cat treats

but apparently that's normal so I wasn't

too concerned because I had looked it up

and John had told me that a lot of times

because he's actually brought cats

multiple times to different places just

as a carrier and he said that a lot of

times cats won't eat so I shouldn't be

too concerned and there actually was

even there actually wasn't even a delay

and the whole time John was like

messaging me on Facebook and he was like

hey there's gonna be a delay you need to

go to this exit he was there with us

every single step of the journey like it

wasn't even just like hey I did my job I

like you know saw you off the airport he

was there the whole time and I finally

got home to New Orleans it was really

easy like just grab my bags and you know

I saw I met my parents at the airport

and they had a car so I just you know

put grade next to me and I messaged John

was like oh my god you know thank you so

much I appreciate it

and looking back I think that having

John helped me with all of this was

easily the best decision for me it was

worth every penny maybe I could have

done it a little bit cheaper if I drove

it myself I don't know

but having him there to walk me through

everything and just for the peace of

mind was amazing and and you know this

is kind of one of those things where if

you screw it up

you could lose a family member you know

it's so I really didn't want to risk it

and I'm really really glad with the

service that John gave and he was just

very knowledgeable very OnPoint very

professional he was wonderful so for

those of you who skipped to the end

because you didn't want to listen to my

whole story

I absolutely suggest that if you're

looking to bring a cat from Korea's you

America or even vice versa please check

out our Facebook airborne animals the

group is amazing everybody there is

amazing if you're looking for somebody

to just carry your pet for you because

you're not leaving or you're leaving

later they have people who do that for

you if you're still having trouble like

I was finding the right flight and you

want to have a travel agent help you

I absolutely heartfelt recommend John

Lim to you he was amazing

thank you John I don't know if you're

watching like just thank you so much I

appreciate it and that's basically it

I would pick him up so you guys could

see him better but he just looks really

comfortable so I don't want anything but

there's gray right there okay as for my

betas name I reviewed everybody's

suggestions you guys made amazing

suggestions and I actually tried to go

with one that more than one person

suggested and that is kimchi I think

it's the cutest name for a betta like

ever so thank you to the people who

suggested that I named him kimchi

because I just love everything about

that name and yeah that's my story of

getting gray back from Korea to the

United States if you liked my story and

you wanna hear more about life in

Louisiana or you know everyone's tamale

I'm gonna talk about Korea cuz it wasn't

apart my life then by all means please

like and subscribe I love y'all you're


I'm wonderful amazing thank you to

everybody who posted names for my data

and I will see y'all next