11 Tips for Flying with a Baby (TSA Rules, Gate Checking, Car Seats)

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welcome back family travelers we're so

glad you're here and if you're new to

these parts

well I'm Nick and this is Brittany and

we are family on standby our whole goal

with this channel is to prove families

that family travel is possible

accessible affordable fun and doesn't

have to be that stressful specifically

what we're doing today thanks people

Google Airport Edition people ask the

wackiest thing they do so we went online

we just did a little googling ourselves

to come up with some of the most popular

questions that people Google about

airports airlines flying with kids we're

gonna answer some of them for you we got

11 11 that's why it's doing this counter

oh okay okay we didn't really do much

research beforehand we just quickly let

your Google Thompson to the top

questions except this is gonna be like

real-time rapid-fire answering so let's

get to it okay the first question how do

I change my baby's diaper on an airplane

oh carefully yes well first of all make

sure you have backup clothes

yes because if you don't effectively

change your baby's diaper on an airplane

you're going to need the backup clothes

yes a situation they do have changing

pets to change beds changing tables they

do have changing tables in most airplane

bathrooms everyone that we've flown at

least I don't want to make a blanket

statement should a suitcase

I think they're required by law to have

it's not the easiest to use because

there and that's not the baby bring a

changing pad to put on the changing

table because there's a bathroom to it

that bad don't do it in your seat I

think I'll help you those people that

kind of goes without saying that's know

those emanates throughout the whole

plane and that's not a good situation

almost like there is one argument for

changing the seat one there's turbulence

and they not a lot about mine on and

it's a very I'd have to think long and

hard about that yeah okay what do I do

if there's a screaming child next to me

well first of all if it's your child do

something a lot of please handle and

they're just like loving to scream

nothing makes me angrier then when

fellow passengers get upset with you for

your children crying because hello of

course as a parent you don't want your

children crying it's not fun for you

right it's that bumpy kid some fun for

the plane exactly for anybody but kids

cry so if you're a passenger and there

is a child not relating to crying in the

scenic school just do yourself a favor

and either ignore the child the parent

or the better option just say hey it's


understood let me know if I can help you

in any way we have been so fortunate

that like even though there's all this

like talk out there of passengers

getting upset about babies crying we've

have the kindest people around us

majority of our flights some people will

even offer to walk your baby around the

aisles for you if you could be there are

some very kind people out there well be

one of those kind people

baby cries it happens we have found that

there are often adults that are more

annoying and crying babies yeah so you

know adults they get mad at crying

babies do you really have a leg to stand

on nope all right next question that's

my kid need an ID yes no let's start no

no with an asterisk they do need a

passport so if your child is traveling

domestic at least here in the US they do

not need an ID if they are a minor but

if you're traveling international they

have to have a passport

I will say you might be required to

carry a birth certificate

depending on your

we've never once ever been asked for it

but we've always kind of come prepared

and actually instead of the birth

certificate will we order the kids

passports we actually have passport


I just keep those my wallet need it but

thankfully yeah so the quick answer if

you're traveling internationally get a

passport if you're planning on only

traveling domestic maybe just bring the

/ certificate just to be on the safe

side should be covered we're just gonna

test one I'm gonna quiz around that's

when this is you know the answer I want

can I take my kid with me through TSA

PreCheck or Global Entry

TSA pre yes okay Global Entry now okay

well I failed that test that's a way to

explain it then so if you are taking a

kid that's under the age of 12 they can

come with you through TSA PreCheck if

you have over 12 they have to have grown

up in Global Entry as silly as it sounds

every single one of them has to have a

global entry option it's like they have

to have a password keep that in mind

when you're using your global entry

benefit where your credit card like the

video that we just did next question


oh that was number four this is number

five five how do I take my family to a

lounge how do I take my luckily we have

created a video on this oh my video we

will post it so that you can watch that

and go more in depth but if you have a

lounge access through it your credit

card or if you buy a club membership a

lot of them the kids will be free with

it with your membership what exceptions

no yes there it definitely checked your

specific policy but a lot of them are

included in family membership Priority


yes century alone nope not even a spouse

and if you get this like for example the

two club passes from the chase United

card kids under to come along but

anybody over the age of

has to have their own past number six

seis our Airlines required to seat

parents next to their children the

answer to this may surprise you and no

they are not which is unfortunate but

true sometime in the last like five

years or so the US government tried to

pass a law requiring airlines who seek

parents with their children but the FAA

did not create their own regulations to

go along with it so since the FAA didn't

create regulation airlines don't have to

follow it make sure when you buy your

tickets you are spending the extra money

to buy your seats and selecting them and

sitting next to each other

don't buy basic economy and I expect

your family's innocent together they

probably which we see it all the time

families that are trying to sit next to

each other and swap on the plane when

they bought the lowest fare ticket

available it's it's a bummer for the

kids it's a bummer for the passengers

who paid to pick their seats it's just

not a good situation all around so if

you want to make sure you can sit next


your loved ones make sure you spend a

little bit of extra money to do snow or

fly Southwest yes

well Southwest doesn't let you to see it

assignments in advance so for whatever

you bored with your group and I think

they let families go first and one of

the the first or second group if you're

flying any other airline and you haven't

selected your seat advance don't panic a

lot of times a gate agent will do

everything they can to make sure that

families are sitting next to each other

we don't even buy tickets and I'd say 7

times out of 10 we sit next to each

other is this actually what is it okay

to cut lines at the airport if you have

kids not even kidding who does that that

had Google search volume people Google


so we'll just no no its next no I don't

even know if we really need to go into

detail about this one I think the solid

answer is no you can pre port most

airlines will invite children Clara to

Dupre board but but if you're like get

in line for TSA no you can't come wait

in line that's amazing what is the best

stroller for travel well Ward

we have also can mean they made a video

on this in the past because we put a lot

of research when we were looking for a

stroller we know that this is something

that people are searching for a lot we

have three we have three older learners

we travel with I would say if you are

looking for a very compact airline

option the GB pocket is a great choice

it fits right under the seat

when you fold it up excellent it's not

the most robust I would say yeah but we

take it all the time it gets the job

done and it's great for traveling on the

plane will link that below so if you

want to check it out we use it a lot

when we travel there like a bunch of

different thing I mean depending on age

of your kids and the adventure level of

your travels it kind of comes down to us

there are three we basically have the

Bob we have the Judy pocket and then we

have the Graco SnugRide that's just your

basic guy yeah but he comes along with

us since we have an infant because you

know that thing has flown like I know a

hundred and fifty thousand you make fun

of the name but dang that thing is just

a workhorse it it's lasted of so long

and I feel like it's gonna last another

however long I mean I mean it's showing

everywhere it's showing it's where a

little bit but it has been put through

the wringer and it's come out on the

other side next question can you bring a

car seat on a plane

and do you have to so you can bring it

there's a mark remember one is let's

look it up this short story to this is

that you can take a car seat on the

plane but they only permit certain car

seats so you have to look to see if your

car seat is one that's accepted by your

airline I thought there was a more like

fancy name for it but it basically just

says there has to be a sticker on it

says but it's FAA approved our great go

car seat is unapproved one but if you

already have a car seat you don't

probably need to go out and buy a whole

separate one just check to make sure

that yours is one of the approved ones

if it's not then you might have to go

get a different option but a lot of them

are perks so just double-check that in

advance before you go out and like buy

some fancy airplane specific real

question is should you bring one on

there is a lot of research that suggests

that it's probably safer to have your

kid in a car seat especially if they're

under two now caveat here is like

requires you to buy an extra seat so you

can take it on they have to have their

own seat so that's just really a

personal choice oh if you don't want to

buy the extra seat a lot of airlines

also have bassinet especially if it's a

long-haul flight and those come with

your seat all right next question

can I take milk through security I'm

gonna assume that they're talking about

breast milk because nobody's gonna roll

up with a two gallon well or formula it

could be a can of formula yes you can

you can

tsa permits it and it's actually

relatively in our experience it's an

efficient process to get it through

security they just have a test if they

Roenick a little chemical test just to

make sure that the milks safe too good

to go

they don't even touch it they just like

hover a little yeah yeah they don't like

stick the chemicals in your milk or

anything you can also bring baby food

you know like snacks and stuff for the

kids if you bring food through security

and it's for your baby a lot of times

you can get it through even if it's over

the three ounce limit as long as it's a

reasonable amount is with the TSA so

yeah if it's to provide your baby with

nourishment all right last question last

question you reached the end

yep the diaper bags count as carry-ons I

know that most US carriers they do not

count as your carry-on so that's the

score for families this might differ

airline to airline so definitely check

the policy for your airline but I know

most US areas it doesn't count strollers

car seats typically those are bowls are

not conduct so you get a whole bunch of

stuff just already a lot of people say

that airlines never give anything away

for free but if you're a family you can

beat the system a little bit I can't

believe somebody actually

I'm like fine anyway that's all we got

for this video we hope you enjoyed it

stick around for more and we're gonna

try to do more of these we have travel

tips let us know if you like this kind

of style know yeah you know a lot of

different things people Google we felt

like might provide some insight because

these are the things that other people

are asking yeah so if you have any

questions ask us below and we'll make

sure we get them answered either in the

comments or we'll make another video

about it okay