How to import car into Canada from USA as a Canadian Permanent Resident - Step by Step process

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updates hey guys welcome back to another

episode of on shop wash with Hema and

today I'm going to talk about how to

input your car into the Canada from the

United States of America so without any

further ado let's get started so in

order to input about into the Canada as

a permanent resident you need four

particular documents in hand before you

can even think over the process the

first one has been your title of the car

the second one is registration of your

car and the third thing is if you have

ever got a finance ban or Alize you need

to show a lien release letter or a lease

completion letter to have it handy and

the fourth one is a bill of sale so the

last two are a still okay incase if you

don't have a physical copy of it but

first two are really really important

you cannot have soft copies of it so

once you have these documents I'm going

to show you a quick demonstration on how

you can actually check your eligibility

on the website Riv dot c-- a or are I'm

calm so let's see that now so first

thing first guys you actually need to

check if your vehicle is admissible in

to the Canada for that we are going to

type in our IV C so this is the register

of imported vehicles and you need to go

into this website and as you go into

this website you can see importing a

vehicle tab so going to click on that

and once you click on that you can see

three-step process here so each step has

its own sub steps and you need to

complete each sub step before you move

on to the next one

so first let's check if our car is

eligible or not so before you import so

once you click on that you can see

different options here you have an

impetus checklist it's really good to

have printed and keep it for your

reference your cost considerations your

Riv exemptions recall clearance so first

suppose let's say if your car has ever

been in a recall list by your

manufacturer just need to make sure you

have already called clearance letter

your modification and inspections

because sometimes what happens is we

have an add-on features or services that

we get done on our cars so you need to

make sure that you give them

right information if it's ever been

modified or not vehicle branding history

and admissibility so let's click on

vehicle admissibility first and if you

want at this page you can read a lot of

information here inadmissible vehicles

gray market get cars etc etc so the

first thing if you see the vehicle type

information you can select the type of

vehicle which are importing into Canada

and the first one here is passenger cars

so passenger cars are the one which

usually get into Canada so you're going

to click in here vehicle admissibility

information for passenger car it will

open into a new tab and then as you go

downward you can see section three

passenger cars and all the brands

especially which are found in US and

Canada so if you can see here I'm going

to show you guys a Honda Civic as an

example because that's the car which I

own and which I have actually got from

u.s. to Canada so I'm clicking on that

and I can see that all 2005 to 2020

models are admissible and there is

nothing inadmissible as such and you can

see an explanation as well so there's a

lot of information here you can just go

through unless and under your vehicle is

really old then I think you might be

checking this information out but if not

it's really not required

once you know your eligibility the next

thing is to apply for the ITN number

issued by the AES a is nothing but

automated export system it is basically

an electronic online application kind of

stuff where the US exporters use it to

electronically file their international

exports so we are going to use this one

to generate our ITN number there are a

lot of websites that can do it and I'm

going to show you the demonstration

right here so that it's easy for you so

check this out

so for the IDI number just type ITIN

number Canada for Winkle and port for

vehicle export and once you're done here

just go down and you can see this

website called simplify trade solutions

comm so once you click on that you have

all the details in here and you will get

your ITN number I ideally in three to

four hours if it's on a business day and

you have applied it during the first

hour of the day and you can only pay it

after you are actually sure to the ITN

number which costs about

35 USD it's pretty simple and you need

to enter your name email ID phone number

and do a signature and accept the terms

and conditions so once you click on next

here you need to select the point of

border crossing so it's very important

that you select the correct one where

you are actually going to perform this

process so I have selected Michigan

Detroit three eight zero one so there is

a Windsor tunnel and there's also

Ambassador Bridge

so when settlement doesn't arrive it you

need to do it through the Ambassador

Bridge so it's a date of border crossing

so as you can see a warning and you'll

note here that it should be 72 hours

prior I have selected some random date

and again the rest of the details are

pretty much very very easy and tell us

about your vehicle so for you to enter

all these details sometimes you might

not remember on top of your head for

that I have a easy quick fix solution

that's go to this website driving tests

dot o-r-g win decoder and once you go

here you can enter your win number and

click on this magnifying glass and

you'll get in all the details of your

car which you never know so you need to

fill in all these details in here and

estimated value in u.s. dollars so you

need to give a value that is actually

true at that point in time so even if I

purchase the car back in 2018 I still

had to give the value right now and 2019

and give you a vehicle VIN number and

then your title state and title and but

sometimes not everybody has same title

and same registration from the same

state so that's why it can be different

but yeah whatever title you have please

enter that I had a title from Illinois

because I did not change it and I had a

registration from Michigan so I have

selected the Illinois and here you need

to give the title number which is on the

upper right hand corner of your title

document and then click on submit so

once you know your vehicle is actually

eligible for the input process you need

to click on the step here in at the

border so here you can see the US

Customs export requirement so you have

in all the details it's pretty much

simple that is contact your CBP AES

finding which is nothing but your ITN


and see me be notification CVP is what a

protection Customs and Border Protection

and what documents you need to have and

you're making representation so once you

decided that you want to export and you

know that you're admissible then you

need to select which state you want to

do the process so for example saying I'm

using Michigan here and province I'm

going to use Ontario and then border

crossings so these are the border

crossings available between Michigan and

Ontario though it shows you winds a

tunnel but while you're applying for the

actual ITN number you'll not be able to

see this option you will have a

different code so always it's good to

select through the Ambassador Bridge so

once you select the Ambassador Bridge in

here you can see the details and phone

number hours and additional notes so you

need to provide all these details and

you need to email them at least 72 hours

prior to your export date so one thing

to remember though a master bridge is

for 24 by 7 it only allows the card

export process from Monday through

Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on the

Canadian side I think it's only between

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so make sure you

call both of the border protection and

know the timings before you actually do

the process so that's as simple as that

experience guys so I have taken the

Detroit venture Ambassador Bridge

because I believe they don't do it at

the tunnel so I had to take the bridge

and as soon as you enter the direction

where it says like path to can or bridge

to Canada and as I going forward you can

see trucks on the right and the cars on

straight ahead in your direction on the

left side you can see the u.s. CBP board

so it's not an office or anything as

soon as you see that board because when

you take a left it's just like a tunnel

a kind of area which is so extremely

dark and it's under the bridge and you

can see a jeep a police van you where

you can actually see two officer and a

one or officer sitting inside the

vehicle and as soon as you pull forward

you can just roll down your window and

let them know that you're here for the

car export process into the Canada and

they'll direct you

so then open the case

you can go ahead and park it in the

parking lot and from there you can take

a right you can see two buildings and

you need to go to the second building

soon as I entered into the building

there one over here so I just went

straight to the officer and that was a

female officer and I just handed her by

title my IT and network paper which I've

printed out and my registration copy and

she also asked me my status in the US

and I've told that I was an f-1 student

and I just completed my step opt so she

asked me for the service member and

that's nothing but my had 20 so I just

handed over my i-20 to print out the

email which you sent the u.s. CBP wire

gmail hotmail or yahoo comm and you need

to have it because you need to show it

to the officer where you're actually

getting the paperwork done she's checked

all the documents and she asked me to

wait for about 10 to 15 minutes and she

then called me and what she did was she

she did the paperwork she stamped the

title with some kind of stamp which was

not really clearly visible and she told

me that I could take my car now and go

ahead near a board which says return to

Canada so I'm particularly talking about

this particular ambassador bridge

process but yeah you will find a similar

process and she did ask me to stay there

for about 20 minutes

the next officer came and he took my

title he checked the VIN number and also

my title and then he just left me out so

the whole process took about 45 minutes

which included a lot of wait period but

the actual process was very quick it's

done I entered into the Canada border

and to my surprise it was not at all

busy and I again bumped into the same

lane with the same officer when I did my

hard landing so if you haven't checked

that video please do click here and you

can listen to my experience what

actually happened at the Canadian border

when I was crossing it as a permanent

resident yeah but this time she didn't

give me a hard time it was really quick

she did ask me if I've declared a car in

my goods to follow list that's me as 160

form and she did ask me what is the

current price approximate value in

Canadian dollars so always remember in

spite of purchasing the car two years

ago or three years ago or so I will or

even a tape before you need to give the

you at that point in time so I didn't

mention how early that my car costs

about this much Canadian and she then

allowed me to go to the immigration

center which is just right there in

English an office the Canadians CBS

Agency so I just drove my car there I

pulled up and then I went into the admin

office at the admin office they'll give

you a wake up form one which is very

easy you just need to fill in your ITN

number and also your pepper that you

need to mention the manufacturer address

I believe and also the date which is on

the pass on the driver's side seat where

you can have your vintner or you'll find

that and then you also need to hand over

your title your item number and your

driver's license if required if you

already have one and there are goods to

follow list because it's very important

that they will verify just because I

have declared and goods to follow list

about my car and the window I need not

baby import taxes if not the import

taxes cost you about six percent of the

value so it's really a lot of money and

you don't want to you don't buy my state

forget it declaring it in their boots to

follow list but yeah you just someone

who is doing the lambing for the very

first time and you also get in your car

then you're good to go but if you have

already landed and make sure the during

your first landing you declare the

vehicle in no matter what even if you're

taking it or not but just declared it

that's the best thing you can do so I'm

just going to show you here in the clips

like how the forms look like and you can

get a fairly rough idea because when I

did my hard landing the officer already

gave me a vehicle from one so I spelled

it at the human got it and the process

took me about 10 to 15 minutes she then

told me you should give me a paper where

I can actually check the process of Riv

and then I can go ahead and I went to

their receipt counter kind of like a

payment counter and that log the receipt

and they came high for size with all the

details in it and the case number and

the details and stuff so it was pretty

much wrap it by 20 minutes that said and

that's it I came into the Canada it was

a very smooth process but the real

struggle comes into the picture right

now after this there are a lot of things

that you got to do as

as you enter into Canada and you're only

given 45 days so for the arriving

payment you need to go back to the same

website and here you can see on the

right hand corner make our IV payment

for my case I'm not able to show you

guys the detailed steps because I have

already paid it and it's been more than

210 days now so but yeah I'm going to

help you and let you know what you would

need to enter so the case number is

nothing but the upper right hand corner

number which you can find on vehicle

input form in bold red letters and then

you need to select your vehicle type

your VIN number your put of entry you

can select it here and then the number

will pop up let's say for this example

we selecting the first one you can see

it right here and the transaction number

is a member which starts by WB or any

other digit and then you can enter it in

this particular section it's found on

the non tax exemption receipt that you

have receipt at the CBSA Border Agency

and the processing agent ID is also

given on the seam it's like a five digit

number if I'm not wrong you can enter

here and then submit you can then verify

your case details and then pay about

$350 Canadian and then you need to print

the receipt for your records and one

thing you arise as soon as you enter

into the Canada and the ideally suggests

you get the process done as quickly as

possible because you cannot drive a car

without Ontario insurance or whatever

city province you are in and also please

do not forget to print a copy and save a

PDF on your laptop or a computer about

your recall clearance letter so record

Mirren's letter is something like in

case if the waiter has ever been

recalled by the manufacturer for some

reason or for some repair or something

yeah then you need to have it and you

pay the receipt you and go ahead and

track your case for that you need to

click here on the right-hand side track

your case and then you can enter your

case number and also lastik digits of

your VIN number so for this for our IV

to get accrual it takes about two to

three hours or sometimes it's like two

to three business days for me it took

about two to three hours for the entire

process I receive an automated email

after my submission of our IV

application and then I also

another email asking for some document

so what I did was I send them my vehicle

form one and also my our IV payment and

also my recall clearance letter all of

them were PDF copies I've sent them and

I got an approval within one to two

hours so when I entered my case number

and VIN number akane after two to three

hours and hit enter i got confirmation

stating that it has been accepted and

then i got a PDF where you can get a

message here stating that you can print

that copy for your reference and you

need to show it up in the Canadian Tire

so let me show here you see here my case

number and VIN number are here and it

says successfully completed my Riv

inspection and ass Canadian

certification label will be mailed to my

address and you can download the copy

the status was something else earlier so

yes you need to make sure that you print

it out it's just like a list checklist

where it has some ten points and you

need to show it at the Canadian Tire and

they'll be doing the Riv inspection this

process here comes in getting your car

inspection so now that you have already

paid your Riv fee you get a combination

of inspection which takes you about ten

minutes and the other inspection you

need to get done is the safety

inspection without a safety inspection

you will not be able to register your

vehicle into your Dario or in any

province so yes make sure I paid about

149 dollars Canadian dollars of course

at Canadian Tire you can get the

information online in the ID page as

I've shown you earlier so we have

checked that closest area and just go

there and get the inspection done next

important thing is auto insurance so

without an auto insurance you will not

be able to register your vehicle in the

province of Ontario so make sure you get

another insurance and if you want the

details of my agent the link is in the

description box below and in the details

so if you didn't really call him he give

me the best price ever because I

actually spoke with a lot of auto

insurance agents and I found in the

cheapest for the bestest deal so yeah

the details are down below once all this

the Chazz is done the next step is to

get your car registered in your Tahoe

so the process is fairly simple so you

need to

all your documents right from your

vehicle from one you the receipt which

you have taken at CBS a that's Canadian


they gave where they give you a no tax

receipt and then safety inspection

previous title previous registration

driver's license drivers auto insurance

policy and also there isn't one on tax

exemption and yes the Riv inspection

form as well I'm sorry because I'm just

checking the list is too long for me to

remember on mind so once you have these

then you can go out to service Ontario

and then they'll give you a form you

need to fill it up sign it and pay off

fee of about one hundred and twenty nine

CAD for the title the HST taxes and the

number plates and the registration

listen until you opt for a fancy number

plate you're going to get your regular

number plate right there I got two

number plates on the same number of

course but I wasn't sure why they give

me two because I do they usually give

one in US and then I also got the

registration form right then in itself

you can see that clip here how it looks

like it's a green slip so you need to

put it in your car every time there are

two documents are remaining it's not

document as such one is your title

because they will be taking your u.s.

title and they'll be giving you a

Canadian title and the next thing which

we got in mail was a Canadian Tire label

I think something it was like written in

french or like it has passed our IV

inspection i'll try to insert it right

here you can check it because it's in my

car right now oh yes now you're done you

can come home with your number plates

change your number plates and then can

start drawing so the process is as

simple as it is don't fret over the

entire process that you're crossing to

major North American borders although

offices are pretty easy unless in a tree

you have some kind no char in your car

but yeah if not the process is easy

don't burn your pockets by investing in

those exporters who charge your bomb

they charge about three thousand two

thousand dollars but that's it for this

video guys I really hope you enjoyed

this video and you it's very informative

for you and then make your life easy and

the process of importing your car into

Canada easier so if you like this means

don't forget to hit the like on this

video and also please do subscribe to my

channel it really means a lot

and with that being said I am seeing you

off my bike