How To Ship A Car Correctly

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It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel

okay I'm done fixing up the car that I got for my son,

but now I've got to get the truck to him I'm in Houston Texas

he's in Boston Massachusetts and I don't have the time to drive it up there and

fly back and he's got a job so he can't take time off, so it's shipping time, now

there's many companies that ship vehicles around the country, but it's not

that easy to pick the right one so I'm going to show you how to do it the

correct way today and all I have to say is, good thing there's an Internet and

since I'm in Houston we're going to Google Houston car shippers check it out

and up at pops but of course the first ones are ads I generally stay away from

the ads those are often more expensive companies I go down directly to the

actual places and here we have an actual map of Houston I'm down near the middle

so it shows ones that are really close, so I can call them up and ask them

questions, now of course you can do everything online if you want but I

personally like talking to real human beings see what the setup is, see what kind

of insurance they have, get a good feel of what the company is like before I do

business with them, and of course after talking to people you want to do a

little research on the internet, I found a pretty good site for that, it's called

transport they review all the different companies, there's a

website it's completely free you can look up companies that you're thinking

about using and here's one I checked out, a guy gives it zero stars says beware of

using this company, even though he spelled company wrong, I'm guessing he

spelled it wrong because he was really mad they damaged the sons truck for $936 of

body work and they haven't even paid him yet for the damage, so you can find if

companies damage cars, don't fix them, don't pick them up right on time, charge

you more, you can research that all, before you pick out a company, now after

doing a bunch of research I decided to check out this Brickell Auto transports

people say they were fantastic and when I called them up, I got in contact

with the really nice Jamaican jazz musician, by the name of Richard you don't make

much money in jazz so he's making it shipping in cars and he sold me on the

company, I ended up paying them their small managerial fee which is 150 bucks

then the drivers coming to pick up the vehicle and the vehicle is paid for at

the other end my son will pay them the $700 for the shipping fee when it

arrives, which is the fair way to go, if a company wants all the money up front be

very leery anybody honest like myself, customers come to me I fix their car

when they're done they pay me, they don't pay me before I fix the car and there it

is, they come to pick it up and here come the guys from Senate transportation to

take it to Massachusetts, they load it up and up it goes, up in the air it goes

and now comes a moment of truth, did the truck arrive in Boston

great it, did well have fun with it, so now you know how to ship a vehicle the

right way, and remember if you have any car

questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel