DIY How to bring back a dead car battery back to life

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my battery died in this car because I

let it set in my garage for over two

months with our tardiness so the battery

doesn't work anymore it won't keep me

charged it's not a very old battery so I

looked online and there's ways that you

can refurbish your battery to 100% they

say without buying a new one I went to

Pep Boys they wanted $100 for batteries

but for like $3 at ice that I spent

today I'm gonna try to refurbish the

battery to 100% okay first thing we do

was that we got to remove the battery

okay now pull the battery out gonna take

it outside to the backyard

so the things that we need to do this is

distilled water Epsom salt baking powder

or baking soda don't you like your

battery charger so the first thing you

do is you pop the caps off the battery

and then you have to pour the acid out

so I got my five gallon bucket here and

I want to just pour it in to get to be

real careful with this

okay after all the hassles out make sure

it's all out then you bring it to the

table here

and now we have the neutralizer that's

what the baking soda for is to

neutralize the acid so what we do is you

pour some distilled water half half this

cold water into our bucket and add some

thank you so this will neutralize the

acid and you mix it put it in the six




you wipe it so what we're doing is

neutralizing the sales okay now we empty

out the neutralize water of the battery

make sure you get it all out okay then

what we want to do is we want to pour

some baking soda in this can turn left

by the acid you can work on them now

what we do is we get our Epsom salt and

we get a quarter cup of Epsom salt you

put you four to one to water ratio and

you mix it real well and then what we

have to do is put it in the microwave

oven for about 30 seconds

okay it's ready it's very well mixed


what idea is is I mixed up for - one of

the epson salt the water is only has to

be 100 in 50 degrees so what you're

doing you mix it up real well what's

this fully dissolved then what you do is

you fill up your cells very carefully I

mean need to be nice to have a funnel

when I couldn't find one today

I just very carefully eat fill each cell

up your soup cells

okay once you filled up you don't fill

it all the way up to the top to the brim

you put it up to work you can see the

cells in there after you do that make

sure you put the caps back on kind of

smudge then you shake it up really

really well we want to do if we want to

charge charge it at 2 amps

triple charge we don't not want to put

it on the tent up yeah if you have your

battery charger you make sure you set

the dial to 2 amps when we have to

charge it's very very slow now make sure

you put your positive negative

like it in and then it's gonna take when

you charge the battery make sure you

take the caps off you're the one want

the caps on keep them off while your

battery is charging that's going to take

up 24 to 36 hours setting 24 to 36 hours

this batter should be 100% like a brand

new battery I just saved a hundred

dollars 99 cents Epsom salt

seventy-three cents thank you soda 99

cents distilled water I'm sorry

seventeen bucks for a 12-pack so that's

what cost me more but this battery

should be 100% now when we go cruising

on Sunday with a branded battery thank

you for watching my tutorial hit the

link below in life