The four stages of bringing an idea to life: Magatte Wade at TEDxUNC

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thank you and good morning I'm should I

say good afternoon by now everyone for

having me I was very very excited to

come here it's really hard for me when I

can't see you because you see people say

I'll get ready for you talk prepare for

you talk but my only preparation usually

is you I none of my talk sounds the same

because each room has its own energy and

tells me something different

so by now I'm committing to a light so

hopefully I'm gonna start to feel you a

little bit more

my name is maggot Wade and I was born in

Senegal on the west coast of Africa and

after my first few years in Africa my

family moved to Germany went to France

and then I just went to San Francisco

where I started my entrepreneurial

career I bring that up many people were

born someplace raised other places and

then started somewhere else but in my

particular situation I like to always go

back to something something that really

has changed my life and it's a fact that

I grew up my first formative years of my

life I spent them with my grandmother in

Africa and because my parents had moved

to Europe and they didn't know if they

were gonna stay in Europe so instead of

dragging me around journey

Hades might've and I would stay with my

grandma I'm telling you for sure and

what happened for me back home is that

my grandmother allowed me never she

allowed me not to go to school I did not

want to go to school so she said you

won't go to school and what was I doing

when everyone else was getting ready

going to school me in the morning we had

a huge family compound in Africa you

know I lived in this huge family

compound that's the size of a block

turns up in York City so it's huge like

my uncle lives there my aunt lived over

here the whole family my cousins

everybody's mixed up so I would have

like three breakfasts two lunches 20

desserts David would have fun life so

in the morning I remember my grandmother

she was the center house and an older

you know my little clan and it was so

strange but my clan was made primarily

of it uh boys and he turned out of the

rest of my life most of my teams were

mainly made of boys I was a tomboy from

from ever so the story that I'm going to

share with you today it's a very

personal story for me as to how I

discovered lift an unusual way in which

I discovered it and the unusual lift but

I discovered so I told you that I it all

started in Africa and our eventually

life took me different places and I

started like I said my career in Cisco

it was way in there it was in the time

of the dot-com boom and at that time

things were really on in San Francisco

and there I discovered people who were

basically creating something out of


most of the time he's indoors you know

they meet with one another everything

you've read is not just simple push a it

was simply the truth I started working

with companies like Google but no one

knew how to pronounce the word Google I

started going to places like Netflix

before it became a name brand you know

company so one of the things that

happened for me while there is I first I

was in Nam I was real English is only my

first language so bear with me sometimes

I I first discovered I was a headhunter

in the in the finance industry so my job

was to find for all these companies and

these startup companies my job was to

find them a very best that the world has

to offer to offer in terms of Finance

and Accounting people so from there

happened something for me I was being

very successful at what I was doing and

things were going really well but a trip

back home to Senegal to my native land

really changed my whole life

I went home back then I took

my husband of back van and I say Batman

because he died nine years ago but he

was no France and I took him home to

discover why where I came from

and there he was like hey I want to try

this drink you've been talking about all

the time and I want to see if I get this

make it to say more you to yours I said

no problem and eventually something

crazy what's happening because

everywhere I would try to have it

whoever it's at my relatives homes or at

the hotels anywhere they'll be like lady

how come you ask me about this stuff

it's only people from a village should

drink this stuff you what is it and I

said what you don't understand hibiscus

drink we stopped it

it's a traditional drink for me it is

instant ago it is known as a juice of

Toronto and I mean hospitality that is

what US for people of synagogue are

known for our hospitality and this drink

is a part of my conscious part of who I

am and me not seeing it on that tray you

bring a tray that's full of Fanta Pepsi

and Coke but I don't have my visa I

don't have my biscuits drink guess what

it is guys just like I'm standing on

this rod this rod is the world the world

culture on it I see America all over the

place but I don't see me I am about to

disappear as a cultural being and that

is not okay with me and that's what I

made my unusual discovery my unusual

lift discovery that's when I started to

put one and one together

and that's when the power of my mantra

which is criticized by creating came

about with what the discovery was it was

very simple the power of consumer brands

to basically make up whatever culture

but you want to make how many people in

this room think that they know where the

whole santa clauss story and even the

little guy the way he looks and his

outfit where do you think it came from

thank you

most people don't know this most people

don't know this and so for me - Harry

went further than that it

my discovery that became that if indeed

I wanted for Africans to change the way

we perceive himself and change the wave

at the rest of the world as a matter of

fact perceives us whoever they admit it

or not if I want to change my way about

you guys this room will perceive me and

the people are my continent I am gonna

have to rely on the power of consumer

brands to do that what does it mean I

have to create top premium brands but

we'll share with you the very best of

what my culture has to share and that's

how I'm going to join in with you in a

co-creation phenomenon where we all

finally can be sharing where we come

from and no one gets left out that's

what I had discovered very few people

pay attention to this so once that

became very clear to me what happens at

the very same time is I found my lift I

found that passion in the world but

started to differentiate me from my

other fellow successful business people

in the Bay Area I have a lot of my

friends who they're what they're doing

life is it have a nice life they're like

they're great about they do they have a

nice life but they're still laying on

the beach enjoying the Sun we're me I'm

out there in the field trying to get my

little plane to take off so from there

what I did is I started my first company

but Idina the beverage company because

the idea was very simple then and

although we were very successful

successful at raising money successful

at finding buyers consumer base all of

that eventually the brand started moving

away from what my vision was this

wonderful african-inspired premium line

of drinks we had taken in some venture

capital money and you guys know

sometimes what VC money does after 32

million dollars raised I found myself in

the awkward and very hard need to move

on that's what I did I moved on because

this was becoming something that I


not sign for so technically my first

trial my first prototype has crashed it

did crash I left and I went and I

started again which led me to my second

company but a skincare brand and on this

one just now and I started to feel like

we're we're leaving the ground but we

know we think that we are about to make

it in any case what I want people in

this room this morning to take away from

this is I want for us to think about

innovation not only in terms of

Technology I do think that the greatest

innovation that are yet to come

I'm gonna have to do with a human spirit

you have to try and start thinking about

inventions from the standpoint of the

humanity's not sure if this resonates

with many people here and my time is

coming up but one question I had for

this room quite frankly is how many of

you here dream of creating a consumer

brand I see one

basically I see almost no hands see guys

you don't do something great I find out

of there this is what I'm talking about

now tech companies who wants who is into

tech companies here yeah that's what I

thought you all want to do tech and I

will change your life in ways you never

believed because who here doesn't eat

whoo-hoo heared here doesn't drink who

here is negative

right do you walk bare feet no no I

wanted to go back and speak about this

this is the power what I have over you

guys I which we will change your life

day in and day out from from just these

please the makeup that you put on the

shoes that you wear the jeans that you

wear all of that all of that and people

like me what I'm gonna try to do is to

use the stories that I'm gonna weave in

these so that hopefully hopefully well

everybody's involved in the tech world

trying to turn us into more bigger

stronger machines

I make sure but I think the time has

come for wonderful designs when it comes

to humanities and how we interact with

one another that's gonna be the greatest

challenge going forward especially as we

get more needed by technology so three

sides by creating I love a technology

that we have for them quite frankly fed

up with the fact that we forget but

we're seated next to human beings and at

the end of the day were nothing more or

less at human rules so my focus is on

making the lives of human beings much

much richer so two seconds left I

promise not to take over anybody's time

I hope this has awakened some people in

the room