How to Change a Printer from Offline to Online

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hello everyone how are you doing

this is mdtech here of another quick

tutorial today I'm going to show you

guys how to turn your offline printer on

line in Windows so it gonna be pretty

straightforward tutorial and we're gonna

just jump right into it and the first

thing we're gonna do is head over and

open up the star menu by left clicking

on the start button once now you want to

type in printer the best manager comes

up should say Devices and Printers right

above control panel you want to

left-click on this once to open it up so

now underneath printers you want to make

sure this view is expanded if it looks

like this you want to click them a

little arrow next to printers once to

expand the view should be something that

resembles your default printer so

probably it's a brother

Epson Canon del something along those

lines and to give you an even greater

hint it probably a little checkmark next

to it which will indicate it is your

default printer most people are gonna be

experiencing this issue with their

default printer so I just want to give

you guys a heads up because what we're

about to do is going to involve that one

printer and that one printer only so it

looks like this brother printer is my

printer so I'm gonna right click on it

I'm gonna left click on printer


please note I'm not clicking on

properties down here I'm clicking on

this printer properties right here and

I'm gonna click on it one time to open

it up and now I'm gonna left click on

the port's tab at the top and now our

default port should be check marked you

might need to use this scroller to find

it and once you have found the one

that's check marked and you have clicked

on it once to select this port you want

to left click on this configure port

button right here underneath SNMP status

enabled you want to uncheck this box and

then click on OK and close out of this

window and I recommend restarting a

computer and you turn your printer back

off and then turn it on again and

hopefully your problem has been resolved

so I hope this brief tutorial was able

to help you guys out and as always thank

you for watching and I will

you in the next tutorial goodbye