My New Updated Traveling with Breast Milk Routine

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hey everybody so today I am here to

share with you my updated travelling

with breast milk routine now the reason

why I've held off on making this video

and I was still kind of unsure if I

wouldn't do it or not is because many of

you might know that I'm actually weaned

I'm no longer breastfeeding so I'm not

currently using this routine however

I've decided to do it because one I

think it'd be super helpful into this

routine worked so well for me that in

the future this is just gonna be my

go-to I didn't have any problems with

this it was actually really helpful

going to this routine opposed to what I

was doing with Sophie if you guys are

unsure of my breastfeeding journey I

have exclusively Punkt from my oldest

daughter Sophie and also my youngest

daughter rummy so there was a lot of

differences between the two and this

routine that I did when I was out and

about traveling on the go whatever you

want to call it it was so much better it

was so much easier it was easier to

manage it was just less of a hassle so

even though I'm not currently

breastfeeding this is definitely what

I'm gonna go straight back to whenever

we do have another child and I am

breastfeeding again and I did what I

mentioned that with Remy I single pumped

and with Sophie I double pumped and the

majority of people do double pump but

because of my oversupply with Remy it

was a lot more beneficial for me to

single pump it saved me a lot of time it

doesn't sound like it makes sense but it

did for me so I did want to put that out

there because it did change the way that

I packed things and the way that I did

things a little bit and real quickly

before I get into the routine I feel

like it'd be beneficial to show you what

I packed in my pump bag this is what

worked for me for the majority of a year

and nine months that I pumped for Remy

and if you are not interested in seeing

this I will put a time stamp so you can

jump to where I talked about the routine

but first things first the pump bag that

I loved the most was the medela Sonata

bag this I got with the sonata pump when

I bought it it was it's literally like

the only thing that I liked that whole

thing was not a fan of the pump but I'm

very much a fan of this bag and I love

this because it fit my lansinoh smart

pump super well that is the pump that I

chose to go with I did not get that down

I have it up in my loft stored away

because I'm gonna use it for babies to


and that pump allows you to use

batteries so all I needed to do is grab

my pump and the tubing so like I didn't

need any extra accessories because the

batteries were just always sitting in

there so I would have that inside here

as well but the first thing I have is an

infinity scarf this just so happens to

be like one of the only ones I have and

this is what I would use most the time

it's very wide I can show you see I can

even fit the whole thing in frame really

because it's so wide and it was just

super great I wore this like a scarf

around my neck and I could just drape it

over me and literally no one could see

what I was doing so I do have a covers

good cover and I love that definitely

recommend it if you're looking at it but

don't think that you have to go out and

buy something special for nursing or

pumping cover because you don't because

this is just an infinity scarf and then

I had hands-free pumping bras in here

these are just two of my favorites this

is the clip in pump by bravado and then

I also have my pump strapped to the best

ones ever it just really depended if I

was wearing a bravado bra most times I

just brought this one because it would

clip on straight to my bra but if I

wasn't for whatever reason I brought my

pump strap and then I also what kept

extra bags like these are backup like

extra extra backup just in case I forgot

so lansinoh bags and then even though

Babies R Us is not in business anymore I

loved their pump wipes so I had these

and they worked really great and then I

also had my this is an old generation

now because they've updated it but this

is my lovey breast massager if I had a

problem on the go this would take care

of it and and I also have one of my

laughs delights I kept one at home and I

have one in my bag since I got a pair

and I could just divide them because I

would always single pump if you don't

know what this is it's just a little

light that goes on your pump parts and

it will light up everything up for you

it's super super handy I have a four of

you on both the massager and also the

lacta light but that oh no I had some

breast pads and that's about everything

that I always kept in my pump bag I used

a couple of different cooler bags and

I'll show you those whenever I get to it

in the whole routine aspect because I

don't want to confuse you guys

one thing that also stayed constant was

these gel packs that medela makes they

are a little expensive I think they're

like twelve dollars on Amazon but guys

they are so worth it

I've bought cheap ones I have other ones

that came with different pumps and stuff

like that I have a lot of different

versions of ice packs but this by far

and away will stay frozen for so freakin

long and it'll keep your milk ice cold

so if you're worried about your milk

staying cold and you need a nice good

ice pack I know it sounds ridiculous to

like have a preferred ice pack but

seriously this is my favorite so onto

this routine the first thing I want to

mention no matter what we were doing

where are we going if Remy would be with

us or not one thing always stayed the

same I made sure that she was fed and I

had pumped right before leaving and I'll

get into more in a second what I did

with that pumped milk but making sure

that she was fed erased the whole like

necessity for three hours of trying to

figure out how to feed her what to bring

with us and stuff like that and with

that feed she would either get milk that

I had left out some milk that was in the

fridge like it really just depended

typically being an over producer I was

well ahead of her schedule so I would

have milk ready for her for her next

session but a lot of the times I was

able to leave my milk out because I

found that my milk was good era at

around like three to four hours at room

temp so I would just leave it out and

wait for her to get hungry so she had

fresh milk constantly and then like I

said I made sure that I pumped before I

knew that it took me about 45 minutes to

an hour to pump because I was single

pumping so before we would leave I would

a lot that timeframe into getting ready

so I made sure that I was pumped and I

was you know as empty as I possibly

could be right before we left that way

it was like starting the timer as soon

as we left pumping right before you

leave home just helps because like I

said it's gonna give you that amount of

time that you're going between pumps to

do whatever until you have to pump again

so if you're going five hours if you

pump right before you leave you're not

gonna have to pump again for another

five it just very much

sets things off in a good place so when

we would be out of the house one of two

things was gonna happen we were gonna

bring Remy with us or she was gonna stay

and we were gonna leave so with those

two things there are some small

differences so I'm gonna talk to you

about each of those so the first one

being if she came with us we would take

that freshly pump bottle that I had made

from home with us I would not put in a

cooler pack or anything I would just put

it on the side of the diaper bag and

that would be a fresh bottle ready to go

and then from then on I would feed her

and then when the three hours was up I

would pump and I would pump directly

into a bottle that she ate out of so she

would always constantly have fresh milk

to drink the way my pump schedule was

set up I was just able to go ahead and

pump after she ate so it just allowed to

constantly have that cycle of she ate

and then I pumped and that would give

her fresh milk by the time she got

hungry again and basically from that I

would just pump every three hours and

she would always have fresh milk to

drink now if we were out for six hours

or more I would pack a thing of clean

pump parts and a clean bottle to pump

into that she was gonna eat out of four

every time I was gonna pump so say we

were gonna be out for six hours that

means that I'm gonna pump twice in that

time I would bring a set because I would

only single pump and I was using one

thing at a time so I would bring a set

of pumping parts and I would also bring

two bottles to pump into for her to feed

out of and also I would take the extra

milk I would pour those into breast milk

storage bags and then put those breast

milk storage bags into the cooler bag

and since I was single pumping and an

over producer I would take the milk from

the breast that I started with and I

would put that straight into a breast

milk storage bag and straight into the

cooler bag and then with the breast that

I had ended on I would take that milk

and I if there was any extra I would

pour that into a breast fold storage bag

and I would put that in a cooler bag but

for the most part that was the fresh

milk that she would have the reason why

I let it be from the boob that I ended

on to make her bottle from was because

one that really only makes sense when

you're single pumping and using one

bottle at a time I kind of had to dump

it out but also

it allows you to get more longevity out

of the milk because it did take me about

a half hour to empty each breast so if I

had tried to save the milk from the

first one that would be half hour less

that I'd have so using the milk from the

breast that I had ended on it just

allowed me to get more time out of that

fresh milk for her to drink and as for

cooler bags if we were gonna be out for

three hours or less this is the cooler

bag I would bring with us this is a

medela cooler bag you get this with a

lot of their different pumps it's pretty

small and it's pretty standard what I

would do is I would take that ice pack

and I would lay it down here and I would

just lay the bags on top of it you kind

of have to shimmy this thing and squeeze

it down in the bottom but it'll fit and

then I would just set the bags right on

top and that's what I would do because I

wasn't gonna pump that many times I was

going to pump once at most so this was

more than enough room to put the bags of

breast milk on there however if I was

going to pump for more than one session

I was going to bring this breast pump

bag and this is the one that I got from

the lansinoh now I used to have a

fisher-price bag but honestly it just

got too big for me like I just didn't

need all that space it's a great cooler

bag so if you need like a super big one

definitely look into the Fisher Price I

think it's called a bottle tote I'm

looking down below I really like that

one I still have it but it's just too

big for me this lansinoh is a little

like in between the medela and the


so what I would do is I would put one of

these ice packs down here at the bottom

I would put the breast milk bags and

then I would put the other one right on

top and it just allowed for a lot more

space than the medela one did but that

was the difference that I was saying

that I carried it so if I was gonna be

out for longer I used a bigger bag if

not I used the smaller one because the

smaller one also did fit in my bag

pretty nicely I had space for it so that

was the difference that I wanted to show

you guys the other situation is where we

would leave and rummy would stay so in

that case I would take that freshly pump

bottle that I had just made that was the

pumping session for right before I left

I would leave that for whoever was going

to watch her that way they didn't have

to heat anything up they didn't have to

worry about anything they could

just give her that bottle and she would

be good with it most of the time that

was more than sufficient we weren't

gonna be out that long and most the time

that was just fine that one bottle

however I did have bags of refrigerated

milk in the fridge that were already pre

portioned and things so literally all

they had to do was stick it in a glass

of warm water wait for it to heat up to

a reasonable temperature and then pour

it into one of her bottles and they

could feed her that so that that's what

they did while I was out and as an over

producer I was fortunate enough to be in

that situation I know not everybody's

the same but what you do for your child

while you're away and traveling it's

just totally up to you it's like

whatever makes you the most comfortable

whatever works for your family but

that's what Remi was doing while I was

out and I was pumping and asked for

myself even if for me wasn't gonna be

with me I still stuck to my schedule so

I was still gonna pump every three hours

now if she wasn't gonna be with me I

wasn't gonna pack bottles that she was

gonna eat out of so I just packed

regular pumping bottles the ones that

just have lids that are more for storage

not so much eating and I would bring

those but I would still pour the milk

into the breast milk storage bags that's

because as an over producer and just in

my opinion in general it takes up a lot

less space those bags it's easy to put a

lot of milk in so I could just put those

in there you're gonna be able to fit

more into that bag than you would if you

were using bottles now I still packed a

clean thing of pump parts for every time

I was going to pump just so I didn't

have to worry about cleaning them but I

kept those wipes in here like I showed

you guys from Babies R Us but medela

does also make them I'll link you the

medela ones since I can't link you to

the Babies R Us ones but I did keep

these on hand in case there was an

emergency in case I had to and I did use

them so things have happened in the past

so I would definitely say keep these on

hand and I also packed along some lids

for those bottles even though they

weren't gonna have like a lot of milk in

them they still had a little bit and

that way I could just throw them in the

pump bag I didn't have to put them in

the cooler bag or anything like that but

that just helped out enormous Lee I just

found that this system eliminated a lot

of the things that I was running into

problem wise when I was pumping with

Sophie on the go I was

packing like a ton of bottles they were

taking up a ton of space I felt like I

needed a huge bag for all my pumping

supplies but in actuality if I just step

back and tried to simplify everything I

actually don't need a ton of space

anymore I have a typical over-packer

especially if you watch my diaper bag

videos you'll know that I pack a lot for

my kids but I don't do that anymore for

my pump bag because I've been able to

simplify it I just feel like not packing

bottles and pouring your milk into bags

using the cooler bag it just allows

everything to be simplified being on a

schedule that allows you to pump and

then feed your baby that also kind of

eliminates the needing to find a way to

heat up breast milk because it's just

gonna be fresh it's gonna be warm and

ready to go so all of those things

combined it made our pumping experience

while out it was it was a breeze

compared to what I was used to it really

was it's still a challenge but at the

same time the way I was able to simplify

it it just helped me so many times over

now I will say if you do need to for

whatever reason heat water or breast

milk up I will say that nine times out

of ten a restaurant can do that for you

they'll have hot water for tea or some

kind of other drinks or even food and

stuff like that so if you ask for a cup

of hot water they should be able to get

that for you and just pull off the

bottle right down in there I know moms

that have stuck bottles between their

legs in between her boobs and honestly

that's one thing that I learned in my

lactation courses is how much like right

in between our breasts it's just like it

generates a ton of heat so it sounds

strange but if you need to heat up a

bottle and you don't you know like

you're on the road and you can't pull

over or anything stick it between a

shirt just do it also breast milk in a

cooler bag like this with an ice pack

it's going to last for 24 hours so you

have an entire day to get it to a

refrigerator or a freezer and if you're

staying in a hotel don't be afraid to

ask for like a mini fridge with a

freezer to accommodate you I've found

that most hotels have one it's just all

about asking for one I also want to

mention to those mamas who might be

flying within the United States I know

that your breast milk is protective but

there are definitely TSA guidelines that

you need to know about

so I'm gonna link to those below because

I know that I never knew them before I

need to look them up but rest assured

you can take breast milk on an airline

you just seem to know the rules about it

and I also want to mention this because

there has been times where I've

forgotten an ice pack or something they

get put in the cooler bag or just

something has happened and I've had some

spoiled milk along the way because

things didn't go as planned whether we

didn't get home a time or like I said

there's just accidents happen and if you

have milk that you can't feed for

whatever reason give milk baths they're

wonderful they did amazing things for

Remy's eczema and I swear by them if you

don't know what a milk bath is basically

give your child a bath as you normally

would run them some clean water and then

pour enough breast milk into that water

for it to be cloudy allow the baby child

toddler whatever you got to be in there

for about 15 minutes and then just pull

them out you don't have to rinse them

you don't have to wash them again even

if the milk smells bad it's not gonna

leave your child smelling bad even if

you don't rinse them or anything trust

me I've done in a million and two times

and you're gonna be fine I can't think

of anything else that I want to add

other than I hope that this was helpful

because like I said with Sophie I felt

like I needed every like everything but

the kitchen sink basically and I just

couldn't like find my rhythm with it but

this schedule that I was on for Remmy

and also just what I packed and

simplifying that it made everything so

much easier so so so much easier so I

did want to tell you guys because that's

what I'm going to continue to do

throughout my breastfeeding journeys

because it worked so well if you have

any questions leave them down below I'll

do my best to answer them but I hope you

guys enjoyed the video and as always

thanks for watching