bring your bonsai back to life

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right effect right tape - I bet to do

this again now basically I'm going to

show you my bonsai trees and the fact

that one of them has been left to

literally die and the other one is

flourishing so I'm going to show you

what happens when you don't alter them

on a daily basis once you've got them

how you want them this is the bad one as

you can see it's actually in a very bad

state if I do a close-up of that but I

do hope for some potential I can see one

or two tiny potential buds and I'm

hoping that they will flourish into

leaves I have no idea at this stage

whether this will work but I can say

that this I have done all this before so

with any luck this one I'll show you the

off this is the before I will show you

the after here's its brother here now as

you can tell this one is totally

flourishing it doesn't need to be

trimmed a little but if you look right

inside the tree you can see that it at

one stage was very similar to the one

over there so I'm hoping to get it

completely happy like this one because

like I said they were bought the same

day and they were tiny little things and

I'd hate to lose one the other one has

been out our other property so not being

taking that much care of but it's awful

to see what happens when you don't

actually look at it will not look after

them but you don't water them enough and

people seem to think they don't need a

lot water bonsai trees need enough water

they need submerged

in water otherwise this is L they end up

but I've got good hopes that this Banzai

will be backed off back on form and we

will be like the other one at hopefully

free to sit them up so I'm going to do

another take on this Banzai when is

showing me some life and and I'm sure it


so that's my bonsai collection at the

moment and I will be back in a couple of

months to show you the one that isn't

looking and faring so well to show you

how they can come back from near death

and that's all for now bye