Skin Abscess, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

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today's topic is skin abscess a skin

abscess is a localized collection of pus

that can form under the skin when

bacteria infect and inflamed one or

multiple hair follicle at first the skin

turns red in the infected area and a

tender lump develops eventually the

center of the lump softens then fills

with pus as white blood cells from the

bloodstream rushed in to fight and

eradicate the infection this collection

of dead skin white blood cells and

bacteria is known as pus a skin abscess

can develop anywhere on the body

including the armpit the trunk groin

buttocks extremities or other areas a

skin abscess is also called a boil when

individual boils cluster together they

are referred to as carbuncles carbuncles

often occur on the back of the neck

shoulders or thighs carbuncles are more

likely to leave a scar because they form

a deeper and more severe infection as

compared to boils causes the most common

cause of skin abscess is Staphylococcus

aureus although other organisms can lead

to its formation Staphylococcus aureus

is a type of bacteria that is commonly

found on the skin and in the nose skin

abscess sometimes forms at the site

where the skin has been broken by a

small injury or an insect bite giving

the bacteria easy entry the following

factors can increase the chance of

getting the infection having a close

contact with someone that has a staph

infection diabetes having a weakened

immune system such as from HIV or AIDS

other skin conditions such as acne or

eczema poor personal hygiene

malnutrition alcoholism symptoms a

painful red bump a red warm skin around

the bump a yellow white tip that

develops and eventually ruptures

allowing the pus

to drain out you should seek medical

attention if you start running a fever

over 102 degrees Fahrenheit the boil

does not drain a second boil appears the

pain becomes severe the boil occurs on

the face at the top of the buttock

crease or is in or near the rectal or

groin area the boil hasn't healed in two

weeks and continues to enlarge the boil

is larger than one centimeter you are

pregnant diagnosis and treatment the

doctor may be able to make a diagnosis

by looking at your boil the doctor may

suggest sending a sample of the puss to

a lab for testing this may be required

if there is a recurring infection or the

infection is not responding to treatment

treatment small boils can be treated at

home by applying a warm compress to

relieve pain for carbuncles and boils

that are larger the treatment option may

include incision and drainage where the

abscess is opened and the pus is drained

a sterile gauze may be used to soak up

the pus that can't be completely drained

antibiotics do not squeeze or open the

boil with a needle as this can cause the

infection to spread to help prevent skin

abscess wash clothes and other personal

belongings of any family member with

boils clean and treat minor wounds stay

as healthy as possible practice good

personal hygiene

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