First Time Flying with My Dog! DO's & DON'TS :)

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so Jupiter is officially here in Los

Angeles as many of you guys know I just

moved here from Florida to LA now I was

on a trip in Bali which is absolutely

amazing I need to update you guys got so

many things in this vlog okay today I

just wanted to talk slowly all about my

experience with flying with a dog for

the very first time and how I fly with

the dog because I got a lot of questions

on my Instagram how is that possible I

didn't know dogs been going to cabin we

have to have I would have done any tips

any tricks will yes honey oh my god he

traveled from Florida to Los Angeles

which is a five-hour flight people it's

a very long flight for a fatty like this

one morning you guys Dennis and I are

both very tired

I'm still jet-lagged from Bali and

today's the day that Jupiter flies back

to us I'm nervous but I'm also trying

not to portray that emotion on to him

because I've heard that you can get them

kind of nervous so I'm all his stuff in

this little baggie I have all his toys

his treats and I even have this little

mat for him to lay on so fingers crossed

everything goes really really well

he's tired we gave him a nice little run

little more like a one-hour run to get

out all this energy










very first thing that I learned was the

night before your flight you need to

fast your pet now this is something that

is at your own discretion ask your pet

ask you know ask someone that you trust

but I chose to do this because I didn't

want Jupiter pooping up a storm or

peeing up a storm in the plane so what

we ended up doing to get all of the

Jupiter's energy out was running him my

dad was kind enough to run him because

again I had just arrived from Bali I was

jet-lagged girl and so we ran him for

about an hour now when I arrived at the

airport I realized that wasn't enough

time because Jupiter was very antsy he

was very like you know just like alert

everything was like it's just a lot when

you're at an airport it's one of those

vests that you can actually put anything

that you want right here so what we

decided to put here was do not pet and

the reason we did that is because

Jupiter is a very excited dog as you can

see if people see him everybody wants to

touch him he's so cute and I'm totally

cool with that

except not at airports because I'm

trying to keep him calm I'm trying to

keep myself calm I'm trying to walk

through security without having everyone

touch him pet him overly exciting him so

we chose to put a do not pet vest on I

just kind of let people know hey you

know off limits do not touch him just

let him focus and it just makes your job

a lot easier as a pet owner to walk

through without again like literally

everyone's hands will be on your pet and

another thing that I did that I really

enjoyed was I actually had Jupiter carry

all of his primary things so I purchased

these two little bags like this that go

on his vest

they just attach like that and they're

at his side kind of like this it looks

really cute they look like little like

police dogs it's the kid isn't ever and

what I did is I just put the most

essential things so I put things like

treats to entertain them which he did

not take on the airplane I was so angry

when you go through TSA pre just know

that you actually have to walk through

by yourself you have to leave your dog

there you have to tell

to sit to stay and then he has to walk

through you know the little metal

detectors yeah they have to walk through

to me that was a little bit of surprise

I had my intention was for Jabbar to do

that perfectly and everything just went

wrong like just expect the unexpected

thankfully there wasn't a lot of people

and thankfully we had TSA pre because

that is another thing if you are going

through you know the typical line this

would be a lot of people people are very

anxious they're gonna want you to rush

and you don't want to be rushing with

the dog so a Jupiter I just pretty much

I took the Karnas off I will say I was

really really nervous because this is my

first time flying with him and so I

almost feel like I just went on like

autopilot mode I took off his vest I

went in myself and then all of a sudden

Cooper's following me in the TSA people

were very nice and they were laughing

and then they were like nope God again

go out sit stay the point is Jupiter

wasn't doing it he's usually really

really great with commands and he just

wasn't doing it and I also had a little

treat on hand to help him get through

but again just expect the unexpected

make sure your dog goes potty before no

we knew this ourselves we try to get him

to go potty he wasn't doing in the

morning so we're like all right he

should be fine because you know he

already did he went potty eight hours

before he hasn't ate anything a out for

eight hours and so we should be good but

no he was not good so whatever you do do

not get on that plane unless your dog

has gone to the bathroom whatever you do

don't do it okay

I also being the worried mother that I

am I over packed a lot like way too much

this is another thing I don't recommend

you to do I took this like this entire

backpack was full this big of just

Jupiter stuff of things he didn't use of

things you literally rejected everything

that I gave you Jupiter literally

everything I took way too much for him I

bought these really funny little dog ear

mufflers I was like oh he might be a

little bit like sensitive to to the

altitude or whatever he didn't use this

don't get it okay

get your dog their favorite treats

Jupiter had never tried these treats so

it wasn't really all about it he did

however like these little mini bytes

these right here he loved those but I

already knew that he liked those what I

opted to do was I actually gave him

little ice cubes that he was munching on

and kind of you know just salivating and

it was really great another tip that I

have is if your dog is as big as Jupiter

Jupiter is roughly 85 pounds

he's lost five pounds used to be 90 so

hallelujah he is 85 pounds if your dog

is that a large dog I highly highly

recommend you to get business class I

know it's expensive but honestly I don't

know how Jupiter were to fit typically

under a little seat because they have to

go under the seat okay so for business

class at least you have a little bit of

leeway and as you can see there wasn't

that much room and what was funny is you

know I was traveling with Dennis as well

Jupiter just kept wanting to get all up

in his area all up in his business so he

had literally no room which kind of

sucked this entire flight because if you

have a dog like Jupiter that sheds like

a mother then you are gonna want to get

something like this so what I did with

this was you know I just placed it on

the floor and I still have not look at

this look at how much hair there is on

this this I somewhat cleaned it this was

way worse something happens up there in

the plane where they just shed like no

one's business so this helps so much and

just keeping our space a little bit

clean and then after what we just ended

up doing is grabbing a lint roller which

I highly recommend you to get and the

ladies on plane we're really really

grateful for us for cleaning up they're

like oh my god you don't know how many

people come here and don't clean up

after their dogs and we were like trust

me I get it

because there was just here

we're on Jupiter which it was a lot

please just brush your dog a few days

prior to getting on the plane so that's

not all over the place I didn't do this

and I really regretted it there was hair

everywhere he was shedding like no one's

business it's just good too so my

experience of Jupiter on the plane was a

little bit crazy

to say the least because I was already

really nervous to travel with him I

wanted everything to go right I was like

a super rigid high-stress mom I was like

you know I want I want people to think

he's such a great dog and I want to make

sure that he doesn't disturb anyone and

I want to make sure that all the

passengers are comfortable and he's not

barking up a storm well none of that

happened let's just say that is that

just the fly that won't fight only

barked one time and this is a big tip on

the but to give you right here okay

whatever you do when you're on the plane

don't look at your dog don't look at

them and I know that's weird but this is

what ends up happening your dog is

already a little bit stressed out and so

when you look at the dog when you look

at your pet you're like okay I'm here

I'm attentive to you what do you need

and so then they start vocalizing they

start wildly snoopers that way he'll

start putting his paw and me what I want

to get up first I want to go poop roof

you know and so what I did and I told

Dennis not to do this I was like don't

stare at him Dennis stared at him one

time just a little time and he was like

what do you want trooper and you're like

yeah and so he barked just one time but

other than that he didn't bark at all

because we didn't look at him now

obviously we were attentive obviously we

knew what was going on but we just

didn't give him that much eye contact

and when we were going up in the air

like we just don't care I was just kind

of petting him and I wasn't even really

talking to him I'm just kind of like

petting him just letting him know that

everything is gonna be okay some people

don't recommend you to actually be like

petting your pet they just say you know

just kind of leave them alone but I know

my dog and I just kind of take you know

what's useful for me and then whatever's

not useful advice I just kind of throw

it out so for me personally that made me

feel a lot better I think that was

really great was I was using I

he's not only to hydrate him but also to

kind of just you know distract him a

little bit since he wasn't taking any of

my toys which I bought him like three

new toys I don't know he's good right

now okay

but not answer how I do fly with Jupiter

so Jupiter is an emotional support dog

he's an ESA dog meaning he is with me he

can fly with me anywhere that I want now

that is something that there's a

specific process on how to go through

that so I was going to psychiatrist I

kind of let him know hey you know I'm

dealing with this emotionally and going

through this and I mean it's a lot more

developed than just what I'm saying

right now but pretty much you meet with

a psychiatrist and you let them know you

know why your dog allows you to feel

better and process emotions that are and

just be more calm so if you guys want a

separate video and on that I can also do

that I know it's a little bit

controversial so people don't really

like to talk about that stuff but I'm

kind of an open book I feel like why not

like just share information people don't

keep it all to yourself now Jupiter will

be flying back and forth with me from

Florida to LA and late to Florida and we

shall see how things will go but I am

planning on doing a whole separate video

on this on my main channel and Natalie's

Otway on just like tips and tricks do's

and don'ts on how to travel with a pet I

feel like it's so important and it's

actually really useful information so if

you want to see that give it a thumbs up

this was our experience I thought to

show you guys some of the vlogs that I

got well I was over at Bali it was so

amazing so beautiful just incredible and

those will be coming up next so that's

what's popping right now alright if you

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