You CAN resuscitate a fish!

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hey guys it's Thomas here and I wanted

to upload a quick video just to tell you

about something very cool that happened

to me yesterday and to one of my fish

it's a quick story so I'm gonna jump

right into it basically I get back from

lunch I've been gone for maybe an hour

so and I have a 45 gallon rimless cube

aquarium in the office I get back from

lunch and I'm walking to my desk and I

look on the floor and there is one of my

new mascara barbs lying on the floor not

moving I don't know how long it's been

there I've been over I pick it up it's

barely damp on the outside pretty stiff

but still has some you know wiggle to it

not moving at all no breathing no

nothing nothing to indicate it's still

alive but I decided you know what I like

this fish a lot I got it for a couple of

weeks it's really starting to look nice

get fat I wasn't really ready to give up

at that point so I stuck it in the

aquarium right away just holding it in

my hand just like this and I'm holding

it face-first in the flow of the filter

so the water is rushing out of the

filter across the tank I'm holding this

barb directly in the flow its mouth is

dropping open from the flow and holding

open for a second and closing does that

over and over after about five to 10

minutes of me being stubborn and not

wanting this fish to die this thing

starts breathing again

so I'm like okay okay maybe there's some

hope you know I'm getting a little bit

of mouth movement cool after about

another 5 or 10 minutes it's starting to

twitch and I can see that you know maybe

it's got some life left in it I don't

know how long it takes for a fish out of

water without oxygen to essentially get

brain damage if that even happens to

fish I don't understand their physiology

well enough to be able to tell what the

you know point of no return is for them

but I'll tell you this this barb wasn't

ready to go and I was ready to give up

on it so I let it keep going and you

know it didn't take too much longer

before it started to try to start you

know swimming out of my hand giving

little kicks of movement it would kind

of move back and forth in the flow with

in my hand and I gave it you know a

little bit more time and it starts

swimming out of my hand and I kept my

hand in there just to you know make sure

that it didn't blow away there's a lot

of flow in that tank that's why I put

those barbs in there they like the flow

quite a bit but I didn't want to bump it

around the glass and stuff so I

kept my hand there for as long as

necessary and once it could actually

just start swimming around I let it go

and I'll tell you it was a little shaken

up it wasn't too happy it hung out in

the shadows for a little bit but as of

right now I still have all three of my

mascara bars I thought that was pretty

cool I I effectively resuscitated a fish

I didn't think that was possible

for a fish that was non-responsive on

the floor but I guess the point of the

story is don't give up on your fish

because even if they've gone carpet

surfing there's a chance they'll come

back unless they're like actually crusty

and dried up and stuck to the carpet and

they've been there for weeks that's

that's that's not going to work

keep on tanking