Bring your old Batteries back to life - Car battery reconditioning: How to

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and welcome to survival warehouse

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com I'm John Milland read in this video

we're going to show you how to

recondition a car battery what you want

to do is you want to check your voltage

if it's over ten volts then there's a

really good chance you can recondition

this if of course it's at 12 volts and

it just barely can start your vehicle

that's not wholly in the charge 99% of

the time this is going to work and it's

not going to hurt your battery the first

thing you do is you pop your caps off if

you have a sealed battery you're going

to have to pull the plugs check your

acid levels make sure that they're full

if they are full but it's not holding a

charge then you're going to have to

remove this acid now the first thing you

want to do is have clothes that you can

destroy just in case you get a little

acid on you wear safety goggles wear

gloves and always have baking soda

nearby because this neutralizes acid so

these are the safety precautions that

you have to take first in order to do

this you take three cups of water that

has been distilled at 150 degrees then

you add one cup of Epsom salt you can

buy this at your general store

you pour it approximately one cup and

you stir now while the epson salt is

dissolving and this is cooling down it's

time to take the acid out of your

battery very carefully lift it up hold

it away and pour the acid out

once all the acid is out of your battery

just take baking soda dump it into your

acid water that will neutralize it and

that way you can dispose of this safely

now that the epson salt has been

dissolved and this is at room

temperature you can very carefully fill

up your cells

once it's completely filled wipe off

your excess put back on your caps secure

them well then you're going to want to

take and just kind of shake your battery

so now that it's all been shaken made

sure everything has been coated in there

you want to take and put this on a 12

volt 2 amp trickle charge the lower the

amps the better could be because you

want this to slowly charge up this will

take approximately 24 to 36 hours to do

but always remember when you're charging

a battery pop these caps and just let

them sit there because it does create

gas and so for safety reasons you just

want to lightly put them on there and

charge it up slowly once it's charged up


even then you could take and put it

aside for a day test it to make sure

that it's holding a charge and this

works 99% of the time you can actually

do this up to about four times before it

just won't work any longer that should

do it and I'll see you on the next video