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hey guys welcome back to my channel or

welcome if you're new so today I'm going

to be talking about my best home remedy

for a birth owns that I know I already

did a video on this but I didn't realize

how much of a popular topic it was and

how many people were going through it so

I noticed like a lot of people were

searching my videos I did student

updated one higher quality that one was

taking on my phone so excuse you know

the reupload or whatever but this one is

gonna be packed with information I've

dealt with birth or insist a few times

and I've kind of come up with my own

method that I use to get it to drain

within 24 hours this always works for me

hands down so this is my method so if

you're interested keep on watching in

order to know what about thumb is this

is you need to know what Barth online

glands off now I didn't learn this in

high school I didn't learn this and

Anatomy I didn't learn this until I

found out that I had about someone cysts

I thought my glands are two glands on

either side of your vagina basically as

a woman your body has like a natural

lubricant okay body produces a natural

lubricant that comes out of these glands

to prepare yourself for sexual

intercourse and what both glands are

what provide that moisture because you

do not want to have sexual intercourse

with a dry vagina because that could

cause injuries this is why foreplay is

important okay

what assist is is basically when that

gland when one or both of those glands

gets blocked by something this could be

caused by injury this could be caused by

infection and then it forms into a cyst

and you'll notice this might be a little

pea-sized cyst and it could gradually

get bigger because the fluid has nowhere

to go so it's just gonna keep building

up and building up and building up until

it forms into a bigger set and this is

where it can get really really painful

there are so many different causes for

everyone everyone is different number

one this is not an STD this is not an

STI you didn't get it from anybody like

let's just throw this out the way

there's nothing to be ashamed of this

something that happens naturally I don't

know why it happened but here are some

of the potential causes some people

believe that they get theirs from their

pads just a bonus tip here please do not

use scented pads like just don't I don't

even know why they still sell though the

sense kid mess up not only your pH

balance the fumes could really like try

and trigger your birth on Lakeland and

stuff like that certain brands I think

last year I saw on Twitter somebody was

complaining about always always no this

is allegedly like I ain't got it like I

still use always I'm lying last so he's

always there affordable you know they

get the job done whatever but there was

an accusation that always pads

um we're causing rush A's and birth doll

insists for certain women I have an

experience that I have stopped using

always just to see if that was the

problem but I was still getting them

either way so I concluded that maybe

that wasn't the particular issue for me

but just so you guys are aware just so

you guys are aware um I would definitely

steer towards more organic products or

women who get birthing insists when they

are pregnant you already going through

so much I don't know why I don't know

why do you gotta go through this too

there are some women who get it from

rough into quarters like I said some

people have a cyst and they don't even

know it until you know they get injured

even more or something even triggers it

to start being painful away you can have

a cyst and it might not even be painful

it just might be there maybe you noticed

it like you know maybe you're looking

down there and you notice like something

it's looking a little different you can

have a cyst and it not be painful that

tire was my first time I had a cyst but

pretty much like I think a year if not

more I had to sis I noticed it I saw it

I even talked to my mom about it um but

you know Google

and you know your doctors will probably

tell you if it's not causing any

problems you probably don't need to

worry about it but just so you guys know

that even if you have a cyst and it's

not painful right now it's not causing

you any problems this video should be

helpful for you because it might cause

problems in the future because that's

what happened to me I didn't worry about

it for two years and then last summer

boom but I had this dish for about two I

think I had it for at least at most two

years last summer I was on vacation I

was coming back from out of the country

got on an airplane and it just started

progressing and getting worse this was

like on a Thursday by the way so from

Thursday to Saturday it was bad like

like Friday night I went to a program

and I couldn't even enjoy it it was a

good program it's wonderful I couldn't

even enjoy it adding up was painful

sitting down was painful walking was

painful I was literally walking like a

penguin yeah it was it was terrible

absolutely terrible I was complaining

the entire time my friend I think

frightening erratic I told her it was

like I think I'm gonna go to a hospital

I was doing six baths so I got home from

you know my trip Thursday night a 31-6

baths Friday morning I did one in the

middle of the day then I did one at

night and then I did one in Saturday

morning and you know nothing was working

long story short I ended up in the

hospital Saturday night I was asleep

I did a sense bath before I went to

sleep and I woke up at 3 o'clock in the

morning and absolute shambles like it

wasn't even like painful anymore it was

like somebody was just like stabbing me

in the vagina with the night so I what's

my parents room I was like it's 3

o'clock in the morning y'all I'm just


my name's like okay but I was like okay

um we run to the hospital I was in the

hospital for three days I'm scheduled

for a surgery they told me I was very


I even had like a mild fever and whatnot

it had turned into an abscess which is

something that you do not want it to get

to because once he gets access like it's

unbearable I couldn't have sick I

couldn't walk I couldn't stand on my own

um they had to give me painkillers I

they put me on percocet girls and

actually that did work for me because

they gave me percocet in that case I

can't feel nothing oh I do not feel

nothing even II came back it wore off

but you know whatever

so it didn't end up joining before my

surgery so I didn't have to get the

surgery I immediately felt better like I

was like I was completely fine once it

drained I was fine Here I am you know

I'm not in the hospital I'm feeling

better and yeah yeah yeah I'm going back

my life three months later it comes back

and I was like so so far I have had it

ever since

five times listen I told you I fit in

the hospital for three days hospital

trip cost me $8,000 yeah this costs five

dollars all right maybe this is what I

used it is called pretty it is a

homeopathic drawing style okay honey I'm

gonna tell you this is a truth you're me

out hear me out hear me out

listen so think of it think of a cyst is

like a pimple if you see a pimple

popping up on your face it's still

underneath the surface you wouldn't go

and pop it right cause it's still

underneath the surface it doesn't have

like a head it doesn't have anywhere for

the puss and stuff to go and needs like

somewhere on the surface to come out so

your cyst is pretty much underneath the

surface and then these

come to the surface so that it could

come out if you see a head for now

you're gonna need a mirror for this okay

all right honey you're gonna take that

mirror you're gonna look down there if

you see a head just like the way you

will see like a pimple head you're gonna

look down in there to try to find the

head it's usually under the labia minora

I don't know what side your sisters

probably on I always get mine on the

right side that's what I've always noted

it's usually under the labia mine or of

whichever side your sister is on you're

gonna try to look if you don't see

anything then you knew you need to do a

sitz bath using this alone isn't gonna

work and that's what I've noticed

sometimes I use this and it works you

know I'm saying but that's only when I

have a head so my sis it my sis doesn't

have a head using this isn't gonna work

for me you're gonna go you're gonna take

a sitz bag you can get those six-pack

folds that like Walgreens and CVS they

even Walmart as well you can order them

off at Amazon if you need to you know

with everything going on right now you

might want to do that that's maybe

soaking it for like 10 to 15 minutes and

after you do this it's back you're gonna

apply this to the area where the head

should be popping up if you do a sits

back and your head is not popping up do

another one do another sits back like

I'm trying to tell you now when I do my

sister back I don't really stick in the

water I sit over the water and let the

steam do its thing

I boil some hot water I put in back in

the bowl I stay on top of it I let the

steam do its thing I even sometimes put

a towel over my you know legs to keep

this scheme company you know in but high

pain tolerance I don't really care

obviously I'm not gonna burn myself but

I tried to do as hot as I possibly can I

wait for it to cool down obviously

like I just want this thing going you

know this ain't going were my day okay

so after I do this it's bath or shall I

say a steam bath cuz I don't sit in the

water I just over it how much time you

have in the day if you have you know if

you're not doing anything you might want

to do a six pack depends on how the

faster you want this thing gone is the

more times you're gonna do the bath okay

the more times you're gonna apply this

the more times you're gonna do the

better the faster you want to go you

know don't just think like oh I'm gonna

do six pack a month and it's gonna be

sitz bath once and I'm gonna do this

won't put this on once and it's gonna be

gone the faster you want it to on the

more times you're gonna do it one time

one day where I did it back-to-back let

some water put in the thing and then I

put some water back on the stove and

boiled it again just so when I'm

finished with this one I'm gonna do it

back-to-back and on the second one it

popped it drained boom it was done like

I was like I'm not gonna let this ruin

my day for what I have work I have

school I don't have time for this girl I

got you I've got you in bad keep doing

this team back if you see the head you

need to look at your vagina sis you need

to look at it so you need to look at it

alright so then you're gonna take this

you're gonna take a generous amount and

not the whole thing you don't waste it's

five dollars go you're gonna apply on

the area you're gonna want to wear a pad

alright you're gonna want to wear a pad

because you know if it does drain you

don't want to like dirty or your panties

and whatnot um once it drains if you are

in pain once it drains you're gonna feel

immediate relief I'm trying to tell you

once it drains you're gonna feel so much


if I see a head I just applied this and

I'm done I usually it usually drains

like the same night if I see a head I do

not see ahead for the cyst I'm gonna do

a steam bath or steam soak steam

whatever you want to call it after that

I apply the pretty I wear a pad it

usually drains within 24 hours but

faster you want it to work the faster

you want this to

the more times you're gonna do it I

usually do you know if I'm sitting at

home I'm not doing anything I don't have

work or school that day I'm just gonna

go ahead and do it try to do it back to

back as many times as possible if you do

have work you do have school try to do

this back before work one after wear

this during the day once you want you're

going to work and apply this at night if

it still has a cop yet

also wear a pad you don't want to store

your panties so that's my way

PSA if you if this is something that

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surgery to get the glands removed

you know I'm possibly thinking about

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