DIY: How to revive a dead 18650 (or any) Li-ion battery cell

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today we'll show you how to revive net

18 650 lithium-ion battery cells or any

little embarrassing for that matter

let's get started

so I have these 18 650 cells and our way

over this just the voltage of the sale

smell only half a volt and if I put in

my charger it doesn't want to charge for

good sales usually when they put in the

charger light will turn red indicating

it is charging the battery this sale

just doesn't want to charge stays green

the light stays green I even tried it

with my eternity I'll see charger and it

still doesn't wanna charge sighs low

voltage so basically the very voltage

here is way too low for this charger to

recognize the Barry and charge the

battery so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna use another good sale here this

sale is fully charged see there for pond

owner involved and I'm gonna connect the

sales in parallel positive hook up to

the positive I'm using the magnet so

stick on to my alligator clip and the

negative terminal connecting to the

negative terminal right this is parallel

charging well let it just for a few

moments maybe about 20 seconds or so 20

or 30 seconds until it gets to see it's

already getting to three point two volts

quickly and it quickly rise and I'm not

just gonna let it charge for like

another 10 seconds or so

let's see what we got right now and you

don't have to do this long at all the

point is to raise the voltage just

enough fully for the charger to

recognize your battery and I thing is

should being good right now so let's

unplug this in this thing you wants the

voltage right now three point two six

volts okay should be good and get the

magnet out and try and put in my charger

the battery does get a bit one it's just

normal you don't want to do this for too

long I think on average thirty seconds

should be good enough there we go

charging the light turns red so

indicating it's charging

now let me try it on my Tony G charger

see if it makes a difference here stop

there we go it's charging

said 3 over 3 volts now so it's charging

and this method is not just limited to

18 650 lithium-ion cells

it works with any lithium-ion cells like

other kinds of leading my own sounds

like Oh

RC car batteries lipo batteries cell

phone battery and helium ion cells and

so I have for now next video I will show

you how to salvage these cells from

Makita power tool berries and these are

really good sail high discharge sail

until next time thanks watching