How to revive a dead rechargeable power tool battery easily

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cause that's a charge one hi and welcome

to furniture not that furniture has

anything to do with this video as it

happens to pop in the fact that we're

here in third reinsurer thought I'd do a

quick video that might solve a few

problems of people I've got a problem

here and this is the problem I have a

drill I have two batteries one of the

batteries is completely dead and when I

put it in to charge it doesn't charge

I've left it on all night and nothing's

happened it's completely dead whereas my

other battery is fully charged and I

found out about this for my friend many

years ago that you can actually revive

these batteries if you were to actually

consult one of the manufacturers they'd

say oh no battery's dead you need to buy

a new one but when you look at the price

of batteries they rip you off for them

and they're actually better to buy a new

drill or whatever power tool it is with

two new batteries than it is to play the

stupid ripoff price for batteries anyway

here's what you can do basically that

the dead one doesn't ever not charge for

the charger to eat and start charging

but you can give it a bit of a boost or

I'm just using a pair of scissors here

and I'm just going positive terminal

positive terminal and negative terminal

connector terminal I'm just going to

hold it like this for a few minutes so

some of the charge is going from the

charged battery and going into the

uncharged battery

talking about yourselves

okay that's been about a minute

not appear to be charging

so I'll come back in an hour too and

show you the results okay so it's now

about two hours later I've just taken

the dog for a walk it's very hot this

one has to be fully charged up so we'll

give it a go perfect it saves a lot of

money okay well thanks for watching I'm

going for a swim now to cool off

next week we'll get back to things about

furniture thanks for watching please

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