Reconditioning a 12 Volt Car Battery: 100% Success

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hey guys it's Jake from car groves and

today we're going to be trying to revive

old batteries with Epsom salt have

several batteries that are either not

cranking what they're in or just

completely won't hold hold the charge at

all I've put all of these on the charger

over the last couple of days the weird

thing is some of them will hold a charge

they'll come up to you know 10 11 12

volts but then when you stick them in

the like for instance the four-wheeler

battery if we put this on here I'm

showing 10.8 volts on it but it

absolutely will not crank the boiler and

this sat on a trickle charger for like

three days right here is out of the Jeep

one volt

after charging for a day this one came

out of the ether t 0.24 volts and this

one crapped out on me in North Arkansas

last month in the Lexus and I had to get

a new battery two-point-seven alright

let's talk about safety real quick wear

eye protection wear some gloves maybe

long sleeves I don't know I did have

gloves and eye protection on do it in a

place where you have ventilation that

means you either can open doors or

outside have a fan running just in case

there's any fumes or chemicals that come

out it's probably safer to have a fan

blowing and then the other thing is I

believe when you charge up a battery

especially when you're reconditioning or

put put a fresh mixture

of solution in I believe they out gas a

little bit so to be on the safe side and

not blow caps or anything weird happen

I'm gonna leave all the caps off these

batteries while I'm charging them I

don't think it makes a difference and if

they come back up and charge we'll cap

them off and be good to go is we're

gonna take a solution of distilled water

and Epsom salt we're gonna mix those

together we're gonna dump out the acid

in these batteries we're going to mix

the Epsom salt water solution with the

acid we're gonna flush these batteries

out once they're empty and try to get

any led or contaminants that are in the

bottom out and then we're gonna refill

them and put them on the charger and see

if we can get them all up to 12 volts

all right so one of the first steps

we're going to do is we're going to heat

up some distilled water you can get this

pretty much anywhere for about like

dollar 4d gallon so we're gonna heat up

some of this in a large container and

then we're gonna start feeding in our

epsom salts and basically we want to

make a pretty concentrated solution of

Epsom salt and the heat is gonna help

the salt dissolve all right once the

water starts boiling just start feeding

your Epsom salt in there and you just

wanted to get it to dilute in the water

and not have any freestanding salt at

the bottom of the pan

alright that was a four pound bag in one

gallon of water and it completely


so the real simple way to explain a

battery is that it has lead plates

running through it and it has a

electrolyte solution commonly like

sulfuric acid and the battery putting a

charge to it from your alternator or

however you're charging your batteries

it'll actually hold that charge in the

solution in the place

over time the plates get I don't know

how you would describe it

corroded or oxidized the solution can't

make a good contact to the plates and

you lose charging power so you might

have this battery on a charger for two

days and only get it up to three volts

or whatever it's because it just can't

make enough contact to build the charge

so the theory behind this is is that

when you mix in the epson salt it

creates a different reaction and cleans

that scale off the lead plates which

will allow it to charge so we're gonna

give it a try it's basically a bad

battery apocalypse month here at the car

groves shop I've already replaced two or

three batteries and a couple of these

vehicles and so we're gonna try it on

these old ones and see we can revive

them as you guys know if you've priced

batteries a little full wheeler battery

like this is $90 a more traditional

battery like this

I think O'Reilly has informed some

thinkingabout interstate battery for I

think like 50 bucks but a new battery is

pretty much over a hundred dollars or

whatever you're gonna get so we're gonna

see if we can revive these I think we're

gonna be able to do four batteries for

about 20 bucks total






I don't know if y'all can see this in

the bucket but it definitely has some

heavy metals floating around in it and

that could be one of the problems so

we're gonna pull these caps on all these

batteries dump this fluid out and check

it out


okay so now we're gonna rinse these

batteries out and what we're trying to

do is get metals like the lead off the

bottom of the battery so it's not

bridging the plates because sometimes

batteries can go bad from lead bridging

okay at this stage I'm letting the

batteries drain upside down this is

after we have dumped all the acid into a

container and flush the batteries this

is pretty weak solution you can handle

it with your hands it shouldn't damage

anything on your property okay so if

you're wondering about the green battery

all the other ones I went to drain him

they kind of chugged out like you were

emptying out of the container and they

were noticeably empty the green battery

I held it for like probably a couple

minutes and it was just slowly dripping

out I don't know if it was like the

plate design in it or what so that when

I decided not to flush just in case

there was more acid in it Sleater key

based off the top and fill the batteries

back up the thinking behind that is that

any heavy lead or any other metals that

are in there would drop to the bottom

and we're not gonna suck those up that

way if any of the batteries have

bridging issues that hopefully will be

resolved so we'll see how it goes so

I've got the epson salt and acid mixed

together and this is what I'm using

right here this little baster is called

a Super Start bulb type battery filler

and I got it at a rallies for like $5



so we have the batteries filled with the

epson salt and used acid solution a

couple observations one be careful with

the acid the epson salt and used acid

solution that I was using the few drops

that I got on the concrete you could

visibly or audibly and visibly see that

they were eating the concrete so yeah be

careful don't get it on you or your

concrete if you do neutralize it with

some baking soda calcium maybe vinegar

you have to look it up after the

batteries were drained of their acid

when I put them on the voltmeter they

still read almost identical voltages

dried to empty and then when I put the

new solution in and checked them they

still have the same you know one bolt on

them so it kind of leads me believe that

the charge is actually held in the

plates two of the batteries have pop

caps like traditional old-style

tractor batteries you could pop the caps

off the screwdriver it's just two caps

and then underneath there were three

cells the other two were sealed

batteries but if you look really close

you could see where the cells were and

there were press fit caps in there and I

was easily able to get them out with a

small flat-head screwdriver I'm gonna

put these batteries on the charger we'll

come back in a couple hours and test

them all and see what they did so it's

been about six hours which is a little

bit short of a time to do four batteries

I went down the line I hit all the big

ones with 54 J 50 amp for just a couple

of minutes just to kind of initialize it

so it's a kill then I did 10 amps on

those three each for about 10 minutes

and then I bumped it down the 2 amp I

let them sit for about an hour and a

half each on to amp the motorcycle

battery I put on a 2 amp for about an

hour and a half and I got a little

frisky and I hit it with 50 for

literally like 10 seconds and it pushed

fluid out the top so don't do that don't

put it on 50

for motorcycle battery but I'm excited I

haven't tested them yet so this will be

this will be the first go so let me see

if I can do this

ooh 12:7 all right so that one's good

full wheeler battery 12:3 oh man this is

working out better than I thought and


man this is hard to do and show the

camera 11:11 so that one's a need a

little bit longer on the trickle and

then I got this last one down here let's

turn the let's turn it off

11.10 eleven point oh wait I'm I'm

shocked so we just brought back all four

of these batteries the last two are not

quite at 12 yet but they probably had

the least amount of time on the charger

I'm pretty confident that if I leave

these overnight on to amp that there

will be 12 volts in the morning so I'm

gonna call this a complete 100% success

if you guys enjoy my videos please be

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heck yeah saved me 90 bucks just on this

one battery