how to board up a window or door - easy and best way

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what's going on guys I'm bill and

welcome to Bill's out - today I'm going

to show you guys the best way that I

found to board up windows this way here

allows you to be able to board up a

window a hundred percent tight without

having to do any kind of damage to the

outside of the frame so what I mean by

that is a lot of people tend to put up

the boards and then put some nails

through the frames or put some screws

but that actually does some damage to

the window and this is the best way to

do it without having any kind of damage

to the frame so I'll have to show you

guys from the outside what I did so I've

just basically used a bit of flooring 19

at 22 mil yellow tongue put that up on

the outside obviously it's a little bit

heavy so I couldn't do myself so that's

why it's on a little bit of an angle but

at the end of the day all I wanted to do

is just put this up so this is a vacant

property somebody's broken the window as

you can tell so I just have to bought

this one here up now what I did you

simply put the window up against the

frame on the outside okay so as you can

see here there's absolutely no light

coming in it's hard up against it

perfect all the way around that way no

insects no water nothing like that can

get in not even air can get in so it's

nice and tight and then all I did after

that all I did after that was just

simply run to bits of timber all the way

across the frame so hard up against the

window frames that way once again

there's no damage and all I did was I

simply put a whole two holes on top two

holes on the bottom and then I've just

ran some long bolts and that straight

through from the outside in through the

timber and then once I've tightened that

on its given me that perfect tight seal

so that's nice and solid there's no way

anybody can get through this the only

way to get through this is with a

circular saw or chainsaw so once like

you seen outside so the bolts on the

outside they're all rounded heads the

cup heads I think they called

just like that so by having those on the

outside that means that nobody can

actually undo this from the outside has

to be undone from the inside so like I

said circular saw or chain saw is the

only way to get in and if somebody's

willing to make that much noise I'm sure

they're gonna get in regardless so I

just thought I'd show you guys this is

the absolute best way to board up your

windows or even your doors without

having to do any kind of damage to your

windows or your frames so hopefully you

guys have enjoyed the video I'm about to

pull this down now as I've replaced the

window and that's ready to go back in as

always guys like comment and subscribe

until next time I'm bill thanks for

watching Bills out too