DIY: How to install new window on old house

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okay pretty exciting here we're gonna

take this window out that's about my


million years old and we're gonna put a

new one doing new double-hung window so

I'll show you how to do it should be a

lot of fun here's the old window now

what we're gonna do is I got this metal

screening already take it off they had

like a storm window it's been em a

time all the screws are all rotted off

so I just pulled it out the windows

right there it just came out pretty easy

we'll take this trim off you know around

here I already took some of the trim off

on the inside but I'll go through with

you let you know how to figure out what

size of window to get so let's go any

inside take a look at this before we get

inside here's the new window we're gonna

put in a typical double hung window this

is a impact glass and the pressure drop

rating so we're gonna have some clips we

got to put on this one shouldn't be too

big of a deal but I just got out of the

box and just look at the rough opening

size for it and you know measured it up

made sure it all look good it does look

good so let's go inside and we'll review

a few things here we are in the inside

you got a look at now is uh you know

before you get too far into this you got

to figure out how big this window is how

big the rough opening is behind it so

you know you got some as you can see you

got some you know stuff on the way here

so my suggestion to you is if you're

doing it yourself take the trim off take

the trim off the window the existing

window and you can sort of get your

scale on here you know this one's about

34 but at the same time you can feel

back there and you feel there's nothing

there you know there's a little bit of

room back there so it's probably a

little bit bigger than 34 so you figure

that out you do the same top to bottom

you figure out how big your hole is and

again you can usually feel down there

you can feel a little bit more room so

you know it's a little bit deeper a

little bit higher than what you're

actually seeing right here so you go to

your anderson window brochure whoever

makes your windows and get something

that fits in there

if you

have to get something a little bit

smaller you never want to put a bigger

window and then your rough opening

because that's a lot of that's a lot of

swearing okay if you got to build in a

little bit in each side

up and down with a piece of wood or two

not a big deal when you got to get into

you know knocking a 2x4 out or taking

one of these horizontal pieces out

you're gonna hate that so like I said if

you get if you fill the wall back here

and you figure it's 35 or whatever don't

put a 36 wide in there put something a

little bit smaller put a 34 and a half

or you know go down one size well you'll

find with these new windows is even

though they're the same size or maybe a

little smaller their glass area is so

much bigger this thing is gonna look

like a you know something out of a

submarine compared to when I put that

new window in here so anyway let me tear

this window out and get a little closer

to putting a new one in okay about 20

minutes later everything that was there

is pretty much on the ground these old

windows they don't put up much of a

fight to get out they come up pretty

easy so I got it all taken out now my

openings 37 and a half by 58 so I got

the window laying on the ground now it's

pretty windy I don't want to lean it up

against something and have it blow over

so the top the bottom is about 57 and

the widthwise of the window is 54 so you

know I got to go or 30 34 sorry so I got

to go from 34 to 37 and a half two by

fours one and a half so I put a couple

two by fours and one on each side and

that would bring that right into you

know 34 three four and a half inches top

and bottom you know I got 50 58 rough

opening it's 37 oh sorry

58 rough opening I got about a 56 and a

half probably 57 be fine so I got a make

a skinny one inch and if you either put

a 1 inch on the bottom or I can put a

half inch top and bottom whatever I got

laying around so I'll figure that out so

that's it so I got a frame it in a

little bit

from what we got and pop this sucker in

there had to go in pretty easy okay

let's do it

so some of this siding was the 1-inch

stuff they had here was getting in a way

because I would have put a piece of wood

to build this up again this wide I don't

want to go this wide I want to go this

way that's where the that's where the

windows gonna be hooking against so I

want to get the want to get this flush

so I did that my trusty sawzall out in

the ladder here just shaved it down here

got it all nice and smooth not a big

deal this is like hemlock or something

it gives up pretty quick so and if I got

a little bump or two it's not a big deal

but now I'll put a I'll put a base on

here whatever width it is then I'll put

two vertical stringers here I don't want

to put anything on the top because I

want to get the top and bottom about

even and there's nothing right now to

nail into here

you know because right now we're at the

siding so I'll bring this up you know

the width of a 2x4 and I could probably

sneak it under there if I needed to the

face you know the flange of the window

so good now here we go I built in a

frame and again it was old Woods who

wasn't perfect so you know any time you

put a piece of wood like this and check

it and you know mostly these old houses

are pretty good and you know what I did

I it wasn't great so I put a shim

underneath it on the side so I got this

thing just about a plum or I should say

level plum is vertical and same with

these things you know this came out

pretty good I didn't do no shimmy at all

so I left about a 3/4 of an inch left to

right here to get the window and so

you'll split the difference there and

you know one thing I found all these old

houses is you know you can see that's

not quite perfect but if you look at the

house it's not quite perfect either so

it's a catch-22 what do you do right

you make it perfect that would put a you

know kick the window out quite a bit at

the bottom as you try to make it the

same as what's there right or wrong

that's what I do so anyway I got it

pretty even the whole way up so I'll be

able to put that into a no problem

and sand weighing it down get that in

there like I said this one has a bracket

so I'll have to fit all that a little

bit but then I'll shim up if needed try

to get it even in the hole and I'll try

to get it even out here too you want to

even reveal here cuz you're gonna be

putting some to buy whatever here for

outside trim and you want it even you

don't want it like one inch on one side

and six inches on the other side you

want to get it within you know that way

you see it from the bridge you won't see

too much yeah I see it you don't want to

be obvious anyway okay let me keep

playing okay here's the beast in it what

smooth as usual

you can see I added a little bit of

material here like I say the worst thing

you want to do if you put a new window

in the old house and this is a

replacement window really because you're

replacing an old window you already got

a hole in the house it's not a new hole

it's the same hole you just make a

little smaller so I would say us a

replacement window but it is what they

Lowe's or Home Depot would consider new

construction has this flange here a

replacement window if you ever look at

them you know you're expected to use the

wood you already have for the window you

just take the panes out and built in

from there but usually that wood is so

rotted and again you can see that the

wood I took out it's it's wonderful

that's the old window weights that cool

thing is these window weights are still

attached to the ropes that's a nice

story but anyway so the window went in

no problem so now I got to get some you

know some 2x4 and do a little song and

trimming and whatever and the crap

out of it no big deal and on the inside

I got to do a you know I got a mess with

I got a mess with the trim on the inside

like I said it's not too bad plumb wise

you can see it's a little bit off it

it's pretty much even with the house you

know you look at it this way

and it's pretty sweet

you know see a shim it up a little bit

usually if you got a good solid base

here like I did I got that pretty level

I put a couple spacers underneath there

to get the

where the windows gonna sit pretty level

and you don't have to do much messing

with it and you just put a tack in every

one of these holes and on the inside

there's some bracketry I got an anchor

in but I'll get to that tomorrow and you

know I got to get a bunch of trim and

start trimming it up so that'll probably

take easily as long as putting in this

window because these windows usually go

in fast but they finish slow so hope

this is a good video for you if you ever

have to do this product to your house

don't be too intimidated take your time

you know figure out where you're at get

everything like I say get the window a

little smaller not a little bigger and

you'll be you'll be doing good so of

course if you're up 20 feet in the air

it gets a little tougher but usually

people will bring them in from the

inside of the house and you know put

them in place put them outside and bring

them back inside so you usually have two

people I just had myself and my 11 year

old girl helper and she did pretty well

so I hope you had a good video bye

okay here we are the windows all trimmed

up it takes a while for the trim and I

really don't expect this video to be

anything about the trim just basically

you know how to figure how big a window

to get really that's the hard part you

figure that out you get the window in

you'll figure out how to trim it when I

do the trimming I just put a simple side

here this is a 1 by 3 you know this is a

1 by whatever usually I rip it to the

width of the wall you know you want this

stuff to lay flat but anyway I don't buy

the jams the jams will cost way too much

money from Anderson so I just get to

select pine and anyway rip it then I put

a 1 by 3 and down here I'll put a 1 by 4

I leave the edge you go a little long

and maybe chamfered or something pretty

simple stuff I mean you can go crazy

with trim you could easily spend as much

money on the trim as you do in the

window so and I'll show you outside to

what it looks like looks pretty good so

I'll just let this for the person who

owns it and let them figure out what

they want to stain it if they stain a

great as long as they figure out what

stain to put on I can do that

not a big deal it's a little bit of a

pain because when you're saying these

things you gotta wash you don't get the

glass fit anyway

here's the outside I trim this up too I

just put to buy whatever I got whatever

I needed and cut him down you know what

a little above tried to get the sides

even when I put the window and I was

pretty close so I only had to rip one

size of these I put it in there then on

the top I put a piece up there then I

also put a piece of corner flashing up

there I slid that underneath underneath

shakes and talked the crap out of it you

can see I got a bunch of right here

I usually beat it on a lot of people

were better than me about with caulking

but I usually beat it on and hit up my

finger to smooth it out a lot of people

don't even have to do that they're much

better so that's it I'll let that dry a

little bit paint it white and put the

screen in I got to take a film off too

and be done so I hope you enjoyed the