How to board a plane for the first time

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1) Take your luagages (if you have one) and don't forget your passeport + flight tickets. Chek in your tickets 24 hours in advance. You can do this by navigating to the website of your airline, (find the section of the website where you can “Check In") or you can do this at the airport with your airline company

2) Go early to the airport no later than 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and 3 hours for international one. It’s important because of the long waiting lines at the airport (security, check In luggage…. ) You don’t want to miss your flight right :)

3) Once you arrive at the airport look at a the big screen for details of your flight you will see the time+ number of your flight (on your ticket) + you will have information about where to go exactly

3-a) If you have luggage go to your air company (indications from screen ) and Chek In you luaggage, the officers will tell you then where to go

3-b) If you don't have luggage go directly to the boarding gate (indication from the screen ) and line at the security gate

4) Congratulations, you passed the security now you have to look at you boarding gate in here. (like this video)

5) Now that you passed the lines and if you are early there is some shops and coffee. You can relax and take a coffee e or do shop

6) Go to your boarding gate (example in this video my gate number is K33) go close to it at least 30 min prior to your flight time.

7) Wait your turn and follow the queue

8) Show your flight ticket to the stewardess

9) Look for your seat number and don't hesitate to ask the stewardess

10) fasten your seatbelt

11) Enjoy the view :)

12) Once you arrive just follow the people (this step is easy)

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