How To Do a House Blessing

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I am this Tabasco here I'm so excited

today I'm gonna show you how to do a

house blessing but before we begin I'm

gonna first show you the products that I

like to use after that I'm gonna show

you how I use them let's get started

all right so today I brought a few

goodies things that I like to use when

doing a House blasting business blessing

or even a condo and we'll go through

each of them right now okay so I got the

abalone shell kit this I got from a

metaphysical store it has white buffalo

sage also known as California sage it's

got your little feather your shell it

has salt I believe some salt stuff in

there I don't even know other things I

can't pronounce but anyways I don't

always use everything that's in here but

what we have in here it really does help

and work but my favorite to go to is the

white buffalo sage and I'll just quickly

show you right now the white buffalo

sage is my to go to sometimes I actually

unwind the string and I burn little

pieces at a time because this can go an

actual quite a long way some people

worry about using sage when the string

is on but it's actually okay that can

burn there's no problem sometimes you'll

see a flame go and what you'll need to

do at that time is blow out the flame

and then the smoke will appear I do

recommend carrying a lighter with you

when doing house blessing business

lessons carry on you as you're going

around the home these are my favorite

types of lighters you can see but the

flame is a continual flame when you have

to continue to look at it it's difficult

to keep the smoke going if you have to

use matches forget it don't even use

matches because you'll just be wasting

your time continue lighting it you can

burn your finger that way so this is

probably the safest but when using for

HUS Lessing okay so I have other types

of stage as well too we have the blue

sage and roses this is for people who

want to bring love into your space so if

you're looking at bringing love anything

with rose in it is actually really good

this stage is a different type of stage

it's not as strong as the white buffalo

sage so this type of sage here and if

you can see closely through it it looks

a little bit differently

so as you can see there's a lot of

sticks in it and very little Leafs in it

here it's not as strong it has a sweeter

smell this is like something you would

use on a daily basis if you want to

career or on your energy your home your

space this is a little bit nicer and

sweeter but when I see energy move I see

it move a lot quicker with my favourite

wage okay so then we have our white sage

okay so the white sage it's actually a

loose leaf say so this is what this is

here but it's loose and it's all little

small pieces a lot of times people put

them in shells and they burn them in

shells you can add other things like

dried lavender dried roses Paulo Santos

which I'm going to get into very quickly

but you can use this loose leaf as well

sometimes when I'm working

back-to-back with clients I just use a

little piece of the white buffalo sage

and I burn it after and before each

client comes in just to kind of prepare

the space and make it a good loving

clear inviting space for my clients or

any departed loved ones that they bring

with them okay so that's done loosely

the other thing I like to use is the

Polly Santos

I like Polly Santos it has a really nice

sweet smell when I do house blessings

that have children in the home or you

know parents want to start using more

sage or probably Santos clear at home I

do recommend this if they do have

children kids seem to like this smell

better than the actual stick of the

white buffalo sage so do you recommend

you know if you have a lot of kids or

someone who's like oh I hate the smell

of sage it stinks I get it I've been

through it with my family but they got

used to it now so now I can just burn

regular sage but if you are looking at

using a sweeter smell Palli Santos seems

to be a popular the only thing I don't

like about the poly Santa's is you have

to keep burning it it dries out very

quickly it the smoke dissolves very very

quickly so I do recommend that you do

have a lighter with you as well if

you're gonna use poly Santos and then

just regular lighting it blowing out the

flame usually there's not much of a

flame when burning with poly Santos but

Polly Santos is a to go to if people in

the family don't like the sage okay and

then what I like to use as well too

and for Holmes I don't use this often

but I do use singing bowls okay you know

let you really quickly here I get chills

when I when I use the singing bowls

but the singles really lift the

vibration up in the home it clears the

energy I'm not no I'm not getting chose

from a whole body right now it's amusing

you guys gain chill

yes this is pretty powerful stuff and so

the White Buffalo sage is good in

conjunction with also using a singing

bowl as well and we'll get into a little

bit further detail explain a little bit

more of how I use this when getting a

blessing and then we have a Tibetan

bells I love my Tibetan dolls I love

using them when I do Reiki sessions with

people as well too I use them in the

home as well and I'll explain to you a

little bit later on or in another video

of how to use the same steam belt so

that's how that sounds all right okay so

usually when I those are items I use to

clear the energy and then what I do

afterwards is I need to bring in

positive blessings positive love giving

thanks to the negative energy for

leaving and also giving thanks to the

positive energy for coming in and how I

do that is I use incense and in love and

since this is probably one of the most

popular instance around the world is

called neg Kempe it smells so nice I

have people that buy this like crazy

from me but neg Champa is the most

popular this is the stick of it I'll go

into a little bit further in terms of

how to burn the incense as well - but

incense if you do have it God be careful

where you get your incense from because

we want to make sure that they're hand

rolled and it's a better quality because

we don't want to be burning chemicals in

her home okay and all this stuff that

I'll be showing you here is all-natural

stuff okay it's an egg champ is popular

if you don't like using the white

buffalo sage two bundles if you don't

like using that then they there are

options for stage in an incense form now

when I do house blessings people are

calling me to do serious house blessings

so I wouldn't use something like this

inside of my home but if you were just

general Holman you know nothing serious

is going on no spiritual crazy stuff is

happening then the sage incense would

probably be the better bet for you okay

and then I know we talked a little bit

about the blue sage and roses to bring

in love and blessings

when you bring love into your

environments then what happens is

there's healing that incur within

yourselves people around you people

within your space and so why not get

rose incense rose and sense is so nice

again you want to make sure I love to

smell the rose and sense you want to

make sure it's a better quality usually

it'll say on there if it's hand-rolled I

always like to know where the stage is

coming from so I find India has probably

the best sage but rosin sense is really

good bring some blessings this is what I

use after I do a house blessing and so

the last thing I'm gonna quickly show

you and it's a big monster one I've used

this it is my same thing white buffalo

sage California sage you can tell it's

already been used this is what I use

when I go to do a business blessing okay

or if someone says to me Lucy I need you

to clear the perimeter of my house or

there's some weird stuff going on my

property I will use this this sage this

thing smokes up like crazy and it can be

quite strong if you don't know how to

use it you can can choke on this stuff

so I don't recommend you using this

unless you have a big home or if you are

like in a you using it for a business or

for property outside but I love this

stuff it's just not to be used every day

so your everyday obviously would be

going to the White Buffalo stage you can

appeal it again and that's about it so

these are the goodies that I like to use

obviously there's a lot more things that

you can use but for today we're gonna

get into a little bit further all right

I'm so excited to show you guys but

please before I begin I need to go over

a few things let's make sure the windows

are all open fans are on watch them fans

are on the energy needs to be transmuted

out to mother earth so it's really

important that that happens first before

we begin the other thing is no babies

guys can't be any babies in new home in

the home anybody who has any allergies

to smoke anybody who's on on any

tanks please make sure that you're not

clearing a home with these people inside

this wouldn't be bright it wouldn't be

safe for them anyways the other thing

too is let's make sure that it's not a

rainy day when you're doing the house

blessing we don't want any water in the

home the other thing is you got to know

how to use a lighter you must be at the

age of 18 if you are going to be doing a

house clearing we want to make sure that

this smoke here this fire here doesn't

create any fires within your home again

please I'm not liable please be careful

be cautious and yeah look forward to

showing you alright so I always like to

start off with a prayer because I am

Catholic I like to start off with the

Hail Mary prayer glory be to father our

Father prayer if you know any Hindu

mantras you can use those you can use

the universe asking the universe to help

you with this as well but it is

important that you invoke some type of

protection healing energy to work with

you as well and I always ask my angel as

my guys my spiritual crew to work with

me making sure that I'm safe everyone

else that is working with me or in the

home is safe and protective and weird

while we are doing this work so making

sure you are lighting again you're using

that lighter that has a continual flame

you will get some ashes that drop from

it so if you are anal about stuff

dropping you want might want to use one

of those shells or sometimes I've used

even like a foil and what I do is I just

hold it under and I just put my lighter

in my back pocket here okay so what I

like to do is go the direction of

clockwise I start anywhere in the home I

can see the energy move again I made

sure my windows are open fans are open

and I'm just gonna go up and down like a

W wave and I'm gonna just screw the

energy again if you have any antique

items or stuff you're not like really

crazy about in your home just clear the

energy just do a little bit extra and

ask that the energy bank be released

from it transmuted out corners of walls

are very important again be careful with

any blinds you don't want to set

anything on fire and see how it's kind

of stopping right now if you stop moving

the smoke will stop so that's why it's

important to keep a lighter with you and

just relight it again you're gonna see a

flame never a walk around the flame like

this always blow the flame out again

we'll see some ashes it's not a big deal

if it is a big deal for you always have

like a plate or a shell or foil or

something and then you can keep that

under with under while you are doing it

but that's pretty much it you want to go

clockwise waving it up and down I asked

the angels I actually like to say the

Our Father prayer as I'm like walking

through the house as well I do like to

say Hail Mary glory be to the Father

there are other things I like to do but

maybe in another video I'll go over that

with you guys so very quickly sometimes

I have seen spirit energy run and hide

in closets crawl spaces I know it's

Sox's and I got to chase them in there

so I actually just clear all spaces in

closets crawl spaces when I am doing a

house blessing so what we do is and I

always tell my clients I don't care

what's inside your closet I'm not gonna

look at it and really just sensing the

energy and looking for the energy so I

can clear it so what I do is I just kind

of burn the stage again making sure

there is no flame and we're just kind of

walking it through I really don't again

look at their stuff I'm just kind of

doing one of these and they ask that my

spiritual crew escorting Lauren energies

or entities out and it's that easy okay

and that's it

I hope you enjoyed how to do your own

house blessing just to go over a few key

points please make sure to pray and have

good intentions before you start windows

open and please be safe especially when

you're working with fire and that's it

I hope you liked it please like comment

subscribe to my youtube channel and send

you much lemon-lime bye