How To Bless A House - 3 New Home Blessing Tips!

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today we're going to be looking at how

to pray for our homes maybe you've just

moved into a new home and you'd like to

invite God into this new chapter in your

life and bless this new home that you

have so today we'll be looking at some

areas and different ways in which you

can do that and giving you some tips on

how to bless your home


hi so our homes are very significant

places of shelter of provision of growth

of sanctuary and so it's very important

that at every stage in our lives that we

commit our homes to God and ask for the

Holy Spirit to come and move and bless

the places in which we live

it's not about bricks or clay or mortar

or wood it's about relationships it's

about comfort it's about growth it's

about change today I'm going to give you

a few ways in which I have prayed for

the different homes that I have lived in

at different times and at different

seasons and hopefully these will be

helpful for you so the first one is what

you might naturally do when you've

finally moved into that house that

you've been hoping to move into and a

lovely thing to do is to gather together

your community whoever that is for you

family friends your church community

gather them into your home and pray for

that home and I've got a sheet here

which is all about that Health's

blessing gathering and so this is how I

recommend that you do it but you'll find

your own ways I'm sure and it will work

its own way through so the first thing I

would suggest is that you gather

together and that you ask someone to ask

the person that's moved into the house

you that be you or someone else about

their hopes and their dreams for that

place for that home remember to listen

remember to take in what they're saying

ask questions off the back of what they

say and secondly ask as well if there's

any worries they have about that new

home any concerns any transitions that

would be difficult for themselves or a

member of their family

and take those into account as well the

second thing to do is to split up into

twos or threes and make sure before

people arrive that you've placed some

paper in each of your rims and a lovely

thing to do is to send people off around

the house praying in different

directions and ask them to write down

significant scriptures that come to mind

significant pictures significant prayers

for specific individuals in the family

that come into mind were in those their

specific rooms that they're praying in

you want to give people a nice good

amount of time to do this and ask people

to be really aware of the Holy Spirit's

be aware of the prompting of the Spirit

it might be that as you go around that

God leads you to place something within

that room which represents something so

it could either be moving something from

one room to another like a voice of

flowers it could be that you actually

write a scripture out that's intended to

stay in that room but also blessing the

fabric of the room can be a lovely thing

to do

and lastly gather everyone back together

in the largest room and then share

together so that those there were going

to be living in the home really hear the

feedback of those people who have been

praying and then stand and pray with

that family pray with those people about

that new home I can't emphasize the

importance of this remember that where

we walk his holy grants and when we

invite the Holy Spirit in to any

situation he will move and he will bless

that building he will bless that space

that environment and it's very much that

the old goes out and that the new comes

in when you move into a new property God

comes with you so the second thing that

I might suggest to you is if you've been

living in a property for a while but

there's been maybe students

significance life and things which have

happens there might be that there's been

huge change or transition it might be

that there's been trauma there's been

grief it might be that there's been

conflicts in that home it might be that

there's been someone who's been having

bad dreams or nightmares whatever it is

that leads you to feel concerned it's

very very important to go to that house

that you physically go to the house of

the people that are dealing with these

things and pray a lovely thing to do is

to take some oil if you haven't got oil

you can use water and I think that the

entrances and the exits of the house the

windows the doors a very important

places because it's about what comes in

and it's also about what you're pushing

outs so as you walk around the house and

pray pray in through those doors and

those windows God's presence his peace

his love his security his hope and as

you do so pray out the things that have

been happening the trauma the fear the

instability the tears the sadness the

things that actually have remains a

difficulty within that home within that

family and you pray those things out and

once you've done that you make the sign

of the Cross on the mantle of the door

or on the window it's a seal and it's a

reminder that the Holy Spirit is with us

and he does watch our boundaries he

promises that our boundaries will be

ones where he will God and that there

will be peace so we come with that

authority the last thing that I want to

suggest is for those of you you have

maybe a more transient life I went

through seasons like this when I was a

student and sometimes our home is not

one place it's multiple places and

it's very important that we hold on to

God's blessing for us and we lay that

down in each place that we find

ourselves sleeping so what I would

suggest is that you you have a a

blessing either a blessing written out

square it can be scriptures it can be a

prayer written out about the home and

you know take this with you this is

something that someone wrote out for me

when I was a student there's little

letter on the back in their scriptures

and it was very important carrying

things they're like this around with me

so take it with you and remember when

you come to a new unrested or a new

lodgings or if you're traveling across

different countries and you country or a

new place you lay out this blessing

within the home when you first walk in

and you pray you pray these things into

the home prayers of significance and God

will honor those prayers so um I hope

that gives you some ideas of ways in

which you can pray for your home if

you're finding these little films

helpful and you want to find more

resources about house blessing prayers

do you look on the website there will be

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until we meet again may God hold you in

the palm of his hand