How to spiritually cleanse your home of DEMONS!

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if it's up guys I want to take a few

minutes today and take you through a

very short instructional video how to go

through your house and spiritually

cleanse it using olive oil and prayer a

lot of times we allow spiritual

influences into our home we allowed

demons of whatever sorts to invade our

home to a lifestyle of sin through

residing it's God through letting people

come and visit in your house who have

demons and their own lives are bringing

them in through objects and relics that

we've allowed it to our house through

movies and video games and bad music and

all these other things we bring these

demons into our home and so we want to

go through and spiritually cleanse our

house to ensure that we have a

spiritually clean environment for for us

to pray and worship God in and for our

children to have fun and be at peace in

and we don't want those negative

influences influences bothering us at

any point so the very first thing that

you want to do is go through your house

and remove everything that is

displeasing to God if you have a movie

that you know are filthy you need to get

rid of them if you have music that you

know glorify the god of this world which

is the Prince of power to err which is

Satan get rid of them if you know you

have video games are based on violence

and filth and you know all the sex and

all these other things get rid of it

it's not glorifying to God it allows

demons into your life through you come

into an agreement with that type of

stone it's going to infiltrate not only

your life but it's going to affect your

children's lives and they're going to

fall into you know spirits of fear and

anxiety and anger rebellion disobedience

all these things will get upset you're

chewing you don't want that stuff in

your house get rid of any object or

possession that allows legal rights and

permissions for spirits to invade your

home once you've gotten that out we want

to go through with some good

old-fashioned olive oil and prayer break

the hold and legal rights that they have

to be here and to manage really bless

our home that's what we're going to do

when I'm going to show you through a

couple of rooms and hopefully this helps

you first things first

you don't have to get any special kind

of olive oil any kind will do it's very


throughout the Bible people have used

olive oil to anoint people to pray for

them for healing they've anointed temple

for all these things they use olive oil

for thousands of years

it's very biblical but you want to just

get a little bit on your finger and you

want to go to a room like this one and

we're gonna come over here we're just

going to lay one finger on the wall I'm

going to pray and a very simple prayer

we're going to do a cover a couple of

things to make sure we break the power

of the enemy off of the room off of the

house commanded to leave and we're going

to bless it so if a father letting the

cheese that's not blessed us we're not

presently blessed this room as a temple

on the holy God what I put in your

spirit manifest in this place I pray

that you would break every legal right

access permission authority and control

for all evil spirits that have access to

this room that it would be these spirits

would be driven out in the name of Jesus

Christ we break the hold of the enemy

off of this room in Jesus name and I can

end every spirit right now when Jesus

had to go in Jesus name I command you

and so you're going to go through and

you're just going to pray over each and

every wall lay hands on that one you

might have to dip your finger in some

ole a few times throughout the whole

house but we're going to and we've

already done this but we've already

anointed this house earlier we prayed

but just going through the motions now

laying hands or lay a finger on the wall

pray and say father we pray that you

would bless this room bless this Wahb

left at home we drive out every evil

spirit in the name of Jesus Christ we

break every legal rights for every

single spirit to be here in the name of

Jesus Christ this is a temple unto the

holy God evil spirits I command you to

leave right now in the name of Jesus and

then as we move through the house really

you just want to make sure that you will

annoy each wall with some oil and you

only got put a dot nobody's ever going

to see it annoying each wall go through

and say that exact same thing blessed in

Jesus name

anointed as it simple unto the holy God

that everything you're going to do in

this house is there bring glory to Jesus

you're going to break the power of the

enemy and commend every evil spirit to

leave and you're going to go through

every single room in your home whether

it's bathrooms workout room dining room

office spaces anything that's in your

home you would anoint every wall from

the back of the home to the front drive

everything out to evil or everything out

the front door follow it to the front

door and then the last thing going to do

is anoint the doorpost for your front

door and make sure that everything is

gone then give a general prayer over the

home say Jesus I pray that you would

just bless this home and everything that

you that we do in this home would bring

glory honor and praise

you Father we thank you Jesus for your

power and your grace and your mercy in

your love and all these things Lord we

pray that you would just manifest in our

home and that no evil spirits would have

access to every level right and

permission would be rescinded and that

we would have a spiritual clean home to

bring you glory in Jesus name there is

no specific thing that you have to say

but cover your bases bless it break that

hold of the enemy and command it to go

out the front door start at the back or

to the front and make sure you remove

everything in your home that allows

these spirits in or it doesn't matter

how much prayer you give unto God these

evil spirits will not have to leave

because they're legally allowed to be

there through the filth that you've

allowed so remove the filth then pray

bless it in Jesus name and she'll be

going to go hook this up god bless you

please share it