Catholic 101 - Holy Water

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hi this is father rocky and welcome to

Catholic 101 you get one lesson in one

minute and it costs you nothing today's

lesson is about holy water here I have a

little plastic bottle of holy water and

it's got an image of Our Lady of knock

or leave not from Ireland and it's

regular water but it's blessed there's a

more elaborate blessing but I use a

simple blessing as a priest with hands

that are blessed I put my hands over the

water and I say through the intercession

of Our Lady of Guadalupe

st. Josemaria Saint Michael the

Archangel and Saint Joseph may this

water be blessed and drive away the

power of evil from anyone who uses it

and so it's good for us to bless

ourselves little holy water every day

and especially before you go to bed

sprinkle a little bit on your bed and

we'll chase the devil away say three

Hail Marys for the virtue of holy purity

and I can tell you holy water really

annoys the devil and that makes me happy

so to learn more about the Catholic

faith go to relevant and

download our free app in the meantime

we'll pray to Our Lady of Good help and

ask her to pray for us