DIY, Witch! How to Bless Water

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blessed be my which is my spiritualist

and welcome to another episode of which

please it is I own and mecir and today I

am going to be showing you how to make

holy water now I know a lot of the times

in this show I have a tendency to say

what you need to use my st. Bridget's


well thankful just water isn't easy for

someone to come by but holy water is

very very easy to make and very cost

effective and I really recommend it for

a long time I used to just use my own

blessed holy water they use also pick up

holy water when I went to church and

whatnot now if you're not comfortable

with going into church and getting holy

water you can always bless and sanctify

your water at home and that is really

easy to do you are going to need

distilled water or straight water I

don't have a tendency to use tap water

but I will use spring water or I will

use distilled water if you get your

water from well that's good too you can

also use that yeah I have some pink

Himalayan salt here now you can use any

salt I have a tendency to use the pink

Himalayan for this I don't know why I

just feel that this is the best way or

the best one for me to use

I've even use sea salt but pink

Himalayan salt is normally my go-to for

this well the first thing you're going

to do is I have a tendency to start off

with my salt so I will stick my finger

into the center of the salt here and I

will say a prayer now there's a

wonderful prayer from a Scott cut where

I believe a goal was like rested and

cleanse and purify the salt so that it

made me think to dwell with the sacred

circle of stones in the name of the

mother goddess and father God I cleanse

and purify this salt or you could say

something along the lines I cleanse and

purify this water so that I may be able

to reach my highest goals my highest

may the Blessed goddess and the blazing

God assist me in these magical workings

as I sanctify and bless this water so

anything along those lines would be

perfectly fine so I'm just going to say

my prayer over myself now and we're

going to move on to the next step so the

next thing we're going to do now is we

are going to do the same thing for the

water so what I like to do is I like to

get my finger right in and have the

water touching in my hand now you can

use whatever finger you like I even well

sometimes just put my little finger and

just hold it upside down now it will

leak a little bit but I'll hold it

upside like that upside down like this

just to be able to have my finger in

there so today I'm gonna just stick my

little finger in there and I'm gonna

hold it and I'm going to say my prayer

alright so now you have any water as

well as the salt blessed so now what I'm

going to do is I'm going to take a

couple of pinches now I will normally

put in about seven pinches of a salt

I will normally do this well as well if

I am going to be drinking some water I

need to cleanse myself if I need to

purify myself I will put in a small

pinch of salt into my water and

apparently it's actually very good to

with giving you electrolytes and

whatever else that you need so I will do

this as well if I need to cleanse my

insides if I feel like as if you know

there is negative energies dwelling with

inside of me if I have a cold or

something like that I put a little pinch

of salt bless and purify and I will

drink that down to be able to cleanse

and purify at my sacred space my temple

myself ok so now we're going to put the

top on here and we are going to shake it

up now I normally will do this for 13

heartbeat so that's up and down and I

will say my prayer again now this prayer

is not going to be you know I bless it


this is going to be my pair and my

intent so it would be something along

the lines of I asked the divine

masculine and divine feminine cleanse

cura fie this water so that it may be

used within my sacred circle to achieve

my goals my dreams my aspirations I ask

that the guides the angels are angels

ancestors any blessed being that truly

wants to assist me a being of light

please help with the consecration of

this holy water and it be so something

along those lines so I'm going to do

that and I'm going to pray to myself to

be able to finish up this holy water all

right and that is it you now have holy

water and you can use it for any purpose

for blessing your candles for blessing

certain things you can use it in your

sacred space I even will put this on my

altar of the representations of the

Divine Feminine all of these different

variables can be used with your holy

water it's a very simple thing to do it

is so easy so cost-effective most people

have spring water in their home and they

already have salt so the thing the fact

that you can just do this on the spare

the moment and use it for so many

different purposes is just an immense

and shows you how beautiful and how

user-friendly the craft truly can be all

right now which is my spiritualist back

is our episode for today if you have not

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