How to Bless Your Water: This Works

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view the best water ever

thank you for nourishing my soul

thank you for furnishing

taking care of my kidneys

you're an amazing thing

they say we pray to the elements the

water they did a thing they did a study

on water and water actually is

negatively possibly the fact that they

say that when you bless your water that

you're able to they did like these

studies where they kept paying one glass

of water compliments for the day and

then they had the other one and they

were basically talking smack to it and

the one that they were talking smack to

it really had a problem they looked at

it under a microscope and it looked

really distant or dit and all kinds of

it would look really jacked up under the

computer or the

but they said under the microscope for

the positively this positive and really

good drinking this great drinking water

that it looked like a snowflake and

I'm trying something new for my I'm

eating much healthier I'm living on v8

I'm living on like you know better diets

and you know I'm getting older as a

fighter and man things are just better

though man but I'm definitely always

saying every day and every time I take a

blessing in my water though man that's a

big deal for natives anyhow late nights

in Vegas steam room sauna all that stuff

man I'm ready to go home anyway I'm

gonna keep drinking up my water you know

it's this really fantastic water though

anyhow you guys have a good one