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achoo sorry guys today I'm gonna teach

you two ways that you can say God bless

you and French oh sorry

is room with the speaking door shuts

Cooper idea come in Destin Italian hey

skipper John Fossey hi this is Rochelle

DeMaio from bel-air Academy bolsa de

Mayo the bench there academia


so if you're not sure what to say when a

person sneezes in French the main way or

the way number one is all you can say is

ah tastes sweet ah the sweet so ah this

way literally means to your wishes you

would say I taste sweet to a person that

you know by example I chew at this way

messy so you could just say thank you

and thank that person that way so it

just means literally to your wishes may

your wishes come true

think of it like that but if you don't

know the person then what you'd want to

say is I vote sweet ah vote sweet so

it's more of a polite form that you'd

use and so if you're talking to somebody

it you don't know or that you're showing

respect you that you've what I have in a

video they explained you said that then

you'd say I was sweet

I would swim by them nesting don't know

well so that's number one way that's the

way that's the used the most however

there is another way that's less

commonly used but I'm going to teach it

to you because if you know this then

you're in the know and you know real

French so what's not all you're gonna

hear a person that sneezes and you're

gonna hear their response at there's a

move which means to your loves to the

love is in your life so to speak and

again that is if you know the person you

say at doesn't move you could say I

loathe that move but usually you can do

this more for people that you know so it

is a move but then the response to that

is Cooley chen zhu zhu zhu meilleurs

last forever isn't that nice but your

loves last forever

no kulagin zhu zhu zhu okay we'll just

assume a good attentive to go so let's

commonly used usually we say at this

week but if you want to impress a french

person and say that see what they

respond if they know the expression well

enough they should respond acting so

cool so there you have it two simple

ways what to say when a person sneezes

in French if I see jgz

you can start using it right away you're